Seller won’t take property off market – even though offer accepted

Q: I have made an offer on a house and it has been accepted but the agent says the seller won't take it off the market. What can I do to secure this property?


This is very much the owner’s choice, assuming that the owner has indeed instructed the agent to continue to market the property.

I suspect that there is a reason that the property is not being removed from sale and this is usually because you, the buyer, are not in a solid, proceedable position. This may be because you have a property to sell which is as yet unsold or because of concerns over financial circumstances.

So, the answer to convincing the seller to give you some exclusivity is to ensure that your buying position is a robust and transparent one. And get a surveyor booked in.

In the event that this is the case, it’s a very tricky vendor/agent that wants to keep their options open in spite of a good buyer wanting to go ahead. They could be looking to hedge their bets and achieve a higher price in which case they should simply say no to the offer.

Answered by Russell Quirk, eMoov 


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