At the HomeOwners Alliance we aim to make home buying and selling a more fulfilling experience for consumers. We empower people with free unbiased advice and offer our members professional services so they can make the right decisions and save money no matter what their stage of home buying, selling, managing or improving.

Given our aim, we think certain companies and products advertising on our site, at relevant points can offer consumers a useful option when shopping around, for example to find a mortgage, a conveyancer, an estate agent, a surveyor and so on.  We hope that certain carefully selected adverts can make the process of shopping around more straightforward for our readers and allows us to earn some income to cover our costs.


If you are interested in advertising please get in touch with us at We won’t accept just anyone and will need to reassure ourselves you offer a relevant quality product or service.

About us

The HomeOwners Alliance ( is the first organisation to champion and serve Britain’s 17 million homeowners and 5 million aspiring homeowners. Our aim is to restore trust in homeownership, lobbying for policies and industry practices to get a better deal for homeowners, and providing bespoke advice and services. We launched in November 2012.

The HomeOwners Alliance is one of the most popular property advice websites in the UK, attracting over 3 million visitors a year (doubling in the last year), and continues to grow – showing the huge demand there is for independent advice and information.

Our website enjoys over 300,000 visits / sessions a month and over 275,000 unique visitors / users a month. Our independent online advice guides offer contextual targeting for all the key moments of buying, selling, maintaining and improving a home.

We have a strong media presence and promote active engagement on housing issues. The industry have fostered a high degree of trust in the HOA brand.

The feedback we have had from our readers and members has been overwhelmingly positive, and shows the need in the UK for the HomeOwners Alliance.

What do other people say about us?

The former Housing Minister said that ‘HomeOwners Alliance is good news for homeowners and for homeownership’.  Jack Dromey, shadow Housing Minister said, ‘a powerful report’.

Sunday Times wrote “With the launch of the HomeOwners Alliance, British property owners finally have an ally”. 

HOA was quoted extensively in national newspapers and online, and making them be regarded by opinion-formers as an authentic voice on property-related issues.” – Graham Norwood, Estate Agent Today in his article, HomeOwners Alliance – an organisation to watch (July 2015)


We’ve been featured in the Mail, Guardian, Times, Telegraph, The Sun, Metro, front page of the London Evening Standard and have been covered by You and Yours on Radio 4, on ITV1’s Tonight programme, Sky News and more. See here for more on us in the news.

We have other independent research reports and campaigns planned, aiming to to get a fairer deal for the homeowner and those who aspire to own. We regularly produce new content, facts, figures and advice – all in an easy to use format.