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Is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) important for selling my home?

You have to have at least applied for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) before you put your home on the market – find out why, how much an EPC should cost and how to find an EPC surveyor

What is an EPC (energy performance certificate)?

  • An energy performance certificate (an EPC) is a standardised document which ranks properties in terms of energy efficiency, and which home sellers have to provide to potential buyers.
  • EPCs include information about the property’s energy use and costs as well as recommendations about how to make it more efficient and cheaper to run. Properties are ranked from A to G, A being the most energy efficient
  • As of April 2018 any property with a rating of F or G will banned from being let to tenants.
  • Sellers in Scotland have to provide a more extensive “home report”, which includes an EPC, as well as a survey and a property questionnaire

Does everyone need one?

  • EPCs are not required for listed buildings. This is because improvements such as installing double glazing are often prohibited on these types of buildings because they require structural changes
  • If yours is not a listed building you need to have at least applied for an EPC by the time you put your home on the market. So get in early to make sure a missing EPC doesn’t slow you down

I was given an EPC when I bought the property – is it still valid?

  • Possibly, yes. EPCs were introduced in 2007 and they are valid for ten years.

How do I find an EPC surveyor and how much will an EPC cost?

  • In England and Wales, the price of an energy performance certificate (EPC) varies according to provider and size of your property.

Click here to find and compare quotes from accredited energy assessors in your area

  •  If you leave it to your estate agent to arrange an EPC, keep in mind that they will probably charge commission. But prices may be negotiable so don’t be afraid to haggle

Will an expensive EPC be more attractive to buyers?

No, any EPC will allow you to sell your house, so don’t worry about paying more to provide buyers with a “gold standard” one.

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