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How does an estate agent value your property?

estate agent value property

With house prices at an all time high and buyer demand outstripping the number of properties on the market, how do you know if the valuation your estate agent provides you with is realistic? E-Sale share with us the truth about how an estate agent will value your property and how interactive valuation reports are the way forward.

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What does “guide price” mean?

guide price

Guide price is a term often bandied about in the home buying process. But what does it mean and how seriously should you take it? We explain all below, with help from the estate agency Portico.

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Student mortgages explained

student mortgage

Though it seems unlikely, purchasing houses has become increasingly popular for students in recent years. Instead of handing their student loan over to landlords, many people have decided to buy for themselves as rent in student cities soars and the quality of accommodation decreases. We've asked Tembo money to explain all.

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EPC changes: how much could it cost you?

EPC changes

Do you have a Buy to Let? Proposed EPC changes mean you’ll need to undertake expensive work if you’re a landlord with rental properties that have low energy efficiency ratings. Read on to find out what these changes are, how much it could cost you as a landlord and if there are any exemptions.

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Is luxury vinyl flooring suitable for Kitchens?

Luxury vinyl flooring

If you're updating your kitchen and unsure what flooring to lay down, luxury vinyl flooring can often be more suitable than hardwood. The experts at Stories Flooring explain what the benefits are and their top tips for choosing.

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What to watch for when buying a converted flat

permitted development rights office to residential

Converting unused offices and retail properties into residential flats seems like a good idea: more homes in areas people want to live and better for the environment. But these conversions aren't always up to standard. Here's why and what you need to watch for when buying a converted flat.

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