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Common House Survey Problems

common house survey problems

Don't be alarmed at your building surveyor's report on the house you want to buy. Many of the problems listed are surprisingly common. But some are more expensive than others.

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Should I sell my house now?

should i sell my house now

Traditionally, the return from the summer holidays and back to school coincides with people putting their homes on the market, hoping to sell before Christmas. But with a global pandemic and a UK recession, is this really the time to be moving house?

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Shared ownership to be made more affordable

shared ownership

The government aims to help more first time buyers with changes announced this week to the shared ownership scheme. Homebuyers struggling with affordability will now be able to buy a smaller share in their property - just 10% - to get a foot on the housing ladder.

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Quicker home sales post-lockdown

quicker home sales post lockdown

How long will your home take to sell and what types of properties are people looking for? And will demand last? Zoopla's latest data report shows the impact coronavirus is having on the housing market.

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