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When is the best time to sell my house?

There are all sorts of myths about when is the best time to sell your house, but each neighbourhood and each home is different, so read on to find out when is the best time of year for you.

Best time to sell

Is there an optimum season for selling? 

Spring always comes out on top as the best time of year to sell your house. This is probably because people aren’t away for the summer holidays or busy with Christmas celebrations.

Another good thing about spring is that your home will look better when the garden is coming into bloom and the sun is (hopefully) out for longer.

  • Summer has never been the best time to sell a home. If you’re trying to sell to families, you should remember that they’re either going to be away or busy with children during the school holidays.  July and August tend to be slower than average months to sell (65 days on average) according to our estateagent4me average speed of sale data.
  • Autumn can be a good time to sell. If the weather’s mild your home will still look good and there are no major holidays to contend with. October is often a good time for a speedy sale (62 days on average over the past 7 years).  Make sure you’re ready to move quickly as in November and December, the number of potential buyers can slow down significantly.
  • Winter can be a difficult time to sell, especially in the run up to Christmas. If you’re not going to be ready to put your home on the market before December, it’s probably worth waiting until January when people are starting to think about the year ahead. Our estateagent4me data from the last 7 years shows January is one of the best months of the year to list your house for a speedy sale (60 days on average).

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Regional differences?

Seasonal variations are fairly universal but it’s worth having a close look at your local area before entering the market. Check if the Council has granted planning permission for any work nearby, you don’t want to be trying to sell your house while there are major road works going on.

What if I’m not ready to start selling yet?

Simple, don’t sell. It’s much more important to choose a time that works for you. If you rush your home on to the market without preparing it and yourself, you could set yourself up for a fall. And if you do get a buyer, you want to be able to move as quickly as possible before they can change their mind.

Take some time first to make sure you have your home looking its best. That doesn’t necessarily mean spending thousands of pounds on huge renovation projects – just take some time fixing the little details, such as wonky gates and cracked toilet seats.  See our tips on how to make your home more valuable and sell faster.

I hear the market’s picking up, should I try and get on it as quickly as possible?

It depends. If you’re thinking of putting your house on the market at one of the traditional low points, such as Christmas or the height of summer, it’s probably worth waiting a while so you can enter it when you’re going to get the maximum amount of attention.

The longer your house is on the market, the more buyers will start to wonder what’s wrong with it.

This is all good advice, but my circumstances won’t allow me to wait…

If you need to get going with selling your home and you’re ready to do so, then you shouldn’t hold back.

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  1. AnnaAnna

    I can understand the logic here but at the same time I’m not entirely convinced. When asking the best time to sell a house there can’t really be one all-encompassing right or wrong answer. In my experience, demand for housing depends far more on personal circumstances and the local market conditions than something like the weather. It’s so difficult to generalise when each situation and area of the country is so different. Having said that, I can understand why it wouldn’t be wise to put your house on the market just before Christmas.

  2. RalphRalph

    Weigh up correctly the reasons why you want to sell also, often times people feel like they need to sell when in fact the have not really thought it through and risk sellers remorse; remember selling homes can have a big emotional bag that goes with it, ensure you are making a well informed decision with the sale and it is not down to just one small issue that could be easily fixed.

  3. Taylor WilsonTaylor Wilson

    When is the best time to list your house and when should you contact your agent? It’s now the end of December, and I’ve been talking to a lot of sellers who say they’re going to get ready and then hit the market next year in March. I’ve been telling them that, if you’re thinking about targeting the spring market, listing in March is actually too late. It’s because the peak in real estate sales in March is due to houses listed in the beginning of the year, like in January or February. The houses got under contract in March, so that the number shows the most for that month. So to get the most money, to get the most exposure, and to have the most buyers coming to your house, you have to list in January or February, not in March.

  4. Reena EsquieresReena Esquieres

    This article gives relevant ideas about how to sell a real estate property successfully through the use of free property listings and identifying what is the perfect time to sell. Great article and very informative.

  5. Reena EsquieresReena Esquieres

    Knowing what is the best way to sell your property and how to list a property for free is imperative. But people also have to understand that knowing what season best to sell the property is also as valuable.
    This is a great article.

  6. LindaLinda

    I know for sure summer will have a great sale for homes…since this is the time people have more time in looking for a house for sale.

  7. S H WalkerS H Walker

    clear consice information that answered my question. I only wish my estate agent had given such a good answer and saved my putting my property on the market at the wrong time.

  8. IzzyIzzy

    Some good advice here. If you’re looking to move to the Winchester area, houses get snapped up quickly, however Mulberry Home Search can help you find, secure and complete the purchasing process on your dream home so you won’t loose out.


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