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New Home Warranties – What they do and don’t cover

New home warranties are designed to offer buyers peace of mind that any defects in their home will be put right. But, while warranties typically last 10 years, what’s covered in that period is not as straightforward as you might think.

What new home warranties do and don't cover

Buying a new build home should mean you encounter fewer problems than you would with an older property. Unfortunately that’s not always the case. If you move into a newly built property, you’re going to want reassurance that the developer will fix any problems that occur. And that’s where building warranties come in. 

What is a building warranty?

A building warranty is essentially an insurance policy for newly built homes. The warranty is taken out by the builder or developer but is in place to protect you, the buyer.

Who provides new build home warranties?

There are three main providers of new home warranties – the National House-Building Council (NHBC), Local Authority Building Control Warranty (LABC) and Premier Guarantee. These operate under the Consumer Code for Home Builders.

The NHBC warranty is the most common, covering 80% of the new build market.

There are also warranty providers operating under different codes of conduct. BLP, for example, adheres to the Consumer Code for New Homes (CCNH). The BLP Warranty is a little different to the three above because the builder does not have to pay a membership fee to purchase a warranty, a BLP warranty can be issued for a property that is already a year old and BLP will step in to fix any defects from day one. NHBC, LABC and Premier will all expect the builder to remedy any defects within the first two years and will only step in if there is a dispute.

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) also offers a warranty under the new Consumer Code for New Homes (CCNH) while Checkmate warranties operate under the Consumer Code for Builders of Homes for Sale.

How long do warranties last?

Typically, building warranties last for 10 years. 

What do they cover?

If you buy a home off plan (i.e. before it is built) as is often the case with new builds, once you exchange contracts your warranty will cover your deposit against the firm going insolvent. This means if the builder goes bust and doesn’t start or complete the property your warranty provider will reimburse your deposit.

Once the property is built, the warranty is split into two periods – the defects insurance period, which covers the first two years, and the structural insurance period which covers years three to 10.

During your first two years in the home, if there are issues with the work the builder has done, such as the windows letting in rain because they’re not sealed properly or the heating not working because the pipes are faulty, the builder is obliged to come and fix them.

During the structural insurance period, the builder is only responsible for major problems with the structure of the house. This includes foundations, the external render, roofs, ceilings, chimneys and load-bearing parts of the floors.

Smaller ‘defects’ are now your own responsibility, including non-structural defects such as problems with your gutters or fixtures and fittings.

It’s important you are clear on when your warranty kicks in so that you can make a note of when the initial two year period will expire

What don’t they cover?

Understandably, natural wear and tear isn’t covered by a new home warranty, neither is weather damage or any problems resulting from you not maintaining the property adequately.

Damp and condensation may be covered but only if they have occurred as a result of the builder’s failure to comply with the warranty provider’s standards (in other words, if it’s the builder’s fault!)

Be careful of the small print

As all warranty providers are insurers, it’s worth noting that they may not always be as willing to carry out (and pay for!) remedial work. As is always the case with insurance, the small print is key. Make sure you read all of the documentation and question anything that doesn’t seem quite right.

What do I do if I spot a defect?

Make sure you contact the builder as soon as possible. Keep a record of all communication including dates and times of telephone calls. This will be needed if there are problems with getting your builder to address the issue.

Both the LABC and Premier Guarantee warranty policies have a £1,000 excess. This means you’ll pay the first £1,000 of each claim made under the warranty

What if the builder won’t honour the warranty?

The three approved providers of warranties in the UK all adhere to the Consumer Code for Homebuilders. The code features a dispute resolution scheme which you can use during the first two years if the builder won’t carry out the necessary remedial work. 

Remember, the builder will only be liable for problems detailed in the contract. We’d always advise buyers to make sure there is a “snagging” provision to allow you to get little issues sorted – such as doors catching on carpets – directly with the developer.

See what’s involved with a Snagging Survey and whether this may be worth considering

What if I move house?

If you move, the warranty is transferred to the buyer of your home. Any work you have done on the home yourself – such as loft extensions or conservatories – will not be covered by the warranty. If you are buying a new home from a previous owner it’s also worth noting that the company warranties supplied for such works are not always transferrable. In other words, if the seller had a conservatory installed with a ten year guarantee from the installation firm, when they sell the house to you the guarantee often becomes invalid.

Can warranties affect my mortgage application?

They can do. It’s a condition of most mortgage applications that a warranty must be in place if you’re buying a newly built home.

Should I take out home insurance too?

Yes you should. Aside from the fact your mortgage lender will more than likely require you to have home insurance in place, it’s just good sense to protect your investment. The new home warranty only covers problems that are the builder’s fault. If your home floods because of bad weather or is damaged in a fire you won’t be covered.

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  1. Heather LunderstedtHeather Lunderstedt

    The developer’s (freeholder) choice of insurer was in Sweden. The firm went bankrupt 3 years into the insurance period and we were paid a paltry £158 (10 flats) to try and find another insurer. The developer refused to find another insurer and has avoided any responsibility to repair latent and patent defects. He has put his profits into property overseas and refuses to have anything to do with the defects despite our putting faults in writing to his managing agent. We have been in the property 6 years now but brought defects to his attention within the 2 year period. Is there anything we can do?

  2. Tamzin ThomasTamzin Thomas

    I was previously with you have now moved to another new property which has nhbc warranty what do I do now

  3. grant wilkesgrant wilkes

    I have been in new build house for 13 yrs old Now but for first five years I had noticed that my items in loft have been getting mould like on everything
    I thought this was maybe down to loft insulation or excess cold air in loft via air vents
    I was up there yesterday and have found excess black /stains on my plywood
    Now I think this is damp which I may have been getting for number of years ?
    Now this is not down to my fault but I would suggest this is down to poor workmanship
    Problem I have is because this has now lapsed over 10 yrs I feel this will now not get addressed
    Oh and the original builder has unfortunately passed away where do I stand ?

    Really need some help and advise

  4. Janet RobertsJanet Roberts

    I bought a William Davis home in April 2021 and had 50+ snags which included faulty windows, door, fridge leaking shower and water under floor. All of geese repairs took longer than told. Now a tile fell off roof, took 2 was to repair BUT concerned that roof is not installed to a high standard. HOW CAN I CHECK THIS? Majorly concerned new build buyer. NO gvt support for purchasers. PLEASE HELP.

  5. Carl BirchallCarl Birchall

    Having problems with the developer persimmons not doing jobs listed which don’t comply to building regulations and the nhbc not helping at all and now the nhbc have put a rule 27 on my property, I placed a full list in prior to 2 year point who do I go too

  6. Neil FennellNeil Fennell

    Sorry if this is too mundane but if an electrical item (maybe an electric shower or a dimmer switch for example) goes faulty outside the builder’s 2 year warranty period and that item has an individual manufacturer’s guarantee of say 10 years, can I ask the builder to replace it?

  7. Lynn CluerLynn Cluer

    Are missing cavity trays which cause leaks around windows classed as a construction issue? As far as I know they are but the NHBC and the housing association seemed to think they were not. This was attempted to be reported in 2012 having had the problem since 2009 and the property built in 2005. It was reported well within the 10 year period but NHBC and HA refused to do anything, now finally resolved when it was discovered cavity trays had been omitted at construction. Surely there should be some redress for over 10 years of leaks which have had to be paid for from the service charges?

  8. donna bonddonna bond

    Purchased a william davis home with a Roca bathroom suite , however my Bath is off white not bright white like the sink and toilet .Not getting anywhere with either WD or Roca who have even gone so far as to insinuate that i am colour blind! Everyone who visits can see that there is a difference and the bath is not the same as that in the Show home ..They have investigated and said there is no manufacturing default .Do I have any rights ? what can i do now ?

  9. William K HallWilliam K Hall

    Moved into a new Gleason house Feb 2015; flooring now squeaks in bedroom. On inspection, found no sign of screws or nails holding down chipboard flooring, which have been laid parallel to joists. Is this against regulations? (now i know why they offer free carpets!) Thanks, William H

  10. Kurt YatesKurt Yates

    I moved into a Redrow house in August 2021 and i have just gone up into the loft, not for the first time, and found a puddle of water. The house was built in 2016 and I am the second owner. Are Redrow responsible for fixing the leak which is be coming from the roof?
    Thank you in advance.
    Best wishes
    Kurt Yates
    0774 7775084

  11. Bev HeptonstallBev Heptonstall

    I am living in a New Build can I ask, should I have an Insulation Certificate or not ?

    Also on Insulation, a neighbour paid for a thermal imaging on their walls, to find big gaps not insulated – should we be worried and do the same ?

    Many thanks for your time and help
    Bev Heptonstall

  12. Melanine TheMelanine The

    Moved into a new home September 2021 house was completed May 2021 having issues and the builder wont get back to me What can l do think its plumbing problems with up stairs bathroom

  13. hamid Manuchehry Vahedhamid Manuchehry Vahed

    we intend to build new 3 bedrooms detached house.
    i need the quote for 10 warranty,
    also your warranty must be acceptable to all high street banks.
    please let me know if you can do that.

  14. Jill DemetriouJill Demetriou

    I’m looking at buying an apartment that was converted in 2013 within an existing building. There was a 10 year NHBC warranty put in place by the company that did the conversion. The company no longer exist and there is 18 months left on the warranty. I’m a cash buyer so I don’t need a mortgage but I am concerned should anything structural need attention within the remainder of the 10 year period of warranty. Can you advise please.

  15. Carlos changCarlos chang

    We bought a brand new house last year after a month we noticed that the roof starting making a lot noise and then we starting to have problem with leaking and also with the window frame on the top floor . We reported the problem to house warranty and until now almost a year ago they haven’t approved our claim and still the problem carrying on . I am looking for some advice in this matter as I haven’t expected that the warranty company doesn’t bother to give us some update even now they don’t respond our calls or emails sometimes. This problem has other houses in same development from last year .

  16. KelKel

    I have purchased two off-plan appartment. One apartment suffered a burst waterpipe causing damage only 6 months after completion when there is suppose to be a Buildzone warranty. Would this be covered under the two year warranty? (I am still waiting to receive the warranty documents)

  17. Martin HattonMartin Hatton

    I’m in the process of purchasing a new build home (completed May 2021) which has used SIP’s throughout. Is there anything in particular I should be careful about in terms of warranty. I’m not using a mortgage to purchase.

  18. Deb SDeb S

    We have been in our property now for just under 2.5 years and the kitchen panels are starting to discolour. It was white but now its cream in places. This was classed as a Gold Kitchen from Moores Kitchens by David Wilson. Both Moores and DW say the only guarantee kitchen for 2 years. Not very good service.
    At previous house had new kitchen from BQ which looked new after 9 years. Very poor quality from Moores Kitchens.

  19. Alex ReynoldsAlex Reynolds

    In property 3 years and discovered toilet cracked and sealed underneath. Seal now perished and crack leaking,. Had plumber out and has temp resealed crack. Water has caused some of the skirting to bulge. Will builder replace the toilet they bodged and make good water damage. Have sent the pics and video plumber took of crack and perished sealant.

  20. Janette KessellJanette Kessell

    Hi. If I claim on the New Build Insurance will this be documented on deeds etc when I re sell? In other words- does it present a problem on resale?
    Thank you

  21. tammytammy


    I have a new build property. The building is starting to settle and the plaster is popping and cracks are showing. The brickwork has efflorescent showing and the sealant around the shower is now de bonded. The builder is stating this is not there responsibility and it is settlement is this correct.

  22. Chris OrsoChris Orso

    Me and my partner bought a new build flat in 2018 off plan. We were told midway through the build that due to some amendments within the building, a staircase to the second floor had to be shifted giving us more room in our flat and providing a storage cupboard. It wasn’t until we moved in that we realised this cupboard was not located within our property and access to it was actually via the communal hallway. What are my rights in getting this rectified? The developer has sold the freeholder and has advised me to contact the managing agent but not sure if this is something that could be covered within the building warranty

  23. SueSue

    Salt stain to paintwork of outside balcony ceiling and edges in a new build apartment . Builders are refusing to clean /repaint saying it’s not a defect .
    What do I do . It was mentioned on viewing and sales said it would be cleaned and put right .

  24. Richard SamuelsRichard Samuels

    I live in a new build flat which is one in a block of two flats. I can hear more noise than I would expect from the lower flat. If I had a sound proof test done and the flats fail the test, who would be responsible to fix the problem. The flat is 3 years old

  25. AnneAnne

    In a house built in 2017 the glass in the patio door has cracked with no know cause. I have been told that this could be due to settlement of the house and it may be possible to claim on the 10yr building insurrance. Is this true ?


    Please can someone email me, we have have moved into a new property from Charles Church/Persimmon developer & have a query regarding the warranty and how it will be affected if we fit Bifold doors. Their customer team are flaky at best!

  27. Nicola HetheringtonNicola Hetherington

    Please can someone give me a call on 07909 696810 we are in the process of buying a 4bedroom detached house from Bellway developer’s and have some questions regarding the 10year warranty. 1/ would changing the doors in the kitchen to Bifold doors would it effect the warranty and knocking part of the wall done from the living room to the kitchen and putting doors across to open it out affect warranty. Thanks

  28. Jacqueline edggarJacqueline edggar

    You don’t mention wooden windows frames when describing the structure ?! We have just bought a four year old house and about 6 out of 12 sash windows either stick and won’t open ? Or once open, wont close !) or they cone crashing down when you give a little tug ( nearly decapitating me !) builders say not their responsibility abc NHBC say they only cover double glazing panes . Is this correct please ?

  29. StephenStephen

    Hi I am abit lost on this one as everyone I have ask or contacted not getting anywhere. We have purchased a new 3bedroom house the build was complete 2019 the agent got access to start selling july2019 we purchased sep2020 so few mths in and one of the windows is leaking and coming away and there telling me that the defects warranty is over not there problem anymore. Does Anyone Know what grounds I have to stand on.the agent is not taking my calls or emails,

  30. R. D. AtkinsonR. D. Atkinson

    Did you know that any defective work which is related to the Building Regulations is not covered by the NHBC Warranty (Section 4) unless the NHBC carried out the approval and inspections and a Local Authority is not responsible for ensuring compliance with the Building Regulations, that lies with the Architect, Builder, Homeowner.
    I found out because my new house has a defective party wall, a plywood box fixed between the roof trusses for a valley gutter, holes in the block wall at the party wall, no fire stopping or cavity closer, nothing to stop the passage of smoke and flames from one dwelling to another, no 60 compartmentation.
    A Utility Cupboard with no mechanical ventilation, French Doors 228mm smaller than the opening plus other faults.

  31. Karen HollingsKaren Hollings

    We bought a Charles church property in 2011. Since moving in our garden has flooded as have the other residents gardens too after rainfall. I have contacted the builder said it’s nothing to do with them. I have spoken to floodline and local council to no avail.
    This year has been really bad n during the winter the garden has been continuously under water up to the blue bricks on the garage and lapping at the conservatory step. I am very worried that we will be flooded out in the coming years as each year it gets worse. Can u help and advise me please? We do back onto farm land and I wonder if this is causing the issue?

  32. Pat WilkinsonPat Wilkinson

    We’ve bought a new house from Wiggetts (Oldham).
    We have two problems:
    One is that if you put a spirit level against the external back wall it’s clear that it isn’t straight – which is rather worrying.
    The other is that we were told by the salesperson that we had extra parking at the front of our house (as well as two spaces at the back) and the sales brochure clearly shows an unoccupied car parked in it. We’re now told that it’s a turning circle and have been subjected to a seriously intimidating letter. What can we do?

  33. Anne WhyteAnne Whyte

    I purcahsed a new build property from Taylor Wimpey in 2016. We have noticed water ingress and despite previously stating that they would look at repair if we provided a report showing fault was due to construction they are refusing to have any discussion with us. NHBC provided report but state repair is under mcv so not their responsibility. We have since discovered broken tiles – NHBC need us to organise a roofer to come and take photos before they will assess. Is this correct? Also would this be considered a latent defect and therefore responsibility of builder? How can I get them to take note of this?

  34. HornetHornet

    I used to think conveyancers were legally obligated to advise of all the pitfalls in a TP1 and property etc, but actually I think all they are obligated to do is facilitate the sale/purchase of a property in a legal manner, EG make sure all the forms and monies are transferred properly.
    Many will give some advice, but its always the buyer that should read and question everything.

  35. Robert Clive GoughRobert Clive Gough

    Is it a responsibility of the conveyancing solicitor to ensure that a promised 10yr Warranty is in place on completion of sale ?

  36. Alan WilkinsonAlan Wilkinson

    We purchased a house in June 2018, the central heating has been serviced by the boiler manufacturer annually, also repaired by them when there has been a fault. Recently 6 months outside warranty we had radiators not warming, this was diagnosed by the boiler company on a warranty call out and is due to sludge build up due to the system not being flushed after it was installed and not a component failure. The builder, Story Homes does not want to take responsibility outside the 2 year warranty which I find unreasonable because it was their poor installation that over time has resulted in the issue coming about. I have already asked nicely to no avail, is there a way to get them to rectify the problem outside the 2 year warranty?

  37. Abuld MiahAbuld Miah

    Can I sue my solicitor who did not advise me about new build home warranties?

  38. Jo RainbirdJo Rainbird

    Does NHBC cover boundary fence that is subsiding??

  39. Jo RainbirdJo Rainbird

    Does NHBS cover boundary fence that is subsiding??

  40. Mark JoyceMark Joyce

    NHBC is currently investigating a problem with the roof of our property which is 9 years old. The roof tiles have not been laid with sufficient overlap and we’ve suffered water ingress. We’ve now noticed several cracks in the plasterwork in the wall joints of the top room in the house; this is unlikely to be due to settlement because of the age of the property. Should this be reported to NHBC as a separate matter or be added to the existing complaint? Please advise. Thanks.

  41. EdwardEdward

    We purchased a property in march 2020 the property has air sauce heating and throught the year we and our neighbors have experienced some serious issues the manufacturer is saying the warranty is due to expire as boiler were installed some time before we signed
    contractss and moved in can you tell me when the warranty starts with item such as heating, kitchen equipment ,showers ect thank you

  42. J CutterJ Cutter

    I have a home built in 2014 still under NHBC cover warrant and my tarmac driveway has subsided on one side where a manhole cover is and the cover has worked loose am I still covered for repair the home builder Jones Homes says not


    We are owners of a conversion new build property, and moved in May 2019. Have recently discovered that we were not supplied with, in our purchase pack, the certificate of Plumbing and Heating. Have not been able to obtain any help to obtain this document from any source. As we have issues with both systems, can you advise if this document protects us from the problems we are experiencing.

  44. JJ

    I have just moved into a new build, where the flooring was already down.
    If I want to change flooring, will this affect my warranty.

  45. Christine DeaneChristine Deane

    We bought a new build property in Sept 2017. It has an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) system for under floor heating and hot water. Ever since we moved into the property we have had problems with the particle filter on the ASHP clogging up and making the system shut down. Usually when it’s freezing cold! We were told by the plumbers who installed it on behalf of the builder / developer that it was just a ‘bit of debris’ and would clear through the system and then settle down. It didn’t. Every year we have had the system serviced by an authorised engineer and every year the system clogs up soon after the service and shuts down. We had to pay twice for a call out to clear out the filter after the service. We have contacted several ‘specialist’ installers and described the probelm prior to booking this year’s service. They all agree that the system needs a power flush but that it should not really be needing a flush as it is too new and the original installation can not have been done correctly. Our problem is, who is responsible and should pay for this? We think it is very clear that the installation was not done correctly and the blame lies with the plumbing company deployed by the builder / developer and that they should carry out the power flush free of charge. We have asked the builder but have heard nothing back. What is your opinion please?

  46. Susan dewarSusan dewar

    Bought my flat 2years a go and landlord as sold on tenancy with out telling any of us what happens to our new build 10 year warranty new landlord as put up our management fees

  47. Stephen LaceyStephen Lacey

    I’ve just built a new 3 bed house on my land next to my home and require a 10 year warranty. How do I go about this and what would the cost be? The new dwelling becomes end of terrace of 3. I had a semi and then built next to my home.

  48. Donna MariaDonna Maria

    My mother bought a bungalow in 2012 there were several issues with snagging problems that the builder wouldn’t come back & repair, last year the roof leaked in three different areas, so three rooms. I called a roofer too repair it, my mother has recently had yet another leak, I contacted the builder, too enquire who he had a warranty with, & was told he took out a five year warranty which has now expired, & too put in a claim with my mums insurance, this dosent sound right too me. What do you think many thanks

  49. CarolineCaroline

    I have a New Build Guarantee from Zurich Insurance (subsequently taken over by East West). In 2012, within the Developer Guarantee Period (DGP), I had a rainwater ingress which the developer attended to promptly and at their own cost. But the underlying cause was not investigated properly, the repair was inappropriate and the ingress returned. The developer was chased repeatedly but did not undertake further work. Zurich stepped in and tried to help but the Developer stopped them by stating that they would take action. But they did not. The leak has been intermittent so the developer has not felt pressured to act. This summer, the leak was extremely bad and the Developer finally agreed to act. They now want to charge all costs of the repair to residents. New Build Insurance have told me the Developer should cover the costs as it is a latent defect. How to argue this case with the Developer? They have seen what is excellent documentation but have sent a Surveyor on to the roof and said that the Surveyor has not found any latent defects. Surely the fact this started within the DGP, was accepted as a latent defect and was not repaired means it remains a latent defect?

  50. Sharlene AshtonSharlene Ashton

    I moved in to a newly converted apartment 2 and 1/2 years ago. It’s an old mill and we’re in the engine house. The windows run from our neighbours above down to the neighbours below. They’re in sections and all wood. Since we moved in when the rain is heavy and the wind blowing the rain is getting through the frame somehow but it’s through the plaster and is between the void between our apartment and the neighbours above. The builder keeps fobbing us off and are not getting to the root of the problem. We’ve evidence that it’s been happening since we moved in. The builder is coming again on Monday to have another look which he’s done on several occasions but still the problem persists.

  51. Mel BarrenMel Barren

    I’m about to exchange on 1 of 7 flats in a converted warehouse. All the flats are brand new and the development has only just been finished. Today, I’ve been told by the developer’s agents that 10 building warranties don’t apply because technically, it is not a ‘brand new house’.
    Is this correct? I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere.

  52. JamieJamie


    We moved into our house last year, and given the price of flooring offered by the builder was twice that of a premium independent specialist, we decided to go with the latter. Since the flooring (amtico) has been laid, the vast settlement in the house has caused there to be gaps between tiles and between the tiles and the walls.

    Can i claim builder liability here for the sheer volume of settlement, or is it just what it is and you pay twice as much for that cover for them to then be liable?


  53. Andrew BondAndrew Bond

    Hi I’ve owned this house from new 7 years now the builders when under and stopped paying for the cover
    I looking for cover to take it to the 10years so that I can sell it and the buyer can get a loan on it
    What company does this type of cover

  54. Carol WarrenCarol Warren

    Are warranties issued for conversions? I live in one of six flats in a converted house. The whole interior was re-figured and newly built.

  55. Vicky davisVicky davis

    I brought a new build in 2012 , so 8 years old . My boiler has packed up ( have just been told that boiler which has been installed is more than 8 years old ??
    Is this right as I thought I would have a NEW boiler than a reconditioned one .
    Please help

  56. Manohar SinghManohar Singh

    Your literature is knowledgable. Is it applicable to Student property or not. Kirklees building regulation authority passed the building. I bought and paid full money. Then Building and fire regulation authority got a bright idea and they found the defects . The building is closed for business. What to do now? ANY HELP
    Do you know how did they do it?

  57. KatrinaKatrina

    I purchased a new build Bloor home Dec 2018, earlier in the week we had a flooring company out to look at the defect to out kitchen floor. Upon lifting up the flooring they discovered that half the kitchen floor was damp. I had reported after we moved in that I had spotted mould in the kitchen but was told it was my cleaning that was the issue rather than a build defect. I have contacted Bloor to see what they will do to fix the water leaking in to the kitchen but have been told they will contact me next week. What are my legal rights ? I don’t know where the leak is coming from, the floor fitters seemed to think that it’s due to our kitchen double doors not being sealed properly.

  58. CharlotteCharlotte

    We have just came out of our two year warranty with Taylor Wimpey and our washing machine was not working. We purchased a new one and went to fit it and noticed that the current integrated washing machine had been fitted without a socket directly to the internal electrics so we contacted an electrician to help fit this. Upon their inspection it has become apparent that the earth is missing on this installation by Taylor Wimpey. Obviously this is a health and safety issue as the washing machine hasn’t been earth protected the whole time its been fitted, which has been since we have lived in the property. We’ve reported it as soon as we have found out and Taylor Wimpey has dismissed this instantly as they claim its outside of the warranty period, however, this is a dangerous and unsafe installation which could have resulted in someone’s death. What options do we have and is this something covered until the NHBC warranty?

  59. GaryGary

    Build zone? As anyone had problems with them, I have a badly built new home so plenty of snagging, I got in touch with Build zone who informed me in the policy in the small print there was a clause that building defects and snagging for the first two years would not be covered, only structural, what can I do now? My patio is uneven and lifting everywhere making it dangerous, plus it can’t be used and accessed when raining due to large puddles of water laying for a long time, I have interior work that needs addressing but that can wait,
    What can I do now

  60. RebeccaRebecca

    I am in a Bellway new build and my defects insurance period expired November 2019. Prior to it expiring I had some repair work done to my guttering due to a defect (split in connection and water dripping through). It was my understanding, after this work was completed the insurance period would be extended for a further 2 years as the work was completed during my initial period. I have the same issue happening and after having contacted Bellway they have told me this now falls under home owner maintenance. Surely this isn’t right? Please can you advise? What should I do?

  61. tom wylietom wylie

    I have a new home built by Redrow 2.5 years which is out of the developers warranty. During that period we had both site representatives and manufacture/suppliers attend to our bifold doors due to problems with locking them properly. My understanding is that as remedial work was undertaken this then extends the builders warranty for a further 2 year period, is that correct?

  62. RicardoRicardo

    I live in a new build home, 14 months into a 2 year AHCI warranty. The developer of my new build owns my freehold and is planning on selling it to a third party. When the freehold sells, does this change the developer’s obligations to put right any outstanding defects? Thanks!

  63. Ken LowesKen Lowes

    I bought my Keepmoat home in December 2010 and the separate garage is situated to the rear of the building. I have discovered a tree growing between the interior wall and the external wall, which is nearly the height of the garage roof. I am worried that this may cause severe damage to the garage foundations and roof.
    Please can you advise on my next course of action?


  64. Lyn WhittakerLyn Whittaker

    I bought a new home on a complex of 7 new properties. I purchased mine in October 2018 and unfortunately the builders ceased trading through liquidation in March 2019. The private access road was left incomplete i.e. it was left unsurfaced and the drainage is inadequate.
    We are covered by an architects insurance rather than the NHBC. Can you advise how I would persue a claim for incomplete work.

  65. SarahSarah

    If there is a problem with the property after two years e.g. Structural issue who sorts and pays if the initial builder has gone into voluntary liquidation? Thanks.

  66. KevinKevin

    Hi, we recently purchased a new build from a small developer in Lincolnshire. We noticed that the roof was making horrendous noises in even a moderate wind shortly after we moved in and raised this with the developer. During the storm at the weekend we lost 12 tiles on opposite sides of the house which appears to be as a result of the defective roof. The developer just blamed storm damage and will not accept that there is anything wrong with the roof despite us informing him of the issues weeks beforehand. The warranty provider is an independent and is not responsive so we are not sure where to turn. We believe that the roof has not been constructed in accordance with BS5534 and as such is likely to be not building reg compliant. I do not want to issue court proceedings but feel that is where this is heading. Any advice?

  67. Lois Powell-RichardsLois Powell-Richards

    We have ongoing issues with the drainage in our garden making the grass area uneven and waterlogged. We haven’t been able to use our grass area since we moved in 7 months ago. Our developers keep delaying it months and months, would be eligible for any compensation as our garden has been out of use since we moved in?

  68. AgnesAgnes

    Hi, we bought a new build property from places for People July 2019. there is draughts coming through from underneath integrated fridge area which I brought to their attention beginning of December 2019 as yet they have not inspected the property to find out the reason even after numerous emails. however, my main issue is with the windows. We have had the company who provided and installed out to fix draughts and leaks 10 times now. they have stated there is no more they can do with them. I believe they are not fit for purpose. This has been going on since we moved in and still to date I haven’t had any further communication from the builder as to when these will be replaced. Please help

  69. Diane MortonDiane Morton

    we purchased a new build property in 2018, The company providing the 10year warranty has gone into liquidation. Where does this leave us now. Is the house unsaleable without this.

    • HomeOwners AllianceHomeOwners Alliance

      Hello Diane, was Alpha the underwriter? If so you’ll find more information here. You’ll need to arrange replacement cover and you can use the British Insurance Brokers’ Association’s ‘Find-A-Broker’ service and they will be able to help you.

      Telephone: 0370 950 1790


  70. Mrs DouglasMrs Douglas

    We bought a newly built apartment from Cala in 2017. We have ongoing problems in communal areas with: fire and safety system, road surface (Kerb are not installed properly), lights do not work properly, lift has a problems. Our factoring company LPM doesn’t address any problems to Cala, they charge us for fixing all problems. I’ve asked Cala to provide the starting date of a warranties and the end date for all mentioned items. Cala declined to answer. What is the solution? Thanks and regards,

  71. andrew loudonandrew loudon

    We are converting a barn in to our residence and our mortgage provider has requested a warranty how do we go about this given that we are self builders?

    • HomeOwners AllianceHomeOwners Alliance

      Dear Andrew – If you haven’t already started the project you may be able to get an architects certificate. This isn’t a warranty but may satisfy the mortgage company. Would suggest you ask the mortgage provider if this would be acceptable for mortgage purposes. You can find architects here In addition, some warranty providers do sell policies directly to individuals. However, suggest you read the details of the cover carefully.

  72. JonathanJonathan

    We are in a new build property and our vent in the bathroom blew the other day sparked and went bang,I contacted the builder but have had no response so I called a company called farm wood who did an inspection today,they found that the ducting wasn’t attached to anything so the water flowed back down the ducting and caused the shortage,so in effect anytime we showered and had the extraction on it was going into the loft,on top of that they installed a 240v vent in a zone 3 bathroom,which is against building regulations,I contacted ICW our new build warranty company and they said the 2 year defect warranty has expired,my point is that this could of caused a fire due to incorrect installation,where do I stand please
    We haven’t had the quote from farm wood yet but it looks like they have to attach a new vent,ducting and also install an outside vent which would incur removing tiles on the roof and scaffold.
    Surely I have some rights here? Due to them. It following building regulations ?

  73. AndyAndy

    Hi, I have water ingress from my roof causing significant mould to my loft beams. I paid for a roofer to investigate and I have been advised that the screws that hold the joining pieces to the ridge of my roof should be installed with either rubber or foam washers to ensure it is water tight. However none of these screws have been installed with any washers which is the cause of the water leak. The roofer therefore concludes that these have been installed incorrectly. I bought the house nearly 6 years ago from Taylor Wimpey and so it is out with the standard 2 year warranty. However because these have been installed incorrectly (but only just noticed) and it is not an issue that has developed over time, do Taylor Wimpey have an obligation to fix this issue? Thanks for any feedback. Andy

    • HomeOwners AllianceHomeOwners Alliance

      Dear Andy – I would contact your warranty provider and explain this to them as they have the structural warranty for the rest of the period.

  74. Chris MChris M

    I’ve bought a 5 year old new build but discovered a a lot of snags that the original owners should have hit fixed but didn’t. Am I in a position to have them fixed under warranty? These include an uneven floor and misplaced radiators that doors smash into

    • HomeOwners AllianceHomeOwners Alliance

      Hello Chris, you’ll need to check your purchase documentation to check whether you have any warranty cover. If you do, it’s likely to be for structural issues only.

  75. William BallWilliam Ball

    Our insurer (Alpha) has gone into administration. Is the developer who sold the new property to us in December 2016, liable to meet the cost of providing replacement cover? The 10 year warranty was a key element in our selecting the property, can the developer ignore his liabilty?

    • HomeOwners AllianceHomeOwners Alliance

      Dear William – Unfortunately our understanding is that it would be the policy holder who has to find new cover rather than the developer.

  76. DanDan

    We have a home with larkfleet and have been here 2 years and a month! Over the last 6 months a damp smell from the ensuite started so we cleaned the shower and the traps and it briefly helped. Recently the false wall downstairs which houses the vertical pipe from the ensuite above started developing damp patches. We brought in a well respected plumber who cut a hole in the wall. The insulation is black and mouldy, the wooden stud work is mouldy and when a camera was used to asses course and location of the leak, he said in his professional opinion that the fault is with the builder and the workmanship is at fault. He also said due to the rate of mould and damp this has been ongoing for at least 12 to 24 months if not longer and probably links back to when the plumbing was put in. Larkfeelt wont get involved and I’m sure the year 3 to 10 warranty wont cover it, what can we do?

    • HomeOwners AllianceHomeOwners Alliance

      Dear Dan – I would suggest you get in touch with your warranty provider. Although it has been more than 2 years, the problem started before the two years. They may be able to offer some assistance and talk to the developer for you. Please also have a read of this document which may also help

  77. Jocelyn CousinsJocelyn Cousins

    We live in our self build house just coming up for two years. We selected contractors to complete all aspects of the job. We have 10 year warranty.
    The roof is leaking and needs urgent daily extensive repair due to incorrect materials. The contractor committed suicide a year ago and the business has ceased. Where do we stand ?

  78. LawrenceLawrence

    Hi, we live in a 5 year old home and the company that provided our warranty has gone under. In a letter it stated that they were unable to find a replacement company to provide the cover so have sent a cheque to cover the remaining portion of the premium that will now not be used. Do I need to find cover for the next 5 years. We do have building insurance. Thanks for you advice.

    • HomeOwners AllianceHomeOwners Alliance

      Hello Lawrence,

      For some people they will be in breach of their mortgage terms and conditions if they do not have a valid defect policy for their property. Some people have told us that they are worried they may not be able to sell their property without a policy in place.

      We’d suggest that you seek professional advice on obtaining replacement cover as soon as possible by contacting a suitable insurance broker who specialises in latent defect/structural damage policies.

      Contact the British Insurance Brokers’ Association’s ‘Find-A-Broker’ service and they will be able to help you.

      Telephone: 0370 950 1790


  79. Mark GayMark Gay


    Moved from Berkshire to Bullo Pill on 28/03/19 and bought a new house. The house had been standing for just under 2 years so we requested from the Developers that everything would be checked before we moved in and received email from Estate Agents to that affect! Installed in the house are eco solar panels for the hot water. We noticed that at times during the day that it sounded like water running which is quite noisy. Never had these before so thought it was normal until I checked with my neighbour who has identical house and he said his doesn’t make the noise. Contacted the builder who gave the me the installers details and they think the system needs flushing which will cost nearly £400. They also confirmed that their 2 year warranty had run out plus they had not been contacted by the Developers to service the solar panels, which they recommended every 12 months. Contacted the Developers (people who put money up for builders) who feel that it is not their responsibility, even know they confirm via the estate Agents that everything would be checked and all warranties would start from the day we moved in! I have researched the internet but can’t find anything specific but I am sure that there must be a law (whether it be Consumers Act…), so looking for your advice on this matter.

    RICS agent says that house only covered for structural, but surely I am covered for a Defects Insurance Period of up to 2 years?certificate etc. attached.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Kind regards

    Mark Gay

    • HomeOwners AllianceHomeOwners Alliance

      Dear Mark – Sorry to hear of this issue for you. I would suggest you get in touch with the developers again as they should be talking to the installers rather than yourself. Please also have a look at this guide which explains your rights in relation to problems with new builds

  80. MoiraMoira

    Hello I bought my old build home from a developer who was building a newbuild added onto the terraced home I purchased. The newbuild appears to be moving away from mine as there are gaps now where the mastic was attached to mine. I have had several cracks appear in mine internally and some step cracks externally from the front window ledge down towards the newbuild. Can I claim against next door for costs of repairs? Would I claim against the developer? Or the bewbuild 10 year guarantee. The newbuild is now more than 2 years old.
    I am worried sick now in case it gets really bad.
    Thank you

    • HomeOwners AllianceHomeOwners Alliance

      Dear Moira – Sorry to hear of these issues you are having. I would suggest initially that you give your own insurance company a ring and see what they suggest. They may wish to send someone out to have a look and then let you know how any claim might proceed

  81. A DixonA Dixon

    How long does it take to secure a warrantee?

    • HomeOwners AllianceHomeOwners Alliance

      Hello A Dixon, are you building a property yourself or are you buying a new build? If you’re buying a new build, the warranty is usually (but not always) provided by the developer or builder so you don’t have to secure one yourself. If you need a little more information, you can email us at and tell us a bit more about your situation.

  82. Liz LaversLiz Lavers

    Looking for advise on a builders warranty

    • HomeOwners AllianceHomeOwners Alliance

      Dear Liz – please feel to contact us at with more detailed information

  83. FarhanFarhan

    I am buying a new build property, I received the legal document but the 1years developer warranty and 10 NBHC warranties are missing. I raised this with my solicitor who forwarded me developer solicitor’s email saying that the 2 year developer warranty will be provided on the Demo day which is after contract exchange. Can someone tell me is it legally acceptable to by buy an insurance without knowing the details until you are legally bound to it .

    • HomeOwners AllianceHomeOwners Alliance

      Dear Farhan – The developer should be able to provide you with a draft copy even if they can’t provide a signed copy for you to have a look through before contracts are exchanged. I would suggest you ask your conveyancer to try and push for this for you

  84. TracyTracy

    Hi, we are 3 months out of our 2 year warranty on our new build property – with our developers. Ive just discovered our “new boiler” is leaking into our microwave below it, rendering that now dangerous to use. Can I ask do we have any standing for repairs and replacement with both the boiler and damaged microwave now our new build warranty has expired??

  85. CiaranCiaran

    Hi. I’m in my new build house 2 years. Part of the contract with the developer when buying the house was a 10 year structural warranty on the property. He was responsible for organising this and he took it with CRL and the underwriter was Alpha – who have now gone bust. I, along with nearly 40 other homeowners have no warranty – does the developer gave a legal responsibility to organise new structural warranty? Thanks

  86. KellyKelly

    can you tell me if this can be taken out on a 4 year old house. our current 10 year policy paid almost 2k they have gone bust

    • HomeOwners AllianceHomeOwners Alliance

      Dear Kelly. Really sorry to hear your company has gone bust. There are some warranty providers that provide warranties on existing homes. I understand that the British Insurance Brokers’ Association’s ‘Find-A-Broker’ service can help in relation to this as well.

  87. Brian BlanchardBrian Blanchard

    Hi, I am working on behalf of my son who bought a Redrow home in West Wick Downton, there has been an ongoing problem with the fake chimney for about five years, my son had to pay a thousand-pound excess before he could get them to even look at the chimney, as it turns the chimneys Redrow used at the time were not fit for purpose and they come with a ten year warranty, so after getting legal advice I am intending to get the excess back, I have photographic evidence and verbal from the Boss of the roofing contractor that the chimney was at fault and had an ingress of water through the top of the chimney which is fiberglass, the job is still ongoing with scaffolding on the house Ready to fit new chimney from a different manufacturer, it was lifted on by crane two weeks ago but guess what it would not fit the wrong angle to fit roof pitch so now gone back to be rectified, if I have sent this to the wrong person please pass on to who can sort this out, if i bought a car with a warranty I would not expect to pay a massive excess to get it fixed , During the structural insurance period, the builder is responsible for major problems with the structure of the house. This includes foundations, the external render, roofs, ceilings, chimneys and load-bearing parts of the floors.

  88. Natalie SimpsonNatalie Simpson

    Could you advise if fitting Venetian blinds by screwing fittings into the window frames would affect my New Build Warranty . The recess of the windows has lintels inside making drilling there extremely difficult so fixing blinds directly to the frames would be much easier

    • Sara HindSara Hind

      Hi Natalie, you’re best to ask this question direct to your warranty provider.

  89. Mrs HillMrs Hill

    Our detached new build property advertised as “surpassing all expectations” has no defect as such as it meets building regulations with ‘limited adequate’ acoustic insulation. However bathroom noises can be clearly heard from beneath ceiling and other side of wall. This is very disappointing. Do we have any redress please.? Would be grateful for any advice as our builder is unwilling to help.

  90. Steven MartynSteven Martyn

    Hi I brought a flat as a new build a yer ago and since then the NB warranty provider has gone bust. The freeholder (weeley Properties LTD ) refuses to replace it or even to communicate with anyone over it. Since November last year i have tried to sell the apartment and did twice but lost both sales due to the lack of NBW.
    Can you help me please -doex the builder have a legal requirement to get a replascement NBW ? There are 26 other flats in this build that are also not covered. Is it legal for him to block our sale this way? Is there anything i can do to get out of this situation?

  91. John mJohn m

    Sorry also will this affect remortgaging. Thanks

  92. John MarmoJohn Marmo

    Dear sir.
    We had a warranty with Alpha insurance who are no more.

    Went to Build zone for the last remaining 8 years.cost 3000 pounds.
    Paid my money and I noticed an endorsement.

    Can you tell me is this normal.
    Endorsement says.this policy excludes any loss or damage caused by underground drainage system.

    Is it because the house is already built.
    Kind regards


    • Marianne ColeMarianne Cole

      Sorry John you have had to pay for a new policy. I would suggest that as it relates to your policy documentation then it is probably worth contacting Build Zone directly in relation to this. On some insurance policies damage to these is not covered. Always best to check with them what the endorsement means and why it is there.

  93. Michael KenwayMichael Kenway


    We have a big leak under the master bedroom shower. We have been in the property for 2.5 years.

    During our 2 year warranty period we did make a complaint that we could hear a dripping noise in the master bedroom, the building company came round and confirmed that we didn’t have a leak and explained the noise was most likely “building settling noises”. I am not sure how much investigation work they actually did..

    We are not told from the management company that it is our responsibility and this needs to be covered by ourselves. This is going to be a big job, we will need to dry out, retiling etc.

    Do we have a case for the the damage to be covered from the building company or the management company?

    Cheers , Michael.

  94. J. PhillipsJ. Phillips

    (Submitted on 2/3/2019)

    My new-build property didn’t come with any of the warranties you mention, but with a 10-year Professional Consultant’s Cerificate. What’s the difference, please?

    The Certificate is very brief (much less than one side of A4, so just a couple of sentences) and no terms and conditions are attached to it.

    • Chandni SahniChandni Sahni

      The Certificate is a statement from the Consultant that the construction of the property has been monitored and has been built in accordance with the applicable building regulations and plans, and is completed to a good standard. Unlike the warranty cover, there is no provision should the developer cease trading so issues can arise in these circumstances, either prior to completion or after.The provision of a Professional Consultant’s Certificate, although acceptable to some lenders, does not therefore provide a similar level of cover nor the certainty of an NHBC warranty. It can be the only way to ensure that a new build property is acceptable to future purchasers, their lenders and their solicitors, irrespective of the limitations and restrictions in the cover provided.

  95. SuzanneSuzanne

    Is it possible to move into a new build appartment before receipt by our solicitor of the building warranty certification

    • NaomiNaomi

      Hi Suzanne – we would say it’s best practice for your solicitor to get all relevant documentation at completion. Best of luck!

  96. AnnetteAnnette

    My son was to close and get the keys to his new construction home today but
    This morning he finds out the developer called his realtor saying there is a leak in one of the upstairs bathroom. He is living in a hotel, his family is to arrive next week from another state in the next few days. The developer is not sure how much if a damage it is and said it can’t be fixed over this weekend. Now what?

    • Sara HindSara Hind

      I Annette, you sound as though you’re typing this from the US? We’re a UK based organisation and can’t advise on the US I’m afraid.

  97. MohammedMohammed

    My Mother purchased a new build property in December 2016, she has been informed by severn trent water that there is a leak in the property. Could I be advised as to who is responsible for the repair is It Kier Development who she bough the new build from or my mothers insurance company


    • Marianne ColeMarianne Cole

      Hi Mohammed, according to their website Kier Developments are covered through the NHBC warranty. You need to try and find the warranty or request a copy from Kier and have a read through about what it covers. Unfortunately it would depend on where the leak has come from i’m afraid as to whether it would be through the warranty or your own home insurance. If you do believe you have a claim through NHBC then their website explains how to make a claim.

  98. EmeEme

    I believe my sister gas purchased a home that is not up to building standards with a water tank leak the first year then second and now another leak in the downstairs toilet. The building company claim they only provide one year insurance. Can you advise what I/my sister should do

    • Sara HindSara Hind

      Sorry to hear that your sister is having problems with her home. We have been campaigning for some time for increased regulation of new builds. We have a guide on new build disputes, written by lawyers from Kings College London, which your sister might find helpful:

  99. AndrewAndrew

    We employed a builder to build our house working from and architect’s design. Should the builder have provided us with a warranty?

    • Sara HindSara Hind

      Hi Andrew, is your builder a member of a Trade Association? While a Trade Association membership can’t ensure work will be perfect every time, you should be able to expect any problems will be dealt with fairly, and you can turn to their Association for help with any unresolved issues and complaints. I’m also wondering if you had a contract with the builder and what, if anything this says about warranties.

  100. SarahSarah

    Very very helpful site

  101. SandraSandra

    Bought David Wilson house and got a 5 year warranty which they now don’t do. The warranty booklet shows and includes roofs but not weather damage. We have since had a workmanship problem with it but they say it is only covered for 2 years. After we questioned them and have done many times they say it isn’t written anywhere it just is. Apparently NHBC doesn’t have it written either it just is. How can you offer people warranties but no where is it written what is excluded or included.
    Can you help in this . We are told the 5 year covers everything and has a page in the booklet about roofs!!!

    • Sara HindSara Hind

      Hi Sandra, if you’d like to consider becoming a member we may be able to help you with this.

  102. Richard DaviesRichard Davies


    Could you possibly tell when the warranty starts for a new build purchase?

    Is it from the date the build is finished, or the date the sale is completed?

    It would seem a bit unfair if it was from the build completion if that occurs some months, or years before the owner moves in.

    Thank you,


    • Sara HindSara Hind

      Hi Richard, it’s usually from the date that the sale was completed.

  103. Elisabeth RobsonElisabeth Robson

    I have recently bought a nine and a half year old top floor apartment. The ceilings are high and follow the contours of the roof. I moved in in February and it was extremely cold, whereas the other apartments in the block were fine. I think there must be a defect in the insulation in the roof. Is there anything I can do about it? Hope you can help.
    Liz robson

  104. Rod LewisRod Lewis

    I cannot see any reference to any overall controlling body for warranty providers. If a house owner is unhappy with the way he/she has been treated, whom can he/she refer or complain ?
    For example, my house has a CRL warranty. The policy refers to the fact that the builder must have complied with CRL’s technical requirements. Because of significant problems I have had, I wanted to see a copy of these technical requirements but this was refused. As it is referred to in my policy, I consider it to be part of the policy. Does the Insurance Ombudsman cover this sort of thing?

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