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Young homeowners on the rise

homeowners on rise

The English Housing Survey shows a reverse in the decline of homeownership. But with first time buyers finding it harder than ever to get on the ladder, what's behind this increase of young homeowners

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How to lower humidity in the home

Humidity in the home and air quality

Excess moisture - or humidity - in your home can lead to a range of issues. We’ve asked AirThings to explain why it matters and how we can reduce humidity in the home.

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In the news, the latest round up

In the news this week, hundreds of mortgage deals are set to expire in April, first time parents are failing to financially protect their families and house builders are being warned over their marketing.

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Weekday tickets to the Ideal Home Show

Discover fresh ideas at the UK’s biggest home event, from 27 March-13 April 2020 at Olympia London with free weekday tickets and discounted weekend tickets. While tickets last!

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In the news this week, the latest round up

So with Christmas firmly behind us this week, we look at the top stories including, mortgage lenders cutting rates and introducing new deals on fixed rates, plus what happened to the property market in 2019.

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