Urge your MP to make home improvements cheaper

We are part of the cut the VAT Coalition calling on the UK Government to cut VAT on housing renovation and repair from 20% to 5%. Help us by emailing your MP.

Building extensions should be reduced VAT, just like building new homes is.

Housebuilding companies just pay 5% Value Added Tax when they build new homes – opposed to 20% (the current rate of VAT). The government justifies this – and the HomeOwners Alliance supports it – on the grounds that we need to encourage housebuilding to overcome the housing shortage.


Building work done by homeowners that increases the living space of a home should be treated the same as building a new home. And builders who undertake this type of work should have the same perks as housebuilders.

The Cut the VAT Campaign Coalition is an alliance of more than 60 charities, trade associations, business groups and financial institutions including HomeOwners Alliance and the Federation of Master Builders.  This broad coalition of organisations continues to make a strong case for a reduction in VAT to 5% and will be publishing a report in March to Parliament that sets out the case for a reduction in VAT on housing renovation and repair work.

This new research will be updating on housing renovation and repair and the new research will re-examine the evidence and with a particular focus on the need to bring down the cost of living for individuals and families. A single cut in VAT on housing renovation and repair work would help encourage millions of households to upgrade their homes to make them more energy efficient and to create more living space.

Without such help as a reduction in VAT, more and more people will  struggle to protect themselves against rising energy prices.

We need your help

Write to your MP to tell them how you feel. It’s easy to write to your MP. To find out which MP represents you and their contact details, just enter your postcode here.


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