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Reasons to Buy A New Build Home

Our blogger explains why she would choose a new build home.


new build home

We’ve just received an offer on our house. Hurray! After three months of scrubbing, weeding and furious activity with the Dyson Handheld, it seems someone is genuinely interested in both living in our home and paying a proper amount of money for it. Thanks, guys. We’re over the moon.

Now, we have to find somewhere new to call home. We’ve seen a place, actually, which may just work. It’s not our dream property, but it’s in the right location, with a great garden and has stacks of potential to improve, ‘STPP’.

‘STPP’ – Subject to Planning Permission – in this case would mean a large extension through the loft and out behind the house to create more space. It would mean finding the right architect, builder, and case officer. It would mean making the kids bunk up together, microwave dinners, molecular clouds of dust and previously undiscovered galaxies of cash. Mess, money and more mess.

Nevertheless, we may just decide to make that giant leap and offer. But what if the sales in the chain fall through? What if, come winter, the house is damp? Will the wiring be ok? Are the neighbours friendly? How on earth are we going to get it clean? Wouldn’t it be easier to just buy a new build?

Ah, new build. No complicated chains. We could choose our own fixtures and fittings before we move in. There would be shiny, fresh bathrooms, a kitchen with appliances which still have their stickers on and nicely fitted wardrobes, all personalised for us, rather than by us.

Our bills would be lower, too; new builds are energy efficient, with the latest heating and hot water systems, double glazing and high levels of insulation. Noisy neighbours or roads wouldn’t be a problem due to better sound insulation. Hmmm, this is getting tempting…

New builds have electrical circuits designed to meet the demands of hungry iPads and Nespressos, and no dodgy wiring worries as they would be inspected before we moved in. No sticky kitchen units to clean, stained bathrooms to scrub or scratched and damaged fittings to paint. Window frames and skirting boards wouldn’t need maintenance or repair. We would avoid the gravitational pull of dated decor and under-maintained exteriors into a cash-rich black hole.

Our evenings and weekends wouldn’t be filled with DIY. There would be nothing to do once we had moved in except sit back, play Lego Star Wars with the kids on the brand new carpets and enjoy it.

So, thanks for the offer. We’ll take it. We’re off to discover what lies beyond the world of ‘STPP’ and dust. If we are lucky, our dream property could end up being much less astronomical.


Lucy Smith is a PR Consultant working with clients in the property, regeneration and development sectors. Blog: http://lucysmithuk.wordpress.com/ | Linked In: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/lucy-smith/79/a9b/b87 | Twitter: @LucySmithUK


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