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Four year battle for my new build home

Yvette Davis has had a prolonged battle with a developer to live in the home she bought four years ago. Here we look at her story.

When HomeOwners Alliance member Yvette Davis bought her new build home in 2015, she was looking forward to happy times in her new residence.  Instead, she had to move out after only a few months due to over 100 defects and is still unable to return.   The many defects included, most worryingly, contaminated water which Yvette tells us recent tests reveal is still in existence in the plumbing system of the property.

Ms Davis is involved in a long standing battle with the developer and warranty provider.  While this drags on, she is continuing to pay a mortgage on a property in which she is not resident and has suffered severe mental ill health due to the stress and anxiety the dispute has caused.

Ms Davis recently spoke to the Portsmouth News about the extent of her situation.

Whilst many, many people enjoy the ease, comfort and reliability of new build homes, we do hear of too many cases like these where home owners’ dreams turn to utter nightmares.

Disputes with developers and warranty providers drag on, taking up time and energy for the very homeowners who chose new build to avoid such inconvenience. This case illustrates the urgent need for reform of the new build housing sector.

We at HomeOwners Alliance have been calling for much increased consumer protection for new build purchasers as well as an Ombudsman to provide redress for new build disputes in our better new build and snagging retention campaigns.

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  1. Yvette DavisYvette Davis

    ▪︎ Just to clarify the number of snags – there were 157.
    ▪︎ To clarify the bacteria, there are several types of bacteria in the plumbing system of my ‘home’ with the main one being Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
    ▪︎ I lived in a hotel bedroom for 3 months, having to move hotels 4 times.
    ▪︎ Linden stopped reimbursing my hotel accommodation upon its 4th threat to do so and my credit card bill rose to £11,000.
    ▪︎ Linden served me with Eviction papers from the temporary rental alternative accommodation despite refusing to make my house habitable or giving key back my keys after they changed the locks in April 2016 and walked away with my keys in August 2016.
    ▪︎ I’ve been taken to court twice by Fareham Borough council for non payment of council tax on my uninhabitable house whilst I also pay council tax on my rental properties.
    ▪︎ I’m now in my THIRD lot of temporary rental accommodation (not including the hotels).
    ▪︎ Linden Commercial Director checked me into a ‘grotty’ hotel for 2 nights – 3.5 years ago.
    ▪︎ I’ve been signed off sick with “stress, depression and anxiety due to housing situation” since February 2016.

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