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Top Home Trends for 2017

home trends for 2017

Now that Christmas is over, how do we fill that empty space where the tree once stood? We take a look at the top home trends for 2017 so you can freshen up for the New Year.

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Why we need estate agents

we need estate agents

They may have a scant acquaintance with truth and ensnare you in dodgy contracts, but like it or not, we need estate agents. Here's why.

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Estate Agent Speak Translated

estate agent speak

Feeling confused after talking to your estate agent? You're not alone. Ed Mead helpfully translates some estate agent speak to clear a few things up...

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Get your home ready for Christmas

home ready for Christmas

With presents to buy, holidays to organise and food to prepare, it's easy to neglect your home in the run up to Christmas. As always, we're on hand to help, so here's a list of quick fixes to get your home sparkling in time for 25th December.

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Christmas Gift Guide for Homeowners

christmas gift guide

With Christmas just around the corner, the race to find the perfect present is on. If you've decided to pick out some more thoughtful gifts rather than binge shop on Black Friday, we've got some great present ideas for the proud homeowners or first time buyers in your life.

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