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Have your say on Help to Buy and Shared Ownership and get a £20 Love2Shop voucher

Researchers at the University of York need help with research into whether using affordable homeownership schemes, such as Help to Buy or Shared Ownership can be a safer way for people to buy a home. So if you've bought your home using one of these schemes, read on to find out how you can help.

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Affordable homeownership

***Thank you for the interest in this request to help with our research. We are still looking for people  who bought on the open market, used the Help to Buy or Right to Buy schemes anywhere in the country, or shared ownership in the Midlands or the North only. ****

Did you buy your home 3 or more years ago? Researchers at the University of York would like to talk to you about your experiences of homebuying.  They would particularly like to speak to those who used the Shared Ownership, Help to Buy or the Right to Buy schemes but would still like to speak to those who bought on the open market and who are on a modest income (£30k, more if you have children).

How was your homebuying experience?

They are keen to hear about how people decided to buy a home and how they have managed their home since. For example, what information was important to you when you bought, how have you kept up with mortgage costs and have you undertaken any repairs? What has worked out well, what might have worked out better and, if you used one of the schemes, how that might have impacted on your experience? What support or advice have you had to help you manage these types of things? You might have had to sell or rent your home, which would also be of interest to them. 

How the research will be gathered

The discussions will take up to an hour and they will arrange to talk to you on the phone or on-line via eg Zoom, whichever is most convenient for you. They can also arrange a time outside usual working hours.

As a thank you, you will get a £20 voucher for Love2Shop

They really appreciate people giving their time and offering feedback so they are offering all participants a £20 shopping voucher as a thank you.  The vouchers can be used at a wide variety of high street shops including Argos, Boots, Iceland and Currys. 

How to take part in the research

If you are interested in talking to us please fill in this short form.  They will be in touch with you to set up a convenient time.

Thank you for your help, any feedback we gather is extremely useful in helping shape homeownership for the future.

Please find further information by clicking on this link to this project information sheet and this data privacy information sheet.

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  1. SBSB

    We have a relative caught in a help to buy fleecehold, it is an appalling situation, & almost losing them the sake. Sadly they having to go to SO as there are no longer any houses around to buy & do up. All snapped up by those with the resources to get a buy to let mortgage or the resources to do up & sell at a profit.

  2. Sarah PotterSarah Potter

    ***Thank you for the interest in this request to help with our research, if you have comments please make sure you click the link and share your feedback there. We are still looking for people who bought on the open market, used the Help to Buy or Right to Buy schemes anywhere in the country, or shared ownership in the Midlands or the North only. ****

  3. Lynn CluerLynn Cluer

    Shared ownership is the biggest Government backed scam around. It’s touted as ownership. It is NOT a share of any property of any description. It’s the ownership of a piece of paper allowing you to live in someone else’s property for the duration of a lease. No way is it affordable.
    With flats the lease obligation on repairs to communal parts and fabric of the building falls to the HA to remedy. This gives the HAs carte blanche to overcharge, double charge and fail for years to actually remedy a problem. You may have less than 100% share but you pay 100% of the repair charge even when it’s eventually proved it was a construction omission or fault.
    As for a being a step on the housing ladder, this has to be one of the biggest jokes of all time. You have a mortgage to pay the developer/HA rent upfront and then pay the HA more rent on top, and that keeps going up more than the mortgage.

  4. Rhonda EricssonRhonda Ericsson

    I realise that I will have to sell my home before the Help to Buy interest payments start (one and half years approx). If not I’ll have to find another £60000 to pay it off. I’m 58 and lost my NHS recruitment and retention allowance 2 years ago (£180 per month stopped for NHS savings). I also have osteo arthritis in my hip, neck, spine and hands so realise I’m coming to the end of my working life.

  5. Roger Huw EdwardsRoger Huw Edwards

    SO is a scam and HA’s are crooks: My Solicitor at the time I bought said of the lease ” well how bad can it be” – referring to the HA being ‘ a not for profit charitable trust’ – well I now pay 15% interest on what was no more than a secured loan ( I would be pay c. 4% with a bank or BS)

  6. Keith HinceKeith Hince

    Help to Buy & Shared ownership are huge scams. All help to buy has done is increase property prices by 25% & make developers extremely rich. Plus helped to introduce the private estate model Fleecehold houses huge unregulated & uncapped service charges.
    Shared Ownership you own absolutely nothing as they are leasehold & the maintenance costs are not shared the leaseholder pays 100% of costs. If we did not have any of these Rip off schemes first time buyers would be able to get on the housing ladder.

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