HOA Membership – Help With Estate Agent Issues

We can help you find the right estate agent and negotiate your estate agent fees and contract. We can also assist if you are unhappy with your current estate agent -- what to watch for when switching estate agents and what to do if you have an estate agent dispute.


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Join us as a member today and we can:

  Help you find the right estate agent

  Help you negotiate your estate agent fees

  Check your contract is fair

  Assist with any questions you have at any step of selling your home

  Avoid common pitfalls when switching estate agents

  Assist in resolving disputes

  Legal advice line & Conveyancing discount


Our friendly and professional Home Helpline team can deal with a wide range of queries and problems, helping you through a difficult situation or giving you a second opinion on next steps.

Free, helpful selling advice guides

We also have a range of advice guides to help you at every step of selling your home.


Helpful tips on how to find the right estate agent for you, negotiating your estate agent fees & contract, how to achieve a successful sale, the legal process up to moving day.