About us

The HomeOwners Alliance champions the interests of Britain’s homeowners and aspiring homeowners, providing unbiased and practical advice as well as services you can trust whether you are buying, selling or owning your home.

We’re proud to be Britain’s only organisation to champion, support and serve Britain’s 17 million homeowners, and the 5 million of you aspiring to own your own home.

We feel strongly that owning your own home is one of life’s most fulfilling experiences. But it is also your biggest financial commitment, and can be very stressful.

The problem for homeowners is that we are pitched against the professionals – and it is an unfair contest. We are faced with doing huge deals with professionals who do it every day. The industry also has hundreds of lobby groups to ensure government is on their side.

This is where the HomeOwners Alliance  comes in– to give the homeowner a voice. We promote the interests of the homeowner in the media and government. We campaign for policies that help homeowners, and against bad practices by the industry. We empower homeowners with unbiased advice at every stage of the home owning process and we are on their side, connecting visitors to our site with reliable professional services they will need.

Take a look at our buying and selling guides, as well as guides for homeowners, to help you get started.

When it comes to appointing the right professional we can help you Find an Estate Agent, Find a Mortgage, Find a Surveyor, Find a Conveyancer to Find a Removals Firm, and lots more.

For more dedicated advice and help, whether a problem with your existing estate agent, a leasehold management company charging over the odds or a less than shiny new build home, you can Become a Member today for just £45 to start benefiting from our home helpline, ask an expert service, discounted conveyancing and legal advice.