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Wood-burning stoves: What do the new rules mean for your fireplace?

Eco wood burning stove

More than one million British families warm their homes with a wood burning stove during the winter months. But will environmental concerns lead to the government banning them? If you're thinking of investing in a stove of your own, then you'll want to be aware of changes coming in 2022.

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Budget 2021 at a glance

Budget 2021

Everything homeowners need to know from tax changes, cladding funding, spending on new housing, reforms to planning - and what's not included - from the Autumn Budget 2021

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Country Living Christmas Fair – save 30% off tickets

Country Living Christmas Fair

Our friends at Country Living are offering you 30% off tickets to the Country Living Christmas Fair in London, Harrogate and Glasgow. Celebrate a Country Living Christmas and step inside the pages of the magazine at the must-attend Christmas event of the season!

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£5,000 heat pump grants to replace gas boilers

heat pumps grant

The government has announced £5,000 heat pump grants to help you switch from your existing gas boiler. Here we explain what a heat pump is, how the scheme works, the disadvantages of heat pumps, and how to apply.

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Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor mortgage explained

Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor mortgage

While it might sound like a mouthful, a Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor mortgage - more commonly known as a JBSP - can be a simple and practical option for first-time buyers struggling to buy their first place. We’ve asked Tembo to tell us how these mortgages work and the pros and cons .

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Electric car charging at home

Electric car charging at home

Electric cars are increasingly popular, spurred on by the government's aim to ban new petrol and diesel cars from 2030. And from 2022, electric car charging points will be legally required in new build homes. Here's everything you need to know about electric car charging at home, the practicalities and costs...

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How long does it take to get a survey?

how long does a survey take

When you are in the middle of buying a house, it can feel like everything needs to be have been done yesterday. No-one wants the process held up by a delay. So, how long does it take to have a survey done on a property? And how can you speed things up?

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