Mortgage Companies Insisting On Using Particular Solicitors

Susan was unaware that her mortgage company insisted on using a select panel of solicitors for conveyancing causing her unnecessary hassle and expense.

For years Susan and her husband have always used the same solicitor for all their legal work. They wanted to use the same solicitor, who they know and trust, for the conveyancy process for their recent purchase in north London. Half way through the process, when they tried to get a mortgage with Northern Rock, it was established that because one of the partners in the solicitor’s firm had recently retired the firm was no longer “on the panel” at Northern Rock. Susan had a choice between choosing a new solicitor, which may have left them with outstanding fees, or retain their old solicitor and pay £200 for a second solicitor to act on behalf of Northern Rock. In order to stay with the solicitor they trusted and because they had already hired her Susan chose the latter. This resulted in an unnecessary complication, an extra person to involve in all correspondence, and irritating duplication of all documentation.