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Home selling questions answered by the experts

Do you have a question related to selling your home but not sure who to ask? Or perhaps you want a second opinion? Join us today and get a comprehensive answer from the professionals. Here are just some of the questions we have helped people with…


Do I have to reduce my asking price by 2% to get my re-listed house the top spot on Rightmove?
Is this really the only option once a transaction falls through and you need to start actively marketing again?

Should I incentivise estate agent with higher commission if they achieve asking price?
Our expert gives his view on whether offering to pay more to the agent if they get you more is likely to pay off

I want to sell some of my garden to a neighbour. How do I set the price?
Our member wants to sell some of their garden to a neighbour, but are unsure how to find out a realistic price tag. Read our expert’s advice.

I’m unsure of what price to sell my home for. Are there typical price bands in which people search for homes?
Expert Russell Quirk advices a member on the patterns to house pricing.

Does having planning permission exclude you from extending under permitted development?
Our expert from Savills advises a member on selling with planning permission for an extension.

What is a cooling off period?
What is a cooling off period and when does it apply? Read our expert’s advice.

Do I have to pay Capital Gains Tax if I sell the property I own with my ex-girlfriend?
Our expert advises a member who wants to sell a property they own with their ex, but no longer live in.

How do I port a mortgage?
Our expert from London & Country advises a member on how to port their mortgage.

I’m selling my house but don’t have building regulations for a previous extension. What should I do?
Our expert from White & Co advises a member on the lack of building regulations in the property she is selling.

Can I persuade my estate agent to accept reduced commission?
Our expert helps a member with a breached estate agent contract.

My house won’t sell with an online agent!
I’m really happy with my online agent but my house isn’t selling. Is it my rural location?

Selling my home with asbestos
At what stage do I have to admit I have asbestos in the garage?

I’ve switched estate agents and I’m worried I will have to pay commission twice
Our member’s buyer is on the books of his first estate agent though is buying through the second estate agent – how can he avoid paying double commission to the agents?

Should I disclose noise problems when selling my flat?
Our member wants to sell her flat but is concerned that noise from neighbouring flats could put off estate agents and potential purchasers.

My house is in poor condition and won’t sell
Our member has lost his buyer due to structural issues. We advise on next steps.

Struggling with the mortgage and in negative equity. Can I sell?
See what our mortgage expert David Hollingworth has to say

Do I have to pay estate agents fees when I sold the house?
A member’s tricky situation solved by our expert

If I switch estate agents will I still have to pay commission to my old one?
Our member want to leave her ineffective estate agent but she’s worried she will have to pay twice

Trouble selling my home
Should our member consider a bridging loan to buy a home while their current one won’t sell

Problems with buyer’s mortgage
A house seller’s nightmare: what to do when a buyer can’t obtain a mortgage



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