Our neighbours have built a balcony over our skylight

Q: We live in a Victorian ground floor flat. It was a house that has at some time in the past been turned into 2 flats. The woman above us has put in a balcony, I wouldn't normally mind what she or other neighbours do, but we have a skylight in our kitchen and she can see right down on us. I've contacted the Council who didn't seem too concerned. I'm going to call again and speak to someone else but were do I stand on this?


Our expert explains how to deal with this tricky issue

If the property is subdivided into two flats then it will not benefit from permitted development rights and therefore alterations to the external appearance of the building including the creation of balconies or roof terraces will need planning permission. When a local authority assesses whether an outdoor amenity space is acceptable, one issue they must consider is whether it would result in intrusive overlooking and loss of privacy to neighbouring residents. I would recommend calling the Council to say that it appears that a balcony has been put in without planning permission and ask them to investigate. When a local authority investigates potential breaches of planning control they keep the name of the informant confidential.

Simon Wallis BA Hons, MA, MRTPI, Associate Director, Planning, Savills

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