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Can I view, buy, sell and move house in lockdown 2021?

The UK is now in lockdown. What does this mean for your house sale, purchase or move?

Post updated: February 24th, 2021

6 minute read

Can I view, buy, sell and move house in lockdown 2021?

England is in lockdown until the mid-February half-term. We are all being asked to stay home, work from home where we can and all schools are closed with online learning for most. Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are also in lockdown.

Can I still move house in lockdown?

Yes, you can still move home.

The sales and rental markets remain open.

But, people outside your household or support bubble should not help with moving house unless absolutely necessary.

Estate and letting agents, conveyancing firms, surveyors and removals firms can continue to work.

If you are looking to move, you can view properties (by appointment only).

All parties must follow the national guidance on moving home safely, which includes social distancing, washing hands regularly, letting fresh air in, and wearing a face covering.

Can I view a property during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown?

Yes. But see below for guidance on how viewings should be conducted.

Can I visit other areas to view a property during lockdown?


In fact, if you need to leave home and travel into a different area in order to carry out an activity involved in buying, selling, moving or renting, that activity can continue, if it can’t be delayed to a later date.

So for example, you can visit a home you are buying for a second viewing, for you or a surveyor to investigate a particular issue further and to collect the keys to your new home.

Can I visit other areas to move home during lockdown?


Can I stay overnight?

Yes. If you are unable to return to your home in the same day then you can stay overnight.

The government guidance specifically states:

  • Hotels, hostels and other such public accommodation can be used by people while moving home or who are unable to return to their main residence . There is no guarantee a particular hotel will be open to provide this service, so do check in advance. You must still ensure you stay only within your household and/or support bubble.
  • Second homes and other private accommodation can be used by people while moving home or who are unable to return to their main residence. You must still ensure you stay only within your household and/or support bubble.

Obviously though, the government is asking us to use our judgement and only move if absolutely necessary.

Can a friend/relative help me move?

Government advice is that people outside your household or support bubble should not help with moving house unless absolutely necessary.

Can I list my home for sale at the moment?

Yes. When it comes to appointing your estate agent, give them a call to speak to them. You can visit an estate agent but many are only opening their office doors for people that have booked an appointment.

You can market your home and estate agents can visit in order to take photos/videos of your property.

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What about COVID restrictions in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?

Yes, in all countries you are permitted to move house if you can’t delay your move to when restrictions are lifted.

In England, you should follow the national guidance on moving home safely, which includes advice on social distancing and wearing a face covering.

In Wales, if you can’t delay the moving date, then follow their guidance for moving during the pandemic.

Scotland’s guidance is similar, as is Northern Ireland’s advice.

What changes apply when moving home during the coronavirus lockdown?

You can expect the following to apply as part of the “new normal” for moving home at the moment:

1. More is being done online

The process of searching for and moving into a new home is different because property agents, conveyancers and other professionals have modified how they work to reduce the risk from COVID-19.

These changes include doing more online, such as offering virtual viewings. While these are a good initial filter of a property you want to buy, you will want to visit it in person before parting with your hard earned cash.

If you are selling, then online estate agents offer an affordable and, as the name suggests, online service. Take a look at our online estate agent comparison table which compares all the main providers, from PurpleBricks to YOPA so you can choose the right package and price for your house sale.

2. Viewings rules

With physical viewings, the government advise that:

  • there should be no more than 2 households inside the property at any one time. This includes any agent accompanying either party. Anyone in a support bubble with either household, however, will count as part of that household.
  • Viewings in person need to be arranged by appointment only. When viewing in person, you should maintain a 2 meter distance where possible and avoid touching surfaces.
  • Homeowners should keep internal doors open and clean surfaces and door handles with standard household cleaning products afterwards.
  • Estate agents and potential buyers/tenants should wear face masks during viewings.

3. Expect delays and be flexible

If someone in your chain has symptoms of COVID you could have to wait while they self isolate which could add delays to your home move.

Your conveyancer will be able to make sure that any contracts or agreements are as flexible as possible to accommodate this risk.

In particular, you will want to protect yourself against the likelihood of a sudden change in circumstances which could undermine your sale and/or purchase, and expose you to unexpected costs.

A “Covid Clause” within the contract offers parties the ability to exchange contracts while ensuring you are not at fault and in breach of contract, with all of the associated costs, if you are unable to complete because of a coronavirus related issue. Speak to a conveyancing solicitor for advice.

The 3 most important ways to minimise delays are:

  1. Instructing a conveyancing solicitor as soon as you list your home or as your offer is accepted. You can compare quotes now from conveyancing solicitors and speak to them about the process and costs so you’re ready to instruct them.
  2. Getting your paperwork in order. If it’s leasehold, find the lease. Locate certificates showing compliance with regulations of any works done from planning permissions to FENSA certificates for window replacements. Don’t forget valid guarantees a home buyer will want to see. See what documents you’ll need.
  3. Sorting your mortgage. Many lenders and brokers are experiencing COVID related delays and mortgage choices have significantly reduced, especially for first time buyers. Avoid wasting time later down the line and start the mortgage process now.

4. Packing and moving

The government advise you do as much of the packing yourself. If you are using a removals firm or someone outside your household is helping you, then these additional rules apply:

  • clean your belongings where possible before being handled
  • leave doors open
  • do not provide refreshments
  • use separate towels or paper towels for hand washing where possible

If you need help with your move, find a local removals firm and get removals quotes now.

You may want to speak to a cleaning firm for your home, or the house you are moving into. A deep clean of your onward home once it has been vacated might help put you at ease.

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Can a tradesperson still come into my house?

Yes – tradespeople like electricians, plumbers, repairers of domestic appliances can enter your home. They will need to follow social distancing guidance. You can find local rated tradespeople with our partner Checkatrade.

Can I visit my second home during lockdown?

Government guidance says you cannot leave your home or the place where you are living for holidays or overnight stays unless you have a reasonable excuse for doing so. This means that holidays in the UK and abroad are not allowed. This includes staying in a second home or caravan, if that is not your primary residence.

The only exception is that you can stay overnight in your second home if it is necessary when moving home.


How has this latest lockdown impacted on your house move plans? Tell us in the comments below


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  1. michael paton

    hi I wish to view 2 properties for sale in Glenrothes on the 20/21 April will me and my partner be allowed to travel as live in Corby Northamptonshire England and would have to stay 2/3 overnights regards/liz/mick

  2. Jamie

    We are relocating to Newcastle and are traveling to view property. Are we allowed to stay overnight as the journey to Newcastle for us is around 6hours each way?

  3. Angela Hemphill

    We have sold our property but we want to go and view properties in Northern Ireland can we do this is it classed as essential travel to us it is as we could loose our buyers

  4. Ann Fletcher

    I sold my home right on lockdown. Every thing slowed down. I moved in my friend temporarily because houses were being sold so quickly I couldn’t complete till November. Still waiting on tradesmen to do jobs. But paying my bills council tax etc. But New Council is harrishing me about where I have been staying as they get single person reduction on COuncil Tax we never knew how long I would be there.

  5. Janet Whittaker

    Have had an offer accepted on a property. The property is currently furnished and one of the vendors lives in UK and her sister is in Arizona USA.
    The sister in Arizona wants to come over to assist her sibling to empty the property (their parent is now in a nursing home). Do Covid regulations allow this?

  6. Mrs P

    We want to sell our apartment in Spain, and want to go there to involve estate agents to sell it, & also pack up our personal belongings etc. Will this be classed as a ‘legitimate reason’ for travel. We’re not sure how long it will take.

  7. Mr & Mrs c Robinson

    we are moving from England to wales and have sold our property we need somewhere to stay before our property in wales is ready can we stay in our caravan in wales which is our second home.

  8. Suzanne

    My father has recently become ill, and I need to take my mum (who’s over 80 years old) to her 2nd home to collect her possessions, prepare it to go on the market and to meet the Estate Agents. Is this allowed?

  9. Northern star

    Hi Estate agents
    Say I can view properties until mine is sold.Stating that they are only following guidelines it’s “un necessary travel.Yet happy to place mine on the market please help as I’m very stressed and confused.

  10. Tejinder

    My parents have sold the family house in Birmingham. I live in Leeds. Can I travel to Birmingham to collect my belongings since they cannot store them.

  11. Carol

    I sold my house in uk but waiting for completion.
    I was in Portugal when it all happened.
    I have to get back to uk to pack my house and removal. Is there any dispensation or do i still to stay in hotel

  12. Questions Below

    answer the questions below !!!!!
    There are so many unanswered questions below.

  13. Barrie

    We have done a virtual viewing on a Property and are planning on a visit to the property , we are located in Milton Keynes and the property is in North Yorkshire , can you help to confirm that we can travel to view and stay overnight , and what documents we would need to ensure that we can legally show to any of the relevant authorities if asked , police etc
    Thank you

  14. Keith

    We have sold our house to move in with family. The move is dependant on removal company already booked and paid for and needs to be completed by end of March for the buyers to take advantage of stamp duty holiday. Can we move in with family? Or we shall be homeless!

  15. Andrew Giles Hill

    We are in the process of selling our house in Birmingham. We are moving to Devon. We have pencilled in a week for house viewing in Mid April. Are we allowing to stay at a hotel as it would not be practical to travel there and back by train every day. Also I am a wheelchair user and finding self catering accommodation difficult.

  16. Samantha

    Hello. My father-in-law sadly passed away last year. We weren’t able to sort out very much but to grab essential paperwork when we went for the funeral, and to be honest weren’t in any fit state to do it then. We have since put it on the market and have perspective buyers. We need one last overnight trip to retrieve any possessions we want to keep and to clear out the rest. Can we (my household only) travel the 300 miles to do this?

  17. Gwilym Almeida

    I am in the process of selling my property. However guidance has now been issued to say that I should shield until the 31st of March 2021. I live on my own and would need assistance in packing and removals men to attend.
    I don’t want to place myself or others at risk. Is it a legal requirement that I don’t allow removals men into the house whilst I am shielding?

    Thank you.

  18. Jay

    We are in the process of viewing & potentially making an offer on a property in Spain, we currently live in England. Are we permitted to travel to Spain to purchase a property and become resident there. Is this is a valid reason to leave your home/area.


  19. Judy Walker

    My son and his wife are selling their flat but new house won’t be ready for a couple of weeks. Can they come and live with us during that period, as they will be homeless?

  20. Chris

    Hi, we are moving from England to Wales, we have to be out of our house a week before we can move into our new home. Are we allowed to stay in our caravan in Wales during this week?

  21. Chris

    Hi, I’m in the process of viewing & potentially making an offer on a property in Spain, I currently live in England. Am I permitted to travel to Spain to view the property and when I return am I exempt from quarantine as this is a valid reason to leave your home? Thanks,Chris

  22. Alison Barnes

    My sister has passed away and left me her property 120 miles away. It needs work doing to it before we can sell it and we need to remove personal possessions. Are we able to drive there and undertake the work? There would be no one else at the house.

  23. Tyler Brisley

    Hi, am I allowed to move from my grandparents house to my girlfriends house till the end of lockdown before me and my girlfriend move back to student accommodation?

  24. Andrew Fowler

    News letter

  25. Emma Williams

    Hi, Can I travel from England into Wales to view properties so that I can buy a 2nd home? Any advice would be appreciated as there is no mention of any restrictions on any government websites on buying 2nd homes.

  26. Tracey vallely

    I am looking to move from bham to Doncaster I have seen a bungalow I am very much
    Interested I need to view it if I like it I will put my house on market as last one up for sale in my road was sold within a week I need to be confident in knowing what I can buy will I be ok to travel alone to do this view in person

  27. Tim Sheppard

    M y daughter lives in rented accommodation 150 miles away, she has bought a house near to where she rents and is moving in this week. She has furniture at our house, can I take it to her or can she come to collect ?

  28. Andy Horwood

    I have sold my house and have to be out on the 22nd February but my new house will not be completed until mid March! Can I temporarily stay with my sister (who lives alone) for the 2/3 weeks until I can move in? Thanks.

  29. Julie Kernow

    My mum has died leaving her house to me and my sister. The house is 200 miles away from me. It needs a lot of decorating and some maintenance before we can put it on the market.
    Am I allowed to travel the 200 miles, stay in the house and decorate it for this purpose? My sister would be there too.

  30. Susan graham

    My mum has been moved into a care home. I live 40 miles from her house which has to be sold for her care. Can I travel plus meet my sister to sort out mums property

  31. Paul

    Can I travel 40 miles to view a holiday home?

  32. Teresa

    Our house has sold with condition we move out in 28days our new house won’t be ready can we move in with friends for the interim

  33. Candice

    I live in London can I travel to Bristol to view a property and do I have to have proof of this to travel by train.

    • HomeOwners Alliance

      Candice, You are allowed to travel by train to view a property. If you are worried about being asked for evidence of travel then you could always show the authorities details of your viewing appointment. Angela

  34. Tony Rivett

    Hi we are due to complete on our house sale in the Northeast in the next few weeks Our new property is in the West Country and needs some work before we move Are we allowed to travel to move some items and complete the work Many thanks

  35. David Emms

    I’ve just been told that several viewings appointments we had made for the coming week were to be cancelled due to our not being under offer, according to an employee of
    purplebricks in the Bognor area it is a little known rule that the government introduced during the first lockdown. Interestingly I cannot find this anywhere on the website.
    I don’t know why I am shocked as we all know how dishonest estate agents can e but I had thought that with Covid a little more honesty might have crept into their industry, and especially as for the majority of us a house purchase is the largest single financial investment we will make in our lifetimes.
    Leopards really can’t change their spots!
    We have decided to contact the vendors directly of the three properties We were due to view to tell them that there is something untoward regarding the arrangements for viewings of their properties as they may feel it’s in their own interests to have an agency representing them who is actually interested to show and sell their properties!

  36. Steve Jones

    I’ve finally managed to find a buyer for my property and I’m now looking to move from the South of England to the North west. I’ve been searching via on line agents and have a shortlist of properties id like to view.
    Given the distances involved id need to stay overnight in an hotel to achieve this. Is this allowed under current guidelines? Any viewings will be pre arranged and would obviously be conducted following strict adherence to social distancing etc.

    • HomeOwners Alliance

      Steve, yes this is allowed. You will have to check in advance with the hotels as well as not all will be open. Angela

  37. John

    Throughout lockdown have been staying with my girlfriend in her house. I now need to got to my house to check meter readings, and my insurance states it must not be left for more than a month. Plus to check maintenance issues

  38. Keren

    Hi, My elderly aunt who lives in England has been offered Sheltered housing in Scotland. Would she be allowed to move house during this latest lockdown. She has to give them an answer by tomorrow. Could you please advise. Thanks

    • HomeOwners Alliance

      Hi Keren, Yes where you need to secure housing you are allowed to travel. Angela

  39. Steve Baker

    Can I view a holiday lodge to buy whilst lockdown is on?


    I am wanting to sell my house in the UK and buy in Spain, am I allowed to go ahead with these plans during lockdown?

  41. Jane

    Can I travel 300 miles to sell my deceased brothers house?

  42. Rachel

    I own an equity HTB flat with my boyfriend – it has been on the market and have lowered the price but we can’t sell it – we need a bigger property as we need to work from home but can’t because of differing hours (he has moved outdoor now) -can I rent it out. We can’t afford to buy out the government share?

  43. Jane neale

    I have a house left to my brother and I 300 miles away. He lived in the house but has now died, I need to empty the house and sell it, Can I travel 300 miles to organise the selling of the home

    • HomeOwners Alliance

      Sorry to hear that Jane. Yes you can. Angela

  44. Beverly Newman

    Hi After so much delays due to the rules of lockdown changing I finally managed to sale my house and plan to move to Dubai. My plan is to go there this month to secure a property before moving in March. Would I still be able to do this as there are no clear guideline on where you can or can’t travel to when viewing/buying property? Thanks I’m advance!

    • HomeOwners Alliance

      How exciting Beverly. You’ll need to check the FCO travel guidance for leaving the UK and entering Dubai. I’m not sure that will be possible. You may need to view properties online. Speak to local property agents in Dubai to see what advice they have. Angela

  45. Elaine Foot

    I have just seen on Facebook an advert for a House Clearance Sale 10am – 12 noon, only one person allow in the house at a time others to queue outside, is this allowed during lockdown? What about Stay at Home Save Lives? Essential, surely not!

  46. Vivien chambers

    We are hoping to move to the west country to be with our son we dont drive and I have a disability we need help with this move so our son will have to travel up from the west country to help we have no one else can we still do this when we have sold also we have a small dog plus our son will have to stay the night we both have I’ll health please advise thanks

    • HomeOwners Alliance

      Hi Vivien. Yes your son can travel to help you move given your situation and if the move cannot be postponed. Just check on the government website advice on moving home in a covid safe way (hand washing, mask wearing, social distancing, no one displaying covid symptoms etc). All the best, Angela

  47. Dennis

    hi so does my house have to have a offer on it before i can view another home to buy?

  48. Russell


  49. Shannon Reddick

    Hi, me and my partner are viewing a house in a different county. As it is far away are we allowed to stay with relatives the night after we have viewed the property?

  50. Garry Humphreys

    Can you make it possible to print from your site your statement of what is allowed (or suggest an alternative printable option) so that we have something to show the Police if we are stopped and questioned while undertaking legitimate journeys. Their familiarity with the details may not be as informed as yours! Thank you.

  51. Hilary

    I am gratified to read your interpretation of the Government rules, in that you believe you can stay in hotels etc. to view properties in areas distant from your present home. I had asked several local estate agents about this, and none had a definitive answer, and the Government website does not specifically address the question. All said it was a “grey area”. A regional member of the National Association of Estate Agents said she didn’t think it was permissible to stay in a hotel etc. to view far flung properties, but that it was only permissible if one was actually in the process of purchasing a property. I feel I have lost valuable time in being under the mis-apprehension that I could not stay away from home to view properties, and because of it I will miss out on the Stamp Duty Holiday.

    • HomeOwners Alliance

      Thanks Hilary. It isn’t a grey area at all. The government guidance itself states quite clearly “Hotels, hostels and other such public accommodation can be used by people while moving home or who are unable to return to their main residence There is no guarantee a particular hotel will be open to provide this service, so do check in advance. You must still ensure you stay only within your household and/or support bubble.” Angela

  52. Gwyneth

    My dad lived in Wales and died last year. His house has now sold,but he still has possessions in it. I need to collect these, can I travel from England to Wales and back to England in one day ??

    • HomeOwners Alliance

      Sorry to hear that Gwyneth. Yes you can. Angela

  53. Lisette Garrill

    I started to move house just before Christmas. I still have belongings in the old house. The plan was to move the rest of my belongings in January and start working on the old house ready to put it on the market to sell. It is 70 miles away, in a different county. Can I travel to move belongings and work on the house?

  54. Carolyn Steele

    My son has been told he has to pay fir an indemnity in case he gets COVID and can’t complete on his house sale. Cost of £250 plus vat.
    I have never heard of this, is this necessary?

  55. Linda Dickson

    Is looking to purchase a property in a different county to where you are currently living as business travel

  56. Malcolm Stott

    Am I currently able to travel from Greater Manchester to Conwy to view a house as a prospective holiday home?

  57. Liam Warner

    Hiya. My property is about to be completed and sold in a different area to where my main residence is. Am I able to travel up to empty the property of furniture and belongings before the completion date? If I can’t it will postpone the move date for the buyer and everyone in the chain.

    Your help would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks.

  58. AG

    Can you confirm I can stay in another area overnight for a house viewing?

  59. Tracy

    My parents are in their 70s ,they are moving from England to Wales .
    Can I travel to their new home to help them ?

  60. Carolyn Hartley

    Reading the above can you confirm I can drive out of my local area to view property?

  61. Shirley Herridge

    Yes it has I’ve sold my house but cannot view property as I need to go out of the area as we want to move up north I have text boris Johnson twice but nobody gets back to me. If you can view property you should be able to go to different area to view property and stay overnight in a hotel as distance too far but rules say can’t leave area and can’t stay in hotels yet you can view property. He need to make up his mind if you can view property then you have the right to stay in hotel if you changing areas you want to live in

  62. David Barker

    I’m completing on a second property in a few weeks, can I visit it on completion to make sure all is well for sale and maybe drop off some items? If I can’t visit, it doesn’t feel right to complete but not be able to inspect it.

  63. Paul L

    We are due to move into our new home early next month, can I travel to the property daily to decorate? Thank you

  64. Kaz

    Yes been trying to move to Spain and can’t even get out there now to view property, ok if you want a move within the UK and also now have Brexit and Residency rules to follow. I am now retired and due to the financial implications am finding it hard to maintain the standard of living and maintenance on my house. It is awful.

  65. Jim

    Im a Tenant living in a rented flat that is currently up for sale as a buy to let with Tenants in Situ. The Estate agency want to bring people round to view the property right at the height of the Covid Pandemic. I thinknthus is not a safe thing to be doing. I don’t want people entering the Prooerty at the moment. What are my rights please?

  66. Gordon Blackburn

    Am I allowed to empty a deceased relatives house before new owners move in.

  67. musarrat

    I want to view properties outside my city. Is this allowed during the lockdown for example in birmingham?

  68. Aiden

    I am due to complete in a couple of weeks and my new place wont be ready. Can I move in with a family friend, as my support bubble, or do I need to find a hotel to live in.

  69. Christine Clemencon

    I have a tenant due to move out on the 2nd February so will need to do a check out with them and also then tidy/clean/paint the property ready to relet.
    It is 100miles from my home so am I allowed to stay away during this time to do the check out and any work needed to be done?
    Many thanks

  70. Martyn Field

    Hi we want to visit a house we are purchasing in order to meet our builder and architect it is in another country about 40 miles away can we do this

  71. Michelle harris

    We have bought a new build house, and they insist on a 28 day exchange.
    We knew this when we agreed to buy, but with the current covid situation, there has been delays along the way. Such as searches and Mortage offer.
    They have just given us 4 working days to exchange or we will loose the purchase of our new house, even though we are about a week or two from this happening. Can they still pull the purchase from us?

  72. Wendy g

    I wish to view properties that are out of my local area. About 80 miles away. My house is sold. Can I do this without breaking the rules.
    Can I stay overnight in a hotel because of the distsnce

  73. sue hill

    We have recently completed on a house 200 miles away and plan to relocate their permanently. We want to start moving stuff to the new house so that we can put our current house on the market as soon as possible.
    We cannot move into the new house as works are being done and it is not habitable. We understand that we can stay in our nearby holiday let whilst we are moving our stuff and whilst work is being done. Can you confirm this?

  74. Maria Mountjoy

    I’m selling a house 30 miles from where I live, and I need to get the boiler serviced before completion. Am I allowed to drive there ?

    • AKerr

      Hi Maria. Yes you can. Activities related to preparing a house for sale are allowed, where they can’t be postponed. Do ensure that you and any tradespeople entering the property do not show symptoms of COVID-19. Where a tradesperson is visiting the property, the government guidance states you should all maintain social distancing, wash hands regularly and minimise contact as far as possible. Good luck. Angela (HomeOwners Alliance)

  75. mike Goodman

    I live in surrey and want to move to Devon we have cash so can move with no chain, we want to view three properties but are we allowed to travel.

    • AKerr

      Hi Mike. Yes you are allowed to travel to view properties. You are also allowed to stay overnight if necessary. Government guidance also states that where possible, you should use virtual viewings before visiting properties in person in order to minimise public health risks. And as stated above you should wear a mask, practise social distancing and hand washing on all viewings. Good luck with the search. Angela (HomeOwners Alliance)

  76. Meg sower

    Hi, can I travel up to Merseyside to clear my late mother’s house?
    Would really appreciate some guidance!

  77. Joanne

    If I receive a moving date can I live with relatives until new build home ready in the summer?

  78. Sarah

    Can I view a property in North wales when I live in England?

  79. Kjmpde

    The rules allow House viewings but there is no guidance as if allowed to stay overnight to facilitate such viewings. The house I need to see is a 250 mile round trip. I would like to stay overnight as too far in one day.

    • AKerr

      Yes government guidance does state that you can stay overnight for the reason of moving house. Good luck with your move.

  80. Wendy

    Can people still view second home properties while we are in lockdown?

    • AKerr

      Hi Wendy, You can view a second home or investment property but if the purchase goes through, you won’t be able to stay there during lockdown. Good luck with it. Angela (HomeOwners Alliance)

  81. Erica Moretti partner moved to London from north of England in July.he lived with his grandfather. Unfortunately his grandfather just told us that he has terminal cancer is in hospital and will never go back to his property. He wants to sell his house a d asked my partner to go take the rest of his belongings out of the property and clear it out of all sentimental values items before he sells it.may I go with him to help him packing ?(we live together) I man healthcare professional who works on the frontline and I worry about getting a fine and losing my.licence

    • AKerr

      Hi Erica, I’m so sorry to hear about your partner’s grandfather. I would say if you can wait until after lockdown, then you should. But if you can’t, then the rules do say you can carry on with activities connected to selling a house as long as you do so in a way that follows the guidance on social distancing and so on (see above). As you are both in a household together then I am sure it is ok for you both to attend. Be aware that most local authority waste disposal sites are only taking bookings so you may want to investigate this or getting a skip before you arrive. Angela (HomeOwners Alliance)

  82. Jimmy

    We are planning to re locate 100 miles from where we live today. Can we rent a place for a week to facilitate property viewings?

  83. Diane MacKenzie

    Can I travel from England to view a new build property in Scotland?

  84. Maxine Barlow

    We are buying a second home which is 4 hrs drive from our main residence and this is likely to go through in the next few weeks. Are we still allowed to drive to this property and move our furniture into this house, stay overnight, and then return home without contact with local people? We understand that we won’t then be allowed to visit this second property due to restrictions but we were unsure about the move. Thank you


    why is nobody answering these questions?

  86. Tony Mole

    Is it OK to conduct viewings on my leasehold holiday lodge situated on a small private park ? Thanks Tony

  87. Nobby

    Hi is it ok to look at properties in Wales, i live near London.
    Should viewers wear masks & gloves or just masks.
    Many thanks

  88. Les O'Connell

    Hi, I have completed on a house some 180 miles from where I currently reside, I would like to travel at weekends with a view to doing house up with internal renovations etc, I want to stay at weekends is this allowable?

  89. Jo

    Hi, am I allowed to travel and stay overnight somewhere to view a property? We live in Berkshire, have sold our house and want to view properties in Pembrokeshire but too far for a day trip.

  90. j

    can i visit my property before hand to clean it before viewers come around

  91. Dempo

    What about house clearance companies? Can they still carry on working during a lockdown? I am selling my house, but there is a lot of stuff that I need to get rid of before moving.

  92. Karen Baron

    Is it OK to travel to another county to view properties? My son’s house is sold and the vendors want to complete by 31 March, but he needs to view houses 3 hours away. We will not stay anywhere overnight.

  93. Jeremy

    I have an appointment to view the property in different town and county about 50 miles away.
    Am I still allowed to proceed the viewing?
    Am I also allowed to make more arrangements for properties viewing?

  94. Amanda Martin

    We have sold our house and are moving to France, can we still do this?

  95. Tylah


    I am pregnant and living in a one bedroomed apartment, working fulltime from home. I move out on the 16th. However my estate agents have booked in viewings for the public and I am working during those times, therefore I will be at home. Can I refuse to let viewings happen whilst I reside at the property until I move out?

  96. Paul Simmons

    As of today (4th January) because the virus spread and deaths have doubled and re doubled since before Christmas, we are all once again in a UK style FULL lockdown.
    However, some strange anomalies have once again occurred in that garden centres are listed as being essential and allowed to stay open, but clothes shops and similar are deemed inessential and must close!
    We have sold our house and are currently going through the Conveyancing process of buying a new home. As my wife and myself are once again told we must shield because we are in the most vulnerable section, we are frightened that we could be forced to exchange contracts and complete – thus breaking the Government’s “Stay at home, unless it’s an emergency, if you are a shielded person”. With the Land Registry 31st March deadline getting ever nearer, our buyers may back out. Therefore, we would rather wait until we have been vaccinated (we are in level 3 for vaccination). This could mean waiting until after 31st March !!!

    • AKerr

      Oh dear, Paul, that’s all terrible to hear. Remember you are only legally bound once contracts have been exchanged and no one can force you to do that. Moving home does not put you in breach of the law under latest lockdown rules; you can still move home. But obviously you will want to weigh that up against putting yourself at undue risk given your vulnerable status. Perhaps a conversation with your solicitor and vendor to explain the situation and plea for a delay to exchange contracts until we all know more. I imagine we will have a better view on the state of things as we approach the February half term. All the best. Angela (HomeOwners Alliance)

  97. Claire

    We are due to move mid February to house about 20 minutes from where we are staying at the moment, I am also due my baby at this time so It is really important for our wellbeing as a family that we get into new place.
    Are we still okay to go ahead with move?
    Advice needed

    • AKerr

      Yes Claire, your move can go ahead. Good luck with the move and your new baby! Angela (HomeOwners Alliance)

  98. Jo Yates

    I am moving next monday. Will i still ne able to??

  99. Roy Harding

    What about stamp duty, is the government extending the time limit of 31st march, to help the home buyers, in this confusing time of the pandemic.

  100. Liz

    I’m currently in London, but am looking to move up to the Manchester/Leeds area. Am I still able to go & view properties? I am due to complete on my flat sale in March so am on a short timescale.

  101. Sue Merrifield

    We are moving 230 miles away and I need family members to help move in stages as we are not buying till there due to covid and work . Can we hire a van to move to where we will be staying ie family

  102. Julia Shaw

    we are currently in tier 2, our property is sold stc, we are moving to a tier 3 area but have not started viewing due to the restrictions, when we have completed we want to go to our ‘new’ area and stay in our motorhome whilst viewing, our furniture will go into storage, from tier 2 to tier 3, is this okay

  103. jenny smith

    So I have recently accepted an offer on my house (sstc) and had the offer accepted on my new purchase. I have had my buyers lender come to value my house but haven’t yet heard back, does anyone know how long normally takes. Also how long would I be looking at to receive keys to the new property if all goes well. Sorry never sold a property before, its all new to me.

  104. Oscar

    I live in tier 4 (just changed recently), am I allowed to view the property (by prior arrangement with the agent) in tier 3 about 30miles away?

  105. Michelle Hook

    Hello I live in England and I am due to move house on the 18th of January. My father lives in Wales and he’s the only person we have found to drive the rental van…is he able to travel to us to help us move house?

  106. Karen

    Re Simon Bain’s comment “Estate agents tell us we cannot physically view a property unless our own property is under offer. They say these are government rules. They also say agents or vendors can permit it if they are minded to.”

    This isn’t a government rule, but it is something most homesellers wish were a government rule, and something sellers have a right to insist upon, and for very good reason.

    Like so many other sellers, I placed my property on the market earlier this year, got an offer in March, but then found the charming couple who made the offer on it, had not even had their own property valued, let alone placed it on the market (thanks again Pullens). Despite this they insisted I removed my property from the market as a condition of accepting their offer.

    I then waited incredibly patiently as these people made idiotic decision after idiotic decision, such as going with their ‘chosen agency’, which was closed completely for months, staying with that agency when they got them no viewings or offers, and they were ‘deeply unhappy with them’, until they finally went with my own agency, something that had been suggested to them throughout, and then got an offer within 3 weeks. Having patiently waited for these people for a total of 4 months, they then impatiently and hypocritically accused ME of holding up their sale and almost immediately thoughtlessly and selfishly withdrew their offer, and decided to buy another house instead.

    THAT is precisely why sellers and estate agents prefer, even under normal circumstances that potential buyers have their own properties under offer BEFORE viewing other properties. If you are not in that position, any viewings you go on you are simply BROWSING and any offers you make are utterly MEANINGLESS, and the chances are you will turn out to be TIMEWASTERS, no matter what protestations you make otherwise. In the case of those viewings also being during a pandemic, those viewings would therefore be entirely pointless, and a complete waste of everyones’ time, therefore also exposing everyone concerned, entirely unnecessarily.

  107. iris

    i am trying to sell my home,but i dont think many people will want to view,in tier 4,so i will miss the tax holiday not fair on people who cant really do much about it if people are to scared to go out,i am 76 and worried, as i wont to move near my daughter.

  108. Chris

    Hello, I hope you can help.

    We are relocating to a new area in England 60 miles from our current home and we’ve sold our house. Our buyer has been patient throughout but we’re now in danger of losing the sale We are in tier 4 and have an opportunity to view houses in the next few days. Can we travel & have an overnight stay to do house viewings if we’re still in tier 4?

  109. Jenny

    Hello, I hope you can help.

    We are relocating to a new area in England 200 miles from our current home. My husband has accepted a new job there and we’ve sold our house. We had 2 weeks off work in November and had planned a trip to the area to house hunt & look a nurserys then we went into lockdown and the accommodation we booked cancelled our booking saying overnight stays for house viewings weren’t allowed. We had another trip over Christmas booked but that’s now been cancelled following today’s announcement. Our buyer has been patient throughout but we’re now in danger of losing the sale or being homeless! We’re in tier 4 and have one more opportunity in January to have time off work. Can we travel & have an overnight stay to do house viewings if we’re still in tier 4?


    I wonder if you can help please

    I have a weekend cottage (not let out) and am unclear whether I can visit it at the moment to make sure all is in order.

    I live in Co Durham – a TIER 3 area – and the cottage is also in Co Durham.

    I need to visit it so that I don’t fall foul of the insurance cover re leaving the property unoccupied for too long a period.

    Any help that you can offer would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you

    M G Ackroyd

  111. Jane Anne Jones

    My solicitor is sorting out probate and the sale of my mothers house. He is also conveyancing for a property I have made an offer on locally. All properties are in Wales. My brother is currently residing in the the house to be sold in The Vale of Glamorgan while he no longer visits his rented accommodation in Slough. I live in Carmarthenshire. My brother has to be out of the property by 20th March 2021 for the sale to go ahead. We are both executors and sole beneficiaries. He has health issues and hasn’t started packing or sorting out anything. Can I go to the property no matter what lock down we are in to organise the house. I did cross local authority borders for my mothers funeral. Should he be booking cleaners/removal van and house clearance asap.

  112. Rachel Moore

    Due to exchange today with completion 11 January- if we go into tier 4 will we still be able to complete and if not can Bellway sue their purchaser top of the chain??

  113. Charlot

    Can agent come to our home for regular check of condition of house if we are in Tier 2?

  114. Anna

    We’ve sold our house and are looking to move out of the area. Our buyer has been patient during the national lockdown and we had planned to do a weekend of house viewings on the 5th and 6th December which would require an overnight stay as it’s a 7 hour round trip. However we will be in tier 3 when we come out of lockdown, will this be permitted? If not we are in the situation of either losing our sale or being homeless.

  115. karthipan karthigesu

    [ am looking for shared ownership a 3 bedroom house

  116. Vicky

    my start of tenant will start on 30 November.. however i don’t feel safe to move.

  117. Bob Lee

    Can house viewing allowed travelling from Wales to England?

  118. Jasmine Collins

    My partner and I are trying to sell our flat. We have a viewing booked in for Saturday, however the building management are kicking up a fuss and saying that we can’t have a viewing as they don’t want any outsiders coming into the building. Where do we stand on this, do the building management have the right to stop us?

  119. Steve Jones

    We sold our house in October, putting furniture into storage. Our new build home is now (Covid) delayed till December. We have a static caravan, can we use it during Lockdown 2 as we are ‘homeless’?

  120. Peter

    Hi . My son is moving apartment and lives in central Manchester. My wife and I live in Chesterfield. Can we go and help him with his move ?

  121. Jordan

    Hi I currently rent in Bristol and have been made redundant and need to move back in with parents in Wales is this allowed

  122. Sandy

    Hi I’m in the process of selling my late mother’s house in Wales, but I live in England, can I travel there and stay over night as there is still some sorting out to do before completion.

  123. Sally Longley

    My buyer has still not exchanged since I accepted his offer on condition that completion was by end Sept. beginning of Oct. Delays supposedly due to the mortgage not yet processed after eventual valuation approved. The seller is now undergoing operations and I can’t kick him when he is down. I should be moving from London to Devon after several abortive sales. Can I hire a van, stay in Devon overnight to prepare & move remaining
    stuff down after exchange but prior to completion? I am virtually camping in flat I am selling.

  124. Jamie

    Can me and wife help her. Elderly mother move in New home .

  125. Simon Bain

    Estate agents tell us we cannot physically view a property unless our own property is under offer. They say these are government rules. They also say agents or vendors can permit it if they are minded to.
    I would expect HOA to mention this if true.

  126. melville osborne

    My house is under offer my buyer wants a second viewing this weekend they intend to travel from Bristol to North Devon. is this an unnecessary viewing and should I say no.

  127. Roebert Westcombe

    Hi I live in England, and I have a estate agent telling me as I am in lockdown level 2 I cannot view a property in his area as it is in lockdown level 1, yet England is all under the same lockdown rules as of tomorrow, the 5th November

  128. Alun Pugh

    Can house viewings be allowed in Wales after the 9th Nov lockdown period?

  129. Sam

    We are in the middle of our purchasing our first home, the people were buying off live in England and the house were buying is in wales. Will the current home owners be able to travel from England to wales to move out their stuff and hand over the keys as England is going into a month lockdown

  130. Carl matts

    Our landlady has put the house up for sale we are currently living in can people still come to view with current lockdown

  131. cath

    We have just bought a second home in another part of England. We have arranged for furniture to be delivered next week, in lockdown. Are we still allowed to do this and stay in the place to accept delivery and get everything sorted?

  132. Keith

    We have an offer on our house and intend to move to Northern Ireland. We are in Kent so it is too far to go in one day and across on the ferry. The option would be to stop over but we see that during the latest lockdown this is not allowed unless business related. Would this be considered business related/

  133. Tracey

    We are due to move home on Friday 6th November 2020 can this still go ahead

  134. Rebecca

    Can I still move house I am currently bidding on houses does this affected me moving as its due to my relationship ended thank you

  135. Ash

    I have my completion day this Friday (6th November) and also have given notice to be out of rented accommodation by the 21st. Would we still get the keys from the estate agent to commence the move, and also as we are not using a removals firm, can we still hire a van?

  136. Jo w

    I have had an offer and excepted, I have a survey booked for 24th nov 2020 a building survey I live in Hampshire can this still go ahead With lockdown. Could I move out for a week so it may go ahead if restrictions don’t allow if I’m living there. J

  137. Irene Fowler

    I live in the Central Belt of Scotland and am buying a house in Bridgend Wales. Am I allowed to move.

  138. Biddle

    Can i move house with new look down

  139. Biddle

    Can i move house with new look dowm

  140. Iduno

    I’m currently trying to complete on a house in a Tier 3 area but insurance want me moved in within 2 weeks but I want to be able to have my parents help me with getting the decorating sorted but under Tier 3 as soon as I start living there they won’t be able to visit to do this.

    I don’t have a clue what to do here and regular insurers like Admiral are really unhelpful.

    These local lockdown rules make no sense considering I’m doing the same thing with the same people but the moment I start stay the night at my new place I’m not allowed to anymore.

  141. Jamie Summers

    Can I move in with my parents whilst my new build is completed? I am in essex they are in Norfolk?

  142. Elly Karaleka

    Good evening
    I am from Greece.
    But iove Scotland and I want to buy a castle with mortgage and create a business.
    I am music teacher and writer
    Thank you

  143. Peter

    “Yes, you can move house during local lockdown
    The government advice is clear on this. Even where local restrictions apply, people can move home.” Does this also apply in Wales please?

  144. John Harvey

    You refer to instructing a conveyancing solicitor. A conveyancer is not necessarily a solicitor.

    Some solicitors are having difficulties in maintaining professional insurance cover which might not be the case with other conveyancers

    If a conveyancing solicitor is recommended by an agent, get the latter to supply written proof that due diligence has been applied to establish that your interests will be covered

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