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Members' home managing questions answered by the experts

Do you have a question related to managing your home but not sure who to ask? Or perhaps you want a second opinion? Join us today and get a comprehensive answer from the professionals. Here are just some of the questions we have helped people with…

We switched our energy supplier last year but this year our energy bill has increased. What can we do?
Our energy expert from My Utility Genius advises a member on how they can avoid sudden surges in their energy bills.

How do I fix draft and insulation problems in my new build home?
Our member’s new home has a very cold bedroom. Our expert advises her to investigate.

Can I dispute service charger where I have a small share of the freehold?
Read our expert’s advice on disputing service charges.

How do I value my property before remortgaging?
Our mortgage expert advises a member on remortgaging their property.

Can I rent out my right to buy flat?
Our mortgage expert advises our member on a buy to rent mortgage for their right to buy flat.

Can our children take out a mortgage to fund the leasehold extension on our property?
These members are in their 70s with a 40 year lease

Will insurance pay for water leaking from upstairs flat? 
Our expert explains what your buildings and contents insurance covers.

My freeholder doesn’t care and provides bad service. What can I do?
Our expert, a specialist leasehold lawyer, replies to a member’s concerns about her freeholder’s failings to properly manage her building.

Worried about Japanese knotweed on neighbouring land
Our member has just discovered Japanese knotweed growing on council land next to her property.  What should she do?

How do I object to a planning application?
Don’t like what you see? Don’t just stand there, do something about it

My garage holds up my neighbour’s garden – what happens when I remove my garage?
Our member’s garage has suffered damage from excessive rain and is about to fall down – taking with it her neighbour’s garden.  Our expert advises on who is responsible for securing the neighbour’s garden.

My neighbour’s tree blocks the light in my garden – what can I do?
Our expert discusses the legal and practical issues involved

Does damp matter and who do I call for help?
Yes damp does matter and our expert lists the possible causes and tells you who to call

How do I tell when I need to replace my roof?
Our expert discusses the pros and cons of this expensive home improvement

Our neighbours have built a balcony over our skylight
How to tackle inconsiderate neighbours

What is emergency home insurance for?
Our member already has boiler breakdown cover. So what will emergency cover add?

Legally splitting up a property
Our legal expert answers a member’s query about splitting the deeds of a home being turned into two flats

I’m worried about my interest-only mortgage expiring in January 2014
Is a financial time-bomb about to go off in you home? Find out how to defuse it

Maintaining garden walls and fences – who pays?
A serious bone of contention for many, our expert provides some legal clarity

I’m worried about a wall in the attic – it’s cracked and moving
Is it subsidence or previous work that is causing the cracks?


This service is to provide information only and does not constitute legal or professional advice. The legal stuff is here.