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Researching your surveyor

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Claire benefited from researching her surveyor, ensuring she got an in depth, quality service.

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    Unnecessary Surveys

    Emma’s purchase is substantially delayed due to unnecessary surveys.

    Emma found the perfect place at the right price, and her offer was quickly accepted – but then her problems began. Her lawyer kept insisting she obtain extra surveys to ensure everything was ok with the property. Initially, this seemed sensible, and she duly obtained a general survey and then a flood report – both of which found nothing to worry about. However, she was also told that because of the area, she should get a mining survey done. This would have cost approximately £1,000, and require the consent of nearly 40 neighbours. Emma felt this unnecessary, and lost trust in her lawyer. After doing her own digging, she discovered that a mining report had been done in 1999 - and had reported no problems. As a result of this delay, it ended up taking 5 months for contracts to be exchanged after her offer had been accepted. But she did get the house in the end!



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