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How should I deal with noisy neighbours?

Unless you live in splendid rural isolation, neighbours are part of life in this crowded isle. People are more likely to have disputes with their neighbours than anyone else, and of those disputes the most common cause is noise. Noisy neighbours can make many people’s homes feel uninhabitable. Legal redress is available, but should be treated as a last resort.

How to deal with noisy neighbours


Talk to your neighbours

It sounds like a cliché, but it’s usually good to talk to your neighbours. One in three people have found that this has solved any problems immediately. Surprisingly often, people do not even realise they are being annoying and few people are totally uncaring about those around them; most are just unaware.


It’s all about timing. For example, it may well be counterproductive to approach them in the middle of a party when they are drunk. It might be better to catch them in a public area and talking to them there, or over the garden fence, instead of awkwardly knocking on their door.


  • With most people, being calm and reasonable gets better results than being confrontational. You have the moral high ground; make sure you keep it.
  • When you approach them, it is a good idea to have three examples of when they were excessively noisy to hand, complete with dates. Tell them too how the noise affected you, but don’t be accusatory. Rather than saying, “you kept me awake”, tell them, “I could not sleep because of the noise that night.”
  • You should also specifically tell them how you would like the problem solved. For example, you might ask them not to practice on their drums after 10pm, or you might ask that next time they have a big party they give you some forewarning so you can make other plans accordingly
  • If you feel unsafe you should approach your neighbours with a friend or family member

Get the council involved

  • If you have talked to your neighbour and they are still making noise you might consider getting the local authority involved. Be aware that getting the council involved will raise tensions and the dispute might get out of proportion because your neighbours could ultimately end up in court. You should also be aware that any official noisy neighbour complaints will go on record and may make it harder for you to sell your house
  • After you complain the council will send your neighbour a letter telling them that people have complained. They will not say who has complained.
  • At the same time, you will be asked to fill out a “noise diary” which logs the time and place you heard the noise and from where it came. Most importantly, the council wants to see how the noise is affecting you. The council will use your noise diary to establish a method of investigating. This might depend on you phoning somebody up who will come round to hear the noise or they might install noise monitoring equipment
  • If the noise does not stop after they have warned your neighbours, then the council might suggest mediation (see below). If that does not work, or if the council decides mediation is not a constructive route forward, they might take other, official, action
  • If the council agrees with you, and the noise is a deemed a “statutory nuisance” (ie that it is a nuisance under law), they can issue an “abatement notice” which tells your neighbour that unless they stop they will be prosecuted and might end up with a fine of £5,000 for domestic premises and £20,000 for industrial or commercial premises. If the council follows this process, it can take some time, because the council has to establish how much of a nuisance your neighbours are being without living with you all the time

How to sound proof your rooms and home

Here are a few options to help you reduce the amount of outside noise coming through into your home:

  • Check your doors. Check your internal doors are solid rather than hollow as this can be a great barrier to sound. Draught proof your front door, as well as internal doors to stop sound coming through.
  • Fix holes and gaps in walls. Fill any holes or gaps around window frames, ventilation grates, and electrical sockets.
  • Updating to double glazing. An expensive option but one which can make a huge difference to how much external noise enters your home
  • Dampen sounds with fabric. Heavy curtains can make a significant difference to how much sound travels into you home particularly at night. Double glazed windows, lined with plantation shutters and dressed with thick curtains is the ideal. Thick carpet and rugs will help limit sound travelling up from downstairs and also muffle your footsteps for your neighbours.
  • Insulate your walls with sound proofing. Depending on where the main source of external noise is coming from you may consider soundproofing the party wall (the wall adjoining you and your neighbours home) or whole rooms including walls, floors and ceilings.

Find a domestic sound proofing firm near you to discuss possible solutions and costs using our online finder tool powered by Checkatrade. Simply type in “sound proofing” to the drop down box and postcode to find someone you can talk to about sound proofing your home.

Taking part in mediation

Sound proofing aside, if you have talked to your neighbours and nothing you say seems to work, another route the council might recommend is mediation. Mediation can be a particularly good choice if you have completely fallen out with your neighbours or if you are in other disputes with them.

Mediation involves the following:

  • A professionally trained mediator will set up a meeting with you and your neighbour
  • The meeting will often be at a neutral location
  • The aim is to help your neighbour understand your point of view, and vice versa
  • Mediators will also suggest specific compromises and ways to remedy the problem
  • Mediation is government funded but does not involve the law
  • Mediation is free, and is often successful
  • However, it is voluntary so your neighbour will have to want to go

Taking your neighbour to court

  • If the council decides not to intervene you can take your neighbours to court
  • You must have tried to deal with the problem in all other ways before doing this
  • If you decide you would like to take your neighbours to court you should seek legal advice from a lawyer


If the neighbour is a leaseholder, they may well be in breach of a clause in their lease about not disturbing neighbours with noise. If you are in a flat, and it is the floorboards that are the problem, check the lease because there may be a clause that says that suitable floor covering must be in place.

Some leases say that the leaseholders must not make noise audible outside their property at certain times (such as between 11pm and 7am). Leases sometimes also ban pets (if it is a barking dog that is the problem) and musical instruments.

If you complain to the freeholder (from whom the leaseholder leases the property), they can issue a warning or start legal proceedings against the leaseholder for breaching their lease. Because they could potentially lose their property, this can be a very effective way of making your neighbours take noise seriously.

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  1. James stewart

    I have a neighbour who has moved in above me he’s an absolute nightmare loud music all day base up full blast shouts at the top of his voice reported to concil better talking to wall bloody useless getting to the point where its going to get physical doesn’t give a shit im at the end of my tether as I don’t keep to good

  2. Kate

    This article is a joke.

  3. roy

    All night more than 10 people having party in No: 85 Phycroft Way Edmonton N9 9XX during covid 19 time.

  4. Liz

    Since 25 March 2020 our neighbours end terrace have played a Base beat music 24 hours a day. They have played it over the years but never after 6 or 7 pm. I’ve never complained before even though in the day it has bothered me. When I mentioned it to them when we had a row the second son turned it back on. This was when they accused me of killing our other next door”s cat that went missing 2019. They told them this in 2019 but they never told me.
    We made a complaint to the Council in April compiled diary sheets and completed one from the council.
    We have also had abuse criminal damage slander threatening behaviour. They have agreed to live peacefully twice last year prior to this 2012 but never adhered to it. Police won’t deal with the noise issue..Council EH officers couldn’t hear noise five occasions they refused to come out. Despite ringing in the day they never responded.
    Machine was put in with no weighting or filter so picked up every noise it seemed to record everything when the machine shouldn’t have recorded. I was careful to switch it on then leave the room and shut the door. The tape lasted 3 hours 30 minutes instead of four hours.
    EH sent a CD of the tape you can hear the voice of the EH officer calling us to show how to operate.
    It wasn’t until September that we had the CD.
    As the EH OFFICERS was waiting for our response to the CDAY having stated there was no nuisance he sent a letter to the family. saying the complaint was ongoing.
    That day my husband was attacked up the road see on son from next door was in the area as I rushed up the road to
    he was returning to our grove shouted at me you fat bitch don’t send us any more letters.
    The offender looked very much like the sons pal. He tried to kick my husband in the head.
    The man was arrested he was obviously high the sobs next door use drugs.
    Police said it was circumstantial.
    Complaint to council about how it’s been dealt with had not been acknowledged. Rang up twice and told by admin staff second noise complaint has been escalated. EH OFFICERS has said he did acknowledge on November but I don’t have any emails from. him.
    He has said he was concerned why I’d escalated complaint but I rang to see what was happening the administration staff said it had been escalated so I didn’t use that terminology.
    The EH officer said the machine was set up properly. .
    The noise continues it gas been crimes as harassment now due to Public order policy changes bit I need to record it somehow.
    Am using Infrasound Detector and Noise App the latter the council do not use.
    Wr own our home can’t afford to move. Next door are no longer the owners going by land registry the proprietor is a loan company.
    Been to a sickie she is now saying we need evidence of noise. We could lose any court case.
    Please can you help? I’ve hardly slept for neatly a year my husband is suffering. He was made redundant in May got another job November literally up the road. He is still temporary there. The family are doing it deliberately.

  5. c

    Only viable solution is leave uk. Brits are uncaring hooligans. Certainly don’t discuss with them. They will do it more to punish you. A nation of mean psychopaths.

  6. Christine.Ann De Parles

    For two years I have put up with loud music I have done all I can by logging in two forms over two consecutive years.
    Police and councillors have been to the property. Last night the police made a visit on my behalf sadly it is not there domain it was for my benefit the police made a visit.This problem went to Council and Triage this year this man continues to play loud music I am not sure if he lives in the house

  7. Sheila

    Upstairs from me is running some sort of bnb lots of young girls the odd boy he has no sound prove and wood flooring they bang and drug things up and down the hallway all day and most of the night i have told the council and wandle housing but nothing has been done about it i suffer with depression after the murder of my son i’m slowing going mad.

  8. Justin

    My current next door neighbours are so obnoxious, at least once a week since October 2020 (during tiers and now the lockdown), they have a gathering or a party. The longest ha hone from 6pm one day to 8am the next. The landlord of that property refuses to talk to me, the tenants never answer the door, the council won’t follow up on nose complaints, I’ve reported them for breaching covid restrictions and police won’t step in. I’m at my wits end, they woke me up at 2am and I have been unable to get back to sleep since.

  9. Julie campbell

    Hi I have a new neighbour, he’s been there about 2-3 months now, he has friends round and they are loud and shouting until 4,5,6 in the morning, his bedroom is next to my daughters and she has woken up to him having loud sex, she is only 10 and is mortified and does need to hear that. He also has a puppy and goes out for hours and leaves it barking and crying nine stop. I’ve spoken to him twice about the noise and says he’ll keep it down. I’ve had move all my furniture into the back room so that we can try an get some peace and we’re sleeping in the sofa because it’s too noisy upstairs. My youngest is disabled and autistic and is petrified of loud noises.

  10. Linda Rice

    Hi I stay above 2 shops takeaway shop day time and indian takeaways at night they have Taxis coming and going as the guys who deliver are taxis anyway till 1245 in the morning they are drilling there is loud booming music a think maybe comes from car outside drivers not sure if inside but my bedrooms above shop my floor is actually vibrating a dont sleep at night also there extractor fan is right outside my livingroom window the noise and the smell a cant sit in my livingroom so I am resigned to my room spoke to my landlord who owns all property hes done nothing about it this has been on going for along time now am at my wits end am going down tonight to calmly speak to owner to explain see how it goes but anymore advice would be grateful for dont wont to guys into bother extractor fan is not there fault landlords previous tenant moved it but I no that is against law where it is sitting sorry for rant !

  11. Lisa

    Yes I have got this new neighbour who is coming around to mine to often and always later at night early hours of the morning I have tried talking to her about she just cant come around uninvited she in the past few nights been heard and seen shouting yelling screaming out windows from 11pm onwards it’s getting really annoying now and that she doesnt have any respect for people or property. I live in small village town and whole of neighbours can here her from 11pm onwards I have another neighbour next door with a young child they keep to being awoken up by her she wakes children up near by eldery and people who live and work sone of us go to work in mornings. I’ve notice too this new neigbour over stays her welcome I dont like people coming around to mine uninvited and staying for hours and hours and not leaving until early hours of the morning. I have told this new neighbour shes not to come around to mine unless I say so. She did this with others to where she used to live

  12. Pri

    I own my flat and next door seem to be council flats. Throughout March till now (lockdown) I’ve had to deal with a horrendous family next door. Playing music at all hours of the day/night, yelling, screaming, crying and dogs barking. There’s a single mother and 3 kids and often she’s always smoking outside or picking up drugs. The kids are rude, heard swearing and yelling, a baby is constantly crying and I’ve never seen the children go to school, they play in the garden when the weather isn’t bad. The council has done nothing and even after speaking politely to the neighbours about the noise they didn’t say anything or stop. It’s affecting my sleep and health knowing I have to work and study part time and can’t do that in peace because they’re being antisocial and a disturbance. I’ve also seen the children kick the dogs and they’re constantly swearing. Who do I call or complain too? A noise diary wasn’t effective at all!

  13. Cassie smith

    Hi my neighbour is constantly banging or cutting wood or building things it’s getting too much to deal with he does this every day

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  15. R


    I am seeking advice, I am currently staying with my boyfriend in his council flat until I find a place to live. He lives in a 4 bedroom flat, 3 rooms which are occupied. The tenant living above my boyfriends room has a girlfriend who has 2 kids.

    Now all of a sudden the girlfriend and 2 kids come and stay in the flat at least all week. They are very noisy especially jumping about, running up and down the stairs, shouting, washing machine constantly in use between the hours of 9pm-3am! We can hear it all downstairs.

    Now I understand I shouldn’t be there, but for me it’s for a short period of time. I want to know if it is legally allowed for someone who lives in a 4 bedroom flat to start bringing in his GF and kids there.

    Someone already complained to the landlady, since then they have moved out but the guy lied and said she doesn’t always come and stay (she’s been there everyday). So if we complain now he will know it is us and he is a very aggressive man and doesn’t like being told. I did speak to him the first time, but nothing has changed and my BF is reluctant to speak to him.

    Please can someone advise me – thank you!

  16. Eve

    We bought our 30’s semi-detached house 8 years ago and, at the time we bought, it was empty. After 6 beautiful, quiet months we heard improvement noises, and a tenant moved in shortly after. She had a small child with her – oh no, we thought, the last thing we want is to live next to a small child!
    How naive. The mother has been absolutely awful to live next to – she screams and shouts and bangs and played loud music. I say played, as that’s not such a huge issue any more.

    Last year she was in an abusive relationship and I ended up calling the police as he was beating her up. he left, but her daughter got taken away. The daughter is safe and living with her dad. The noisy neighbour is now living with another guy and she screams (and i really do mean screaming) and swears at him most days.

    The lockdown has been absolutely terrible for our mental health; the reason we’ve been able to bear it is because we’re usually out at work or gigging (we’re musicians; oh the irony that we’re the ones with the noise issues). There is nowhere in the house we can go to get away from it, and we have an outhouse.

    We’ve liaised with the council, and sent 6 noise diaries to them so far. They have been very sympathetic, and sent a letter, but this has done nothing. They say that they need to send an officer round to witness the commotion but unfortunately this always seems to be when the noise team are unavailable.

    We’ve also called the police on a few occasions, but they tell me that the power over noise really does lie with the council.

    We have now decided to sell our home as we simply can’t cope with living here any more but so far there have been no interested buyers. I’m starting to consider one of those companies who buy for cash very fast but at a reduced price. Have you any advice for me on whether I should seriously look into these companies and if they are legitimate? Also, can I sell a house to these sorts of companies if I am already in a single agent contract with the estate agent?

  17. Alan Paul

    My wife and Inhave lived in our Victorian semi for 18 years. We own it and the house attached house four bedrooms each rented out to either single people or couples. We have had no real issues with these changing tenants until recently the landlord who we communicate with fairly easily placed a single Sri Lankan man, aged about 50, in the rear bedroom. after about a couple weeks we heard him spending a lot of time during the day and night shouting very loudly, crashing doors, thumping and banging.
    His most disturbing pattern of behaviour was shouting continuously after midnight, this could go on for over two hours.
    He thumps his feet, creates noise like he’s kicking doors. He seems to have sessions like this every few days.
    It wakes us up, we lose a lot of sleep.
    I have challenged him, he never apologies, and just gets on with the same soon after I have spoken with him. He says he has problems but never says what they are.
    There are other tenants, they are disturbed by this man, but because they don’t speak English it’s difficult.
    I called the police once on 999 because it sounded like there was a disturbance next door between neighbours.
    During the week 10to 14 June 2020 he was at it again. At 1.20am he woke me with his shouting, I am partially deaf, I called the police they wouldn’t respond saying it’s a council issue. They never logged my message. I got very angry then, as I was lost with what to do a5 that time.
    I went round and banged on the doors until the Sri Lankan answered. We shouted at each other, I couldn’t get any explanation out of the man as to why you spends hours shouting.
    The landlord has previously said he can’t do anything because of the Covid 19 lockdown.

    Help !!!!!!!!!

  18. nada caminati

    Please help. We bought a freehold house with shared garden with 10 houses. Majority of neighbours are pensioners, whilst we have children and our life is becoming unbearable. They never allowed any children friendly facility in the garden, no games, no picnics no toys etc… literally we are prisoners within our own land and house. One of the most racist Neighbors is trying to sell a house (we pray to God they do) but still causing us daily stress, sending messages and text complaining about everything possible (most petty and ridiculous things normal people would ignore as irrelevant and miniature). They lived in the house for 20 years, had on going issues with previous owner (which we found after buying the house), hated previous owner for been from norther Ireland, hated another neighbors for been a gay couple, equally they hate us as we are Europeans. We are working full time, have paid our taxes to this country and respect the law. We were hoping to enjoy a nice life outside of London whilst children are small so they can play in the large (4 acres) communal garden. That is not the case. Over the 7 years not one thing has changed or improved to make it more family friendly or children friendly. We are now at the point of nervous break down as this is no longer tolerable. We feel victimized, discriminated against (few houses meet regularly and drink and smoke heavily in sight of our children, and make noise whilst drunk), bullied and scared to leave children for a minute alone in the garden (they are 8 yrs old).
    Please advise on legal protection, we can not sell and can not but this is no longer tolerable or acceptable – please do NOT publish my name

  19. Neil Groundsell

    Hi, I hope you can help me, I have a serious problem with a noisy neighbor. This has been ongoing for a few weeks now and I really can’t and shouldn’t have to put up with it. Let me explain, my retired neighbor has been working on his garden and fences/sheds during the lockdown. This would normally not be a problem as I have completed various jobs about my house, unfortunately he decides to start the work extremely early in the morning (before six o’clock). Am I being unreasonable to assume this is selfish and unessassary?. This morning I was awoken at 5-50 am with banging. I will not put up with any more of this, he is an ignorant old bastard so trying to reason with him would be futile. Please help before I kill the old fucker. Many thanks NG

  20. John

    This is very outdated and as of today it appears to be written in a quiet mansion. Reality that house shares are incredibly noisy and in some cases tenants do not even speak English to be able to negotiate or point out to the issue. Once trying to communicate to the neighbour the issue gets worse and dangerous. It is time to keep up with the changing environment and stop pretending that it is the same as it was 70 years ago! Much stricter legislations are needed and appropriate guideline to defend citizens and their right to live a quality life!

  21. Colleen Stephens

    We need help to deal with a tenant how lives next door. He seems to have a remit to do major works on the house without being monitored by the owner or managing agent. We currently have a noise complaint in with the council but wondered if there was anywhere else we could look for help. We are at our wits end and don’t even want to use our garden.

  22. Phil

    So with respect, this advice would work in the 50’s. Once you tell a neighbor there’s an issue, there’s a fair chance that issue will get worse. Barking dog owners for example, are sociopaths. That’s why they ruin neighborhoods with animals. Once you let them know they have power over someones well being, they will continue with earnest.

    Councils will do everything they can to not do anything. What they do eventually do, will take months to materialize and will usually not solve the problem. Most if not all local politicians, will not care. You then have to declare an ongoing, unresolved issue when you sell your property. You’ve lost thousands of pounds at this point, and your health may have been affected.

    We do not have the laws in the UK, to grant homeowner the right to peace and quiet in their own homes. Nor do we have the enforcement to act on the existing laws. Many simply take the law into their own hands; not recommended obviously. And many just suffer in silence.

    Barking dogs especially, are a health epidemic in the UK. And there’s little we can do about it without getting into trouble with the law. All we can do is write to politicians demanding change, and keep writing. Change will come if all of us who suffer, keep pushing for that change. Otherwise, we’ll just receive useless, outdated advice and nothing will ever happen.

  23. Rm3

    For 14 years my neighbour has been a problem. Although, not at unsocial hours as such f he is not banging and drilling, he is playing a guitar or loud music. This is pretty much most evenings, meaning I cannot watch t.v without turning it up to a ridiculous level to drown him out, I cannot just sit and read a book and I cant go to bed when I feel like it…his music sometimes goes on until 11pm. And is loud in my bedroom despite having moved my bed to the other side of the room. Tonight it went on for 4 and a half hours. I’m at a loss, we have asked him to keep it down in the past so he knows what he is doing. My partner works shifts so this is a big problem. I have been tolerant for so long, I’m hitting the end now …. have started the recommended log, and will have to pursue through the relevant channels. Only relief we get is when he occasionally disappears for several weeks which is heaven.

  24. S1

    Our neighbours start to play music at 1,2,3,4 am in the morning. Knowing we can hear it after discussing with them how thin the walls are in our 90’s built semi-detached home. The irony of it is they own their home and we rent, which seems to be an inadvertent validation to them (as we can hear their opinion through the wall)! We’re going to move after 2 + years of periodic issues, does anyone know if we can ring the council and ask if there has been any historic complaints and what the rights of tenants are to be forewarned about problematic neighbours?

  25. Yvonne

    My partner and I live in a ground floor flat . We have lived here for 15 years. My partner is the caretaker of the high rise tower block we live in. We have had many neighbours above in those 15 years, some good but some not so good. The problem is the noise that comes from the flat with a really bad noisy neighbour.It is very badly maintained and the noise is unbearable at times. We have done dairies over the years, we have complained to the council and done noise dairies and had equipment in but they were away upstairs when we had the noise monitor installed. We have had the police here but of course they can only do so much . We have tried everything and tried to be fair, but to no avail. The letting agent for upstairs just doesn’t care. So with squeaky floorboards and frayed bald carpet they have up there we can hear everything . The tenants come and go, but the letting agent blamed us and said we are harassing them upstairs . This is untrue and we want a quiet life also. We are back to square one and losing hope about getting any peace. We were hoping to retire here but I doubt we could cope with any more bad neighbours .

  26. Marcio Lupusella

    Hello dear,
    Is someone can help with this please? I have problems with a neighbour living below me that he banging below my bed during the night which he banging his ceiling. The council and The housing association put the recorder but they didn’t pick up the banging.why ?! because is not noise is a impact that wakes me up so is anyone knows please any tool equipment device or machinery they can pick up the impact banging when his doing during the night ? Please can you help with that anyone.

  27. Eunice

    My neighbour has all his two windows within my apartment. The least noise from either of us gets to the other. i have three kids whom i feel sometimes disturb him with noise, but i also find it quite ubearable the loud music he play typically around 11pm and beyound it disturbs my sleep. i have spoken to him severally to stop but he keeps doing it so i place thick wood behind his windows as sound proof. When he realized he came confronting me in a very rude manner for blocking his source of ventilation. Mewnwhile, his wnidows are enclosed within the walls of my apartment and not much air possibly goes to his room. what do i do ?

  28. Sandy

    I live in a basement flat which I own and is leasehold .Above me the freehold flat is rented .The chap renting seems to live in the sunroom which sits above my bedroom and I can hear all footsteps and playing darts etc noises , makes me jump , wakes me up very tiring .I have asked them if they could be quiet esp after 11 pm ….makes no difference .
    Owner says it is soundproofed and sends me the drawings of work done but irrelevant as still noisy , seem to not believe me .
    I wrote an e mail one night after 1 am as woken AGAIN by thumping footprints and was distressed .
    The owner wrote back to me saying I was harassing her tenant and if he leaves due to me pestering him about noise it will have repercussions for me . This is a very expensive apartment , over £5,000 per month .
    Is the owner able to cause me a problem if he leaves early as he wants to ??
    Response would be very much appreciated.The owners are very wealthy and unpleasant people who bully to get their own way ,as has happened here with other residents in the flats .

  29. Kay

    I am also having this problem. Absolutely at my wits end. Recently moved into a house & EVERY SINGLE EVENING from when I get home from work (about 5.15pm) until around 9.20/30pm there is constant banging from next door. Now I appreciate children make noise but seriously the banging is next level. It’s like they are stomping and throwing themselves on the floor and against the wall ALL evening. It is so loud I can hear it over the tv, and I can actually feel it sometimes. It’s so loud often it makes me jump. Surely this is anti social? Partner has been round and asked them to keep it down on several different occasions but clearly they don’t care as it’s still happening.
    I can’t sit in my own living room when I get home and relax. Just to add I’m 33 weeks pregnant and absolutely exhausted, and this is stressing me out no end. I’m terrified it’s going to cause baby to come early! Is there anything I can do to get them to stop before I end up going into labour over this?!

  30. Ausra

    Hi, we do have a problem with our neighbor, not sure if we can sort this out?
    The house isolation is not the best as in most of the London.
    Our council is not dealing with the house isolation problems.
    We are renting the flat from April and we were really patient with the neighbor. Our neighbor above lives night life, it looks he never works. He is very active during the night, heavy walker, dancer. Most of the nights we awake because of heavy footsteps; ceiling’s and window’s are shaking. Loud dropping sound, furniture’s moving, hoovering and of course music. The Music is not really loud, however when we already exhausted from all sounds mentioned before, it effects our mental health. The most amazing thing that sometimes all noises are going non stop for 24hrs. So even during the day time can not get some rest.
    From 7nights in a week let’s say 5 of them is in agony.
    We raised once with the neighbor issue, he reduced noise for about 2 weeks. We tried to have second chat, however he was very rude, insulting.
    The problem is we have tenancy contract for 2 years, plus I am expecting first baby soon and our bedroom is where he’s living room and all sounds comes during the night.
    Mentally we are afraid of the night, always in our heads of we will get to sleep tonight or not?
    Shall we still try deal with council? Do you think they can help?
    Thank you

  31. Meg

    My neighbour is a council tenant while I own my house. He frequently has parties or loud movies on his surround sound system (which he told me the price of and it’s more than our annual income!) I contacted the council when it first started as I have children, one of which is in the room next to their lounge where all the noise is. The council didn’t keep the complaint anonymous as they said about a young child and he gave me his number to contact him to ask him to turn it down if it’s too loud. A lot of the loudness occurs when he’s been drinking so I end up with texts through the night from him further disrupting my sleep or random drunken texts on other days meaning I had to block his number. This is not a suitable resolution, he continues to make noise and I feel I cannot do anything about it. It’s disrupting the already little sleep I get and affecting my physical and mental health.

  32. Hking

    My partner owns his property and so do the couple next door, at the end of our properties is an L&Q leases property. The lady who occupies this seems to have mental health issues. She has been continuously banging all hours of the night and day. It wakes us up and makes it difficult to relax in our own homes. The couple next door have it worse as they are right next to her but we are next door but one and it’s travelling through both properties! We have reported it many times to L&Q who say they can’t do anything and require multiple agencies to be involved. We have had the police out who have visited and advised that she is using a stick and banging on the skirting board and floors. She beloved the couple next door are devil worshippers and are hiding bodies under the floorboards and that the banging is to hell get them out! L&Q have issued warnings but this does nothing to stop her. We will report to the council but having read up on what action they take we don’t think this will have any affect either and could ruin our chances and next doors of selling. L&Q have a responsibility to manage their tenant and if they are breaching the agreement then she should be kicked out! I find it disgusting that after three years this is still going on. We have been asked to record the times and for how long, been given an app to record the noise and even with all this evidence still nothing is done! It’s a living nightmare!! Please someone advise!! Legal action could be an option but expensive and I am sure because she is mental health she is probably protected!

  33. Jo

    Hi, I have a problem with my neighbors, they play music loud random times, i complained to council and is still nothing done, it is going on for 3 years now. Las night they started to play music 11pm and is still going on so is more than 12 hours now. I haven’t slept for 12 hours now. since they moved in I have terrible headaches and feel so frustrated. I don’t know why police and council refuse to help me. Maybe because I am not English. However I am fine with all my neighbors i just want to live in piece. Can you help me please, I am going crazy already cannot study or sleep and I am afraid to come back home in the evenings.

    • HomeOwners Alliance

      Dear Jo – Sorry to hear this. Unfortunately the Council and the Police would be the main organisations that you need to talk to. I would suggest you approach the Council again to try and get an understanding of why they won’t help.

  34. Karen DeGenerous

    I have had problems with neighbours in the flat above the three consecutive tenant familes, all of which rent from a private landlord. The neighbours who are there at the moment on the second consecutive lot then cause problems with noise since the day they moved in, but it’s not 24 hours a day. I have decided I would like to have them removed – it’s not just about the noise, it’s affecting my health and my sons health and our relationship again, do you have information on how I could do this please.

    • HomeOwners Alliance

      Dear Karen – Sorry to hear this. You should really try and approach the local Council initially and explain the situation to them. They usually have departments who can advise on this

  35. Alison

    The problem with my neighbours a 14 year old boy who screams shouts swears can be heard every night through whole of my house tonight objects at my kitchen window spoke to his mother who is deaf so didn’t hear the kids also tonight his 10 year old brother laughing big open window both there not funny at 2am through to God knows what time my autistic learning disability son shares same walk in bedroom and wakes him up I’m getting no sleep so find it hard to be up in time for school if I do drop off my daytime’s are ruined because I need sleep.may have to resort to redecorating back bedroom for him but then I will have that room but why should I and I can’t move due to autistic kids unsettling him again finance and I’ve just decorated my house ready for christmas

  36. Andrew


    I moved into my property roughly 6 years ago, about a year or so ago a takeaway opened opposite my house. I have been to the council about them for various reasons including noise. Just lately they have been banging, slamming every door they can find available to do so. The police don’t and won’t do anything about this as it “isn’t a crime” the environmental health say they can’t do anything about this and I’m really fed up as it is 12:26am, I was awake until this time yesterday, I then had to get up at 6am for work. I’m sure there must be something that an authority can do somewhere if they put their mind to it and actually wanted too?

    P.s. we have tried talking to them on many occasions, it gets better for all of 10 minutes and then back to square 1. The owners, girlfriends son is an ignorant individual who claims “he doesn’t know he is making a noise” yet when he is doing so he is doing it and looking up for a reaction as I have seen him on many occasions so more lies from Pinocchio here.

    Any help and advice you could give would be most appreciated and welcome.

    Many thanks in advance for your help in advance

    All the best


    • HomeOwners Alliance

      Hello Andrew, I’m so sorry to read that you’re having problems with noisy neighbours. If the Council won’t get involved, you could consider taking your neighbours to court though we’d recommend you take advice from a lawyer first. One of our membership benefits is a free legal advice call with a fully qualified lawyer. If you’d like to join us as a member we’d be happy to set a legal call up for you.

  37. jennifer read

    the noisy neighbour does have a leasehold which does “not allow wooden or laminate flooring because of the noise it causes”, they ignored it. Been asked and told to keep the noise down, ignored it again, We both went to mediation, told by landlord to cooperate with them, and after just one meeting, mediation tried to contact neighbour by phone and letters, no reply. They simply ignore everything and make life hell for others.

  38. Wendy Taylor

    We live in a ground floor flat my partner is recovering from a stroke unfortunately the male who lives with his girlfriend both in their 70s he is also recovering from a stroke but his partner is a alcoholic and sleeps short periods during the day and then bangs around and argues early hrs of the morning I have tried to talk to the male about it and it goes quiet for a while then we’re back to square one she won’t admit she’s alcohol dependant to him but admitted it was to me I don’t want to report it to her agency as there landlady has recently took over the rental to them and is not approachable any ideas what is the kindest way to approach this problem and its driving me nuts they also have a lovely little dog but that barks non stop

  39. Elizabeth

    My neighbour keeps me awake all night gaming and disturbs me through out the day with banging, slamming doors and continued gaming. I have tried to ask for it to stop or decrease. Their reaction was to turn on the gaming and turn it up and laugh at exactly the time I asked them to turn it down or off as it was 2.51 am but in a note as I didn’t get an answer when I knocked on the door They then go on all night long and continue all morning and start the morning of with loud repetitive banging or thumping up to my floor and then it continues throughout the morning. When I asked them to stop again their reaction was to go crazy in the day time, punching my floor and banging and crashing around , repeatedly slamming the doors and continuous noise. I have had no sleep in 6 weeks and this evening the turned it on at 3 am and woke me up and I was awake all night and had to try and sleep with the TV on to drown out the noise. They only room in my flat that doesn’t get noise is my bathroom. I once tried to sleep in the bath. I have kept a diary about it for 6 weeks and it is starting to feel intentional If I am lucky I will get one hour of sleep at night and then my day is ruined because I am so exhausted.

    • HomeOwners Alliance

      Dear Elizabeth. I am so sorry to hear this. It seems as though you have tried to talk to your neighbours about the issue. Your next step would really to be to go to the Council and the Environmental Health team who will probably ask you for a copy of the noise diary and may provide monitoring equipment to see how loud it is. Good luck

  40. Rich


    We own the freehold to our house. Behind our house are some new-build council houses, and one of the council tenants has started making a LOT of noise – parties during the day and until very late at night during the week (it is not that loud within our home – audible in some rooms, but not all – but the biggest inconvenience with regards to the noise is that it is very loud when we are outside trying to enjoy our garden. It makes what was a nice experience into a stressful and unpleasant one.

    Perhaps worse though, is that I strongly suspect there is drug dealing and drug use occuring there (or at least, on the pavement outside). Yesterday my suspicions were backed up, as on my way home I saw two policemen body searching three individuals outside the house (the police had blue gloves, and all three were in handcuffs).

    What do I do? I doubt mediation is an option, and will only highlight to potentially dangerous individuals that we are a problem for them and their ‘business’. I really cannot risk these people knowing that we would be complaining about them.

    Thank you in advance for your help,


    • Marianne Cole

      Thanks Rich. Sorry to hear of this issue – This is something you should be getting in touch with your local council about. They will probably ask you to keep a noise diary. On the internet find your council and search for noise complaints.

  41. Georgina


    I have Been told that the house next door to me in a desirable village is going to be rented to a care home for troubled children. This has been done elsewhere to people I know and has severely affected the security of their home and will severely decrease the value of my home. I want to know if there is anything that can be done about this and if I have any control over this matter as it will affect my own property and it’s market value and ability to be sold.

    Many thanks Georgina

    • Sara Hind

      Hello Georgina, this sounds as though it will require planning permission for a change of use. You will be able to write to the Council to explain why you object to the proposal. Have a look on your council’s website or give them a ring to find out more about the timetable and at what point you will be able to submit your objection.

  42. Emma Livesey

    My neighbour next door comes in early hours of a night and slams his door shut not quietly but slams it . I’ve actually asked him to close his door quietly his reaction was brutal

  43. Gilly

    Hi, unfortunately I cannot talk to my neighbours. This is due to the fact that I am still trying to find out who is doing the banging. It has been going on for more than a year, day and night alike. I even went to the police station (I live in Jordan). I was told that I have to firstly find out who it is, at which point the police would take action. This was not of any help, obviously.

    Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  44. Wiggo

    Hi There,

    I live in a middle floor flat. My neighbour upstairs talks and shouts very violent and sometimes racist things almost constantly. It is very disturbing. Thankfully he stops at night so I can sleep.

    However my neighbour in the flat below, an alcoholic, has an abusive son. He will come around and bang on the door (always past midnight) and ring everyones buzzers until he gets let in and then he will row for hours with his Dad. This happened last night. Kept me up until 4:30AM. Went to work an absolute zombie.

    My question is if I write to the freeholder to complain (they are both tenants, I am a leaseholder/owner) would I have to declare that whilst selling?

    Do I have any redress against the previous owner? Who has sold me this absolute pudding of a flat?

    Any help appreciated.


    • Sara Hind

      Hello Wiggo, we’re really sorry to hear you’re having such a dreadful time thanks to your neighbours. When selling a property, the seller’s solicitor will send the seller a Seller’s Property Information Form to complete, and on this the seller must mention any disputes with their neighbours. What constitutes a dispute is open to interpretation but in general, if you’ve had to contact a neighbour in writing, or complain to the council or another authority about them, then the dispute will have to be declared. Your seller should have done the same.

  45. Cloe

    Hi hoa
    I’m a leaseholder, I used to live in my flat, but I now live abroad and have left my flat to rent for a few years now.
    The old man who was living above us at the time seems to be getting senile fast, he shouts at any time day and night, listens to extremely loud TV until very late, and moves furniture etc from 6 every mornings.
    My tenants cannot sleep, even earplugs aren’t efficient, they wrote a letter to him, he didn’t reply, they knocked at his door, he never opens, they eventually banged to the ceiling and he came down yelling at them, banging on their door, shouting that his tv wasn’t loud and that he would call the police for harassment…
    My tenants just told me they are now considering moving out.

    What can I do: if the leave I will have the issue with next tenants.
    It’s tricky to ask them to go into a mediation process (+ the poor old man seems a bit mad)
    I am even considering selling, but this is not satisfactory as I would be selling a flat with a real issue which is not right.
    Can I start a procedure of mediation or court myself from abroad on behalf of my tenants?
    Thank you for your help.

    • Sophie Khan

      Hi Cloe,
      Is the elderly person housed by the Council or under a particular social or community care housing scheme? If so you could enquire with them regards a mediation route especially as there may be issues connected with his hearing or state of mind. You may also wish to contact the local disability rights group or branch of Age Concern to see if their advice and advocacy teams could assist in getting you on a path to resolution of matters. If you became a member of HOA you would have access to the legal advice to sound out your legal options.

      Hope this is helpful,

      HomeOwners Alliance Team

  46. Ms P Sofocleous

    I am the leaseholder but my noisy neighbour is my tenant who is also my freeholder. If I complain does that mean I could lose my property?

    • Sophie Khan

      Dear P Sofocleous,

      In this instance do try to remain calm and amicable to address the issues. I imagine you know the freeholder and have regular communication so could raise your concerns directly or through a mediator or leaseholders association / spokesperson? Keeping up a positive relationship is key. Keep us posted.

      Best wishes,
      HomeOwners Alliance

  47. steve

    Hi the last few nights we have had our neighbours making so much noise from around 10pm untill 4am. Banging around, banging doors, running around, talking loudly, and a kid who sounds about 4 or 5 being up all night screaming or having tantrums. They also have the windows open so its echoing even more making sleep impossible…It is a council house and today we told them that if it continued we would report them to the council, and now its happening again.
    Ive decided to start making a recording and will be emailing the council in the morning depending how bad it gets tonight… Does anyone have any advice they could possibly give??

    • Sophie Khan

      Dear Steve,

      Do keep a noise diary and have you involved the Council? They may be able to issue a warning or try mediation between you, and guide you as to best steps to take.

      All the best and do get in touch again or consider joining if you’d like us to support you with this.

      many thanks,

      HomeOwners Alliance

  48. peter

    Hi I am looking for some legal advice. I had a new neighbour move in over a ago and i soon noticed my sleeping pattern was changing. For a while i did not think why that was the case , just thought one of those things. Some mornings i was waking up at 7.10am but not all mornings. Anyway after a while i discovered my upstairs neighbour was waking up at this time to go to work. So something woke me up and from then till she went to work say 30 minutes , i could hear above her moving around. I think herd of elephants spring to mind. During the evening i could hear noise too from someone rushing around and weekend too when she not at work. After a while when a friernd came round and wondered what was going on upstairs , i decided to have an informal chat with someone from my housing. (I live in Housing Association flat) I was advised to speak directly to her as she will be unaware of the noise this is creating most likely. I did not want any confrontation and it was suggested to take some chocolates to make it as friendly as can be. We have briefly chatted before but not too much. I was bit nervous to approach her but i knocked on her door and she was surprised but also very sorry too. I explained she had no reason to be sorry. I also mentioned sometimes her cupboards make a large bang and she was aware of that and was trying to sort that out. For me it was the being woken up in the morning that was affecting me. She was sorry and said she will do her best in future and the chat went as well as it could. I got back to housing a couple of weeks later and said the neighbour was very nice about all of this but for me the problem of waking up due to some noise still there. I asked Housing if they could do anything regarding the structure of the flat and flooring. The flats are about 60 years old. Maybe exttra underlay or something. The housing lady said she will speak to her housing manager and he will get back to me. A couple of weeks went by so i rang the housing and met a housing officer who had been designated my situation and he said he was going to contact me anyway this morning. We had a good chat and again i asked if anything housing can do with the flat. It seems nothing would be possible. He again asked me to speak with neighbour and i did so later in the day. I explained that the cupboard banging noise much better but i still had problems being awaken and i included other times of 6.30am. She said she has partner staying there most nights and will have a word with him. She also was againg very sorry i am being woken up and said she will do more. I said i may have a word with housing about the flooring ( i did not mention my previous contact) and she was fine with that. We both agreed no need for any bad from this as we both respected each other situations. To her she is just living normal but without the knowledge how much noise can be generated even from walking quickly around the flat. I told housing and they said monitor situation. For me i am concerned nothing will be change and i want to know what legal requirements if any do Housing Association in regards of the flooring. It seems trivial but does actually affect my sleep now really badly and i have long term health problems (something i not told my neighbour of) Thanks Peter

  49. Peter

    Around a year ago my upstairs neighbour moved in above me. I was waking up around 7.15 amost mornings but did not know why. Just thought was one of those things. Anyway after a while i realised it was time she was waking up some days of the week. So after the initial awakening it was also very noisy above as she was getting ready for work and therefore rushing around. Think the saying is like a herd of elephants up there. After a few months i decided to talk my housing association just for advice what to do. They suggested speak with her and explain my concerns. They also suggested to take some chocolates with to make it more comfortable. I did speak to her and all was fine. She was sorry about the noise as did not realise and i explained she had no reason to be sorry just become aware. There was also noise coming from banging cupboards but she was aware of this and was trying to sort that matter out. So the chat was amicable. I went back to Housing to explain of the chat and i said i am still being awakened at similar time , however the banging cupboard situation has been resolved. I also asked if anything can be done regarding the flooring as i should not be hearing such noises when she walking about in her flat. Housing said not sure what can be done there and they said leave it a while. Anyway i gave it a few weeks and i approached neighbour again. Again she was so apologetic that i was still being woken up and also explained she has partner living with her a few times in the week which explains him getting up sometimes at 6.30am. I spoke to hosing manager who again said see how it goes. I believe my neighbour is doing all that she can as she is entitled to walk about in her flat. I am trying to find out what legal requirements the Housing Association have regarding flooring , floorboards etc. This is so important to me as my sleep is being effected and there is nothing more ,my neighbour can do i believe.. Your advice be helpful. Thanks. Peter

  50. Lewis


    My neighbours have a 17 year old 6ft sevearly disabled son. All he does is bang and jump up and down and howl he goes most nights uptill 11pm it’s all day constant banging and really lOud banging and howling. We own our house. We haves lived here for 1 year now and he’s got worse.
    Our biggest bedroom is non usable due to him being the other side.

    We have tried mediation and the mum just didn’t want to know.

    The son is called Charlie.
    He has autism ADHD and several other illness.
    They don’t have curtains up at his window either due to him ripping/eating them. We hear him everywhere in the house.

    the noise is so loud me and my partner don’t sleep and it’s got to the point where we get really angry with the noise as our quality of life is ruined. He should be in a care home he has no sensory things in his bedroom he just jumps and
    Bangs howls. He gets put in his room from 5:30pm till he drops to sleep and bang up at 6pm howling

    We need urgent help with this.

    • Sophie Khan

      Dear Lewis,

      Have you looked into the type of tenancy they have and whether there may be a way to escalate an issue through this route and perhaps they may then be open to the option of mediation? We would be happy to look into this further for you so please do consider becoming a member: Become a member of the HomeOwners Alliance for £45. Your membership entitles you to unlimited calls to the HomeHelpline, we provide an ask an expert service and you would also benefit from a free call with a legal advisor which may be useful to you in the future with this matter.

      Best wishes,

      HomeOwners Alliance

  51. Emma

    What does one do when you have reported to the likes of Lambeth Council over three years, they have attended many dozens of times in the three years at about three or four in the mourning but it is later you realise the council does not want to act as the council does not want to be seen to social clense.

  52. knight

    you seem to be talking about excessive problems ,most people have neighbor noise where one neighbour decides they will play their loud music which can be heard across the innocent parties house and it has to be suffered accordingly. Most homes are not built to suffer loud music without intruding on their neighbours homes / privacy through the party wall and this annoying at any time of the day or late evening especially using the power systems of today . These neighbours who play their music get very upset when any form of complaint or retaliation takes place and the general opinion is that the local council can do nothing unless the position is chronic and even they fail .Why should we negotiate with a neighour who clearly is out to be a trouble maker and the takes a chance to gain a position by force. Any decent neighbour would stop when they understood the trouble they were causing but the bad neighbour is little better than a criminal knowing that it is going to take some kind of legal action to make them back off

  53. Paul

    Hi we have new neighbours move in 2 years ago, at first they were great and fairly quiet but now they keep coming in from the local working mans club every week and sometimes in the week bringing family and friends in talking loud until 2 in the morning.
    The house is very poor and the deviding wall is useless also they keep banging doors all the time. I have tried speaking to them but got know where infact things seem to be worse. They are private and we are council tennents and our landlord wont do anything about it.

  54. N.Weeks

    Yes we seem to have an impossible situation with our neighbours too. We moved into our house in 2009 and have had a constant battle with them to keep the noise down during the night. Pretty soon after moving into our terraced house we were hearing the noise from all night parties. We had no wish to conflict over it but it was unbearable. We approached the neighbour and let her know that we work hard and when we’re off work we like to relax and have peace and quiet at night. She agreed and said that she didn’t make a lot of noise (Yeah right!). As she wasn’t working she seemed to have people around all night at least 3 times a week. We found out that she was renting and reported the problem to her letting agency. They wrote to her with little affect. We decided to up the ante and report it to the council. A game ensued where they’d open an investigation and she was quiet. As soon as the investigation closed the all night noise started again. A boyfriend moved in and decided it would be clever to start harassing us to stop us complaining. Firstly our house was broken into while we were on holiday but nothing was damaged or taken. The police attended and said they thought it was more an act of antisocial behaviour more than a break in. They said to call them next time there was significant noise. It wasn’t long before we were sitting up at 3 O’clock in the morning listening to music and people shouting and screaming. We got the Police out and they went in and asked the neighbours to keep the noise down (That’s as much as they can do). The neighbours ignored them and continued until 10 O’clock. Just before they decided to go to bed the boyfriend thumped our door and screamed threats through the letter box. We got the Police out again and they advised us not to escalate the situation. The next few weeks the harassment got worse and there was spitting at us and thumping walls amongst other things. The Police went and warned him and it stopped. The noise stopped too for a few months and then started up again. We called the Police on 101 in the early hours and they told us to go to environmental protection at our local council. We’d been there before with little success. On two occasions the night noise team came out and listened. They said the noise was very clear but as it was only loud talking and shouting they couldn’t really do anything. they recommended that we should get insulation (which isn’t cheap). Basically unless there is booming music they don’t seem interested. Anyway it seems the only way to get out of this nightmare is to move house. I think in hindsight we should have hit them hard immediately. Initially there was loud music and we could have had a case but now as it’s shouting and loud talking through the night it’s much more difficult. Of course we didn’t want all this and didn’t want to hit them hard from the off.

  55. Bimi bol

    I am going through similar problem only that our houses are not lease hold and the council is probably unable take meaningful action against deliberate noise made to look like activities of daily living.


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