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Looking to add value to your home? Time to think about your “room ratios”

Numbers play a key role when buying a house. But room ratios? It’s a new one on us, but apparently it should be up there on your priority list, says consumer journalist Christine Toner.

room ratios

Why are room ratios important?

South facing garden? Check. Open plan kitchen? Check. The right room ratio? It may not currently be one of the things you consider when working through your home improvement “to-do” list or on your checklist when buying a new home, but according to a new study it should be. Research from insurer Direct Line has revealed that the ideal house should have a bedroom to bathroom ratio of 3:2 – so a property should have two bathrooms for every three bedrooms – in order to maximise its value and desirability.

The insurance firm polled estate agents to find out the impact of extra bathrooms on price and over 70% agreed that, ideally, a three bed property should have at least two bathrooms.

The study said a five-bed property should have at least three bathrooms but also revealed that a shower room can add as much value as a proper bathroom.

The agents polled estimate that an extra bathroom would add 6.8 per cent to the value of a standard three bed property, amounting to nearly £12,000. For a four-bed property, an extra bathroom is expected to increase the value of the property by 6.2 per cent, equating to nearly £17,000 of added value.

room ratios

Rebecca Clapham, head of household products at Direct Line, said: “With space in such short supply in homes across the country and the cost of moving sky high, it is interesting to find out directly from the experts what homeowners can do to add value to their property. A new bathroom can add around £12,000 to the value of a home, which compared to the cost of fitting one, is a significant return and may be a good option for people wishing to improve their home but without the space to add an extra bedroom or improve their kitchen.”

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