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Home improvement questions answered by the experts

Here are just some of the questions we have helped people with…

How do I go about splitting a property in two?
Our expert advises on how to split a property into two apartments.

My builder won’t sign a contract!
They can start soon, you like them and the price – so why won’t they sign a contract?

When do I ask for freeholder’s consent to my building works?
Freeholder’s consent to works can cause delay to projects – we discuss the best time to approach them.

Can I put a double storey extension on my semi detached house under permitted development?
Our expert planner helps a homeowner understand their best next steps in getting their extension 

Are my Freeholders charges for improvement work fair?
This homeowner owns a leasehold flat and wants to take down a load bearing wall but needs to ask permission from his freeholder. Are the charges they are passing on to him for a License of Alterations fair?

Going out to tender for builders’ quotes – where do I start?
Several experts at the Federation of Master Builders have helped compile a list of issues for homeowners to consider when tendering for builders’ quotes on a home extension project.

When best to end contract with architect?
Our expert discusses the practicalities of terminating a contract with an architect who has been employed for a house extension.

Should we build a new house in our garden or extend?
What are the planning restrictions faced by a homeowner wanting to make the most out of her property

How do I tell when I need to replace my roof?
Our expert discusses the pros and cons of this expensive home improvement

Getting planning permission for a new build home
Simon Wallis of Savills takes this homeowner through the first steps to building an eco home

Legally splitting up a property
Our legal expert answers a homeowner’s query about splitting the deeds of a home being turned into two flats

Moving a drain on your own land
Our expert explains how a drain can put an end to that dream extension and how to get round them

Maintaining garden walls and fences – who pays?
A serious bone of contention for many, our expert provides some legal clarity

When do I pay my builder?
Saving a homeowner from dodgy practices our expert discusses paying builders

I’m worried about a wall in the attic – it’s cracked and moving
Is it subsidence or previous work that is causing the cracks?


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