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Free Instant Home Valuation

Whether you're interested in getting an idea of how much your home is worth to sell, just out of curiosity with no intention of selling, or want to find out how much your neighbour's home is worth, here's how.

How much is your home worth?

  • Get an instant property valuation
  • Works with valid UK postcodes (excluding NI)
  • No obligation to sell or put your property on the market
  • Find out the value of other properties in your neighbourhood
  • Get a minimum and maximum property value
  • Get a possible rental value



Start Online

Research is key. While there are a lot of factors involved in valuing your home, not least buyer demand,  our free home valuation tool will give an instant valuation in just two simple steps. Simply enter your property address details and contact details, for an instant valuation, based on up to date local data and Land Registry sold data. Your results will give a high-end valuation, a low valuation and a suggested rental income. Get started below.

Ready to move? Get the agents round

The next steps is to approach the best three local estate agents and invite them round to value your home. A good agent should be able to provide details of what similar local properties to yours have recently sold for.
Find, compare your local agents based on how often they achieve asking price, how long it takes them to sell and their success rate using our estateagent4me tool
You can invite agents round to view and value your house even if you don't have any immediate intention to sell yet. A good agent will want to use the opportunity to leave a good impression in the hope you'll return to them to market your home when the time is right. Armed with the research you have already done online, you'll be in a good place to listen to their advice and make an informed choice about the right valuation.
Ask the agents visiting whether there are any projects you should invest in to bump up the value of your house. They'll know what your neighbours have done and what will add most value

Got the valuation. What next?

Once you have your three valuations from local agents, assuming they all come in at a similar amount and you are happy with that figure, then you can feel confident with the valuation. Read our advice about How to Choose an Estate Agent for other factors you need to think about before instructing an agent If however the valuations are wildly different or you aren't happy you need to think about how you want to proceed. Sometimes the valuation the agents give may be wildly different because there are no local comparables. If you have a unique new build flat surrounded by Victorian terraces or you live in a  rural area the task of valuing the property can be tricky. In this situation, you'll want to speak to your agent about where to pitch your property's asking price and be clear about the strategy you'll want to take. For more on this read our guide What Price Should I sell My Home For Another reason for wildly different valuations is down to the old trick of estate agents over-valuing your property to win the business. If you look on our estateagent4me tool you'll be able to see which local agents fail to achieve asking price and get an idea of which ones have a habit of over-valuing. We find that vendors will sell more quickly and make more money by achieving 99% of a fair asking price than 90% of an unrealistic one. So getting your asking price right from the start is important.
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