How tech is improving the home buying & selling process

HM Land Registry's new Digital Identity Standard will mean that buyers will be able to use their mobile phone to prove their identity when purchasing a property.  New research by HomeOwners Alliance shows that this move will be popular with homeowners along with other tech improvements

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Online property auctions good or bad?

Legal paperwork

There is much to be said about the growing popularity of online property auctions, especially at a time when transactions are taking longer and over 300,000 purchases fell through last year. But is it all it's cracked up to be? Richard Copus explains why buyers and sellers need to tread with caution...

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More young homeowners are likely to be burdened with longer term debt and financial worries than previous generations

Younger homeowners are resorting to desperate measures to realise the dream of buying their home. Seven in ten homeowners aged 25-34 have relied on finance options that include: longer term mortgages of over 25 years, the bank of Mum and Dad, low interest mortgages, small deposits, interest-only mortgages and government schemes such as Help to Buy.

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