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Why January is a great time to sell for a speedy sale

If you're thinking of selling, here's why January is one of the best months for a speedy sale. Plus here are our top 5 tips for selling quickly.

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Data from the last 7 years shows January remains one of the best months of the year to list your house for a speedy sale. Analysis of data from our estateagent4me tool has shown properties listed in January take an average of 60 days to sell. That’s compared to 65 days for May and July over the same period; making January a great time to list your house for a speedy sale.

2021 was an extraordinary year. Prompted by the stamp duty holiday deadline, property professionals and sellers managed to shave off 2 weeks from the average time it takes to sell a house – that’s 15% faster than the average over the last 7 years.

Our CEO Paula Higgins says, “We regularly get asked the best time of year to move and our data shows that January remains a great time. 2021 was a bonkers year for transactions and bucked previous home selling trends. Estate agents and conveyancers really rose to the challenge to meet the stamp duty deadline and deliver savings for home sellers. While 2021 was the year to sell fast whatever the month, history tells us January is still a great time to get moving.”

If you’re thinking of listing your property, here are our top tips for a speedy sale this January.

1. Appoint a great estate agent.

A good starting point is estateagent4me, which ranks your local estate agents by how successful they are at selling quickly and securing the asking price, and how much they charge.

2. Instruct your property lawyer.

Choose your conveyancing solicitor early, as soon as you decide to list your home, and start pulling paperwork together now if you want to secure a quick sale.

3. Get your house ready for sale.

If there are any issues that might come up in a survey and delay the move, consider fixing them now. Energy efficiency improvements are going to be more of a selling point this year and getting an EPC early in the process will give you an advantage.

4. Let your estate agent take the lead.

Allow your estate agent to take the lead at viewings and tackle any tricky questions. They can advise on negotiations; going to sealed bids to secure the best price is a popular option in today’s sellers’ market.

5. Choose the right buyer

Everyone wants to get the best price, but if you want to sell quickly as well, then opt for a chain-free buyer who isn’t relying on selling their home to buy yours. Read more about the different types of buyer

If you want more information on selling your property our Step by Step Guide to Selling takes you through every stage of the process, from start to finish, to help you plan ahead.

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