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How to get a Stamp Duty Refund

How to get a stamp duty refund

Stamp duty tax is complicated. And there are a number of common reasons that lead to it being miscalculated and overpaid. So we've asked Cornerstone Tax Advisors to explain what can go wrong, how to work out if you have a claim and how to go about getting a stamp duty refund.

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How homeowners can beat the cost of living crisis

cost of living crisis

Homeowners up and down the UK are dreading the inevitable energy price hike expected this April, alongside a wider cost of living crisis. But did you know mortgage payments are at least seven times that of typical annual energy bills? Switching mortgages could save more than £2,000 a year, more than the typical annual energy bill.

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Shared ownership changes: what do they mean for homebuyers?

shared ownership changes

Shared ownership is a popular scheme aimed at homebuyers who are struggling to afford a suitable property on the open market. Last year the government announced a raft of changes to how the scheme works. And things aren’t quite as beneficial as you might first think. Sue Phillips of Shared Ownership Resources sets out what’s changed and what those reforms really mean for you.

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