HomeOwners Alliance Membership

As of 31 March 2020, HomeOwners Alliance membership service is closed to new members. Since 2012, we have helped thousands of members with their homeowning queries by providing a personalised, paid-for members-only helpline service. But in a world where knowledge is power, we wanted to put all our resources into providing free information and advice for all.

Why can I no longer become a member of the HomeOwners Alliance?

We have decided to re-direct our resources and all the additional know-how (built from years of providing our membership service) to our website. By doing this we hope to be even more helpful, to more people, by making more information freely available to all our millions of website users.

We have also been working with our service partners to develop a series of discounts for all of our website users. And we will continue to run our online chat facility and “leave a comment” section on the site so that users with questions can still get in touch. Not to mention Facebook and twitter of course.

We are continuing to campaign to get a better deal for home owners and aspiring home owners on issues such as reform of the new build and leasehold sectors and simplification of the home buying process.

So whether you are buying, selling, owning or improving, HomeOwners Alliance will be the place to come for expert advice.