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Want to sell by Christmas? Then list your home before this date

If you want to sell your home before Christmas, there is still time – just. Our latest research shows home-sellers need to have their property on the market by 20th October and follow our tips for a speedy sale.

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sell your home before christmas
  • Homeowners wanting to sell their home by Christmas will need to list their property for sale by Thursday 20 October
  • Analysis by estateagent4me has shown properties listed in October take an average of 64 days to sell

Prospective home-sellers will need to have their property on the market by Wednesday 20th October in order to sell their home before Christmas.

Data we have analysed from our estate agent comparison website estateagent4me shows that over the past six years, homes listed in October have taken an average of 64 days to sell. This means that homeowners who want a sale agreed this side of Christmas should be looking to list their house for sale by Wednesday 20 October at the latest.

How long does it take to sell a home?

On average since 2015, properties in the UK have stayed on the market for 58 to 73 days.

Despite the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the data shows the average length of time to sell a property has remained relatively constant over the past 6 years.

Overall the speed of sale was slower last year because of the slowdown caused by the pandemic between April and July but the speed of sale accelerated towards the end of 2020 once the housing market reopened and the time-limited stamp duty holiday was introduced.

For more information, check out our guide on how long it takes to buy and sell a house

Here are 5 tips to sell your home before Christmas:

  1. Appoint a great estate agent. A good starting point is estateagent4me, which ranks your local estate agents by how successful they are at selling quickly and securing the asking price, and how much they charge.
  2. Set up your solicitor. Instruct a conveyancing solicitor early and start pulling paperwork together now if you want to secure a quick sale.
  3. Get your house ready for sale. If there are any issues that might come up in a survey and delay the move, consider fixing them now. You can find a tradesperson with our Checkatrade finder. And as the winter months approach, make sure your home doesn’t look too dark – it is vital to let in light with lamps, candles and mirrors.
  4. Let your agent take the lead – let your estate agent take the lead at viewings and tackle any tricky questions. And let them advise on negotiations; going to sealed bids to secure the best price is a popular option in today’s sellers’ market.
  5. Choose the right buyer – everyone wants to get the best price, but if you want to sell quickly as well then opt for a chain-free buyer who isn’t relying on selling their home to buy yours. Read more about the different types of buyers.

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Can’t get on the market that quickly?

All is not lost! If you can’t quite get your house on the market this month, don’t worry.  The New Year remains the best time to list your property for a speedy sale, with homes listed in January selling the fastest.

Are you thinking of selling this side of Christmas? Let us know in the comments below


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