My house won’t sell with online agent

Q: "I have chosen an online agent who I'm very happy with except I have had no interest. The house is on at the price recommended by local high street agents and I have recently reduced the price but still nothing. Given my rural location would it be better to be in a high street agent's window than online? How can I get things moving?"


In many places in the UK the market is considerably cooler than it was. Dropping £20,000 is a small fraction of the asking price and, given that high street agents habitually overvalue, it will I’m afraid inevitably be a question of adjusting the price more seriously. 5% is the least that we recommend.

Given the marketing exposure on all of the main portal websites that we and other online agents ensure, it’s very unlikely to be a question of ‘wrong agent’ as opposed to ‘wrong price’. The market is the market is the market.

Russell Quirk
Chief Executive, eMoov


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