Monthly Archives: September 2019

The right lighting for your new home

Have you moved home recently or are you in the process of moving? To feel completely comfortable in your new living space, having the right light design is a necessity. So we've asked for advice - and they're also offering our readers a discount voucher offering 10% off until end of October 2019.

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In the news, the latest round up

This week we've been reading about how the bank of gran and grandad are using their wealth to help their grandchildren, how bumper mortgages are back as low deposit loans hit highest level and what you need to know about property fraud.

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In the news this week, the latest round up

in the news this week

This week we bring you the easiest places to buy a first home in Britain, how Tesco's is moving its mortgage business to Halifax and what it means for you, why 1 in 6 of us will still be paying off our mortgage at 65 and the Labour Party's plans for rented property.

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