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Members' home buying questions answered by the experts

Do you have a question about buying your home but not sure who to ask? Or perhaps you want a second opinion? Join us today and get a comprehensive answer from the professionals. Here are just some of the questions we have helped people with…


Valuation surveyor failed to tell me if a service charge increase will impact value of leasehold property I want to buy. What can I do?
Our expert looks at the issues.

Should I get a Help To Buy mortgage before the scheme ends?
Our member is buying a home and wants to know if they should get a Help To Buy mortgage before the scheme ends. Read our mortgage expert’s advice.

Seller won’t take property off the market – even though offer accepted
Our member’s seller won’t take the property they’re buying off the market – even though their offer has been accepted. Read our expert’s advice.

Should I buy a flat that has a bedroom on a different lease?
Our member wants to buy a flat but one of the bedrooms is on a completely different lease. Read our expert’s advice on how they should proceed.

Is electric heating more expensive than gas?
Our expert from MyUtilityGenius advises a member who is buying a flat and wants to know if electricity is more expensive than gas when it comes to heating.

Should I postpone my house purchase post-Brexit?
‘Don’t panic’ – Our expert offers their advice to a worried member.

Our mortgage application has been accepted but my work contract has changed. What can we do?
Our mortgage expert advises a member who’s partner’s work contract has recently changed, leaving them worried about their application.

Why aren’t my lenders keen on me owning a long lease and the whole freehold?
Our expert advises a leaseholder who has had trouble securing lending to buy the whole freehold of her building.

Our seller can’t be contacted and is holding up the transaction. What can we do?
Expert Beth Rudolph helps a member who can’t contact their seller.

I’m buying a 1960s property. Is it worth getting roof and floor insulation?
Our expert from Green Gumption Eco Sustainability Agency advises our member on installing insulation in their new home.

Will my credit card debt affect my credit rating for a mortgage?
Our expert mortgage broker advises a member on their credit query.

What is an occupier waiver form?
Our member is buying from a divorced couple. The husband is living in the property and has signed an occupier waiver form. Our expert explains what this means.

Buying off-plan – what to watch for in the lease
Our expert from Carlex advises a member on what to watch out for before signing their lease.

What to watch out for when buying a leasehold flat above a shop
Bollanack & Bishop Solicitors lend their top tips on what to watch out for when buying above a shop to our member.

How do I go about splitting a property in two?
Our expert advises a member who wants to split a property into two apartments.

I own a house with my mother but want to buy another home of my own. What are the tax implications?
Our expert gives a member advice on the tax implications of buying a new home whilst owning one with his mother.

My solicitor wants to charge me hundreds of pounds extra in legal fees for buying my home. What can I do?
We help a member who’s solicitor’s bill is much higher than originally quoted.

I want to let out my existing home to help buy a new one. How do I get a Buy to Let mortgage on my existing home?
Our expert gives their advice on Let to Buy.

Buying property with 80 year lease – what are the risks to buying the freehold later?
I don’t want to be left with a depreciating asset which I can’t sell!

Buying house with dangerous garden wall – who is responsible?
Our experts give practical advice to a member who is purchasing of a property with a dangerous garden wall

Will anyone lend to us on a fixed term and zero hours contract?
Our expert helps one couple with their quest to find a mortgage

Can I get a mortgage if I’m self employed?
Our expert mortgage broker explains some of the issues

The lenders valuation is thousands below what I’m paying – what are my options?
Our expert gives advice after one member’s lender values the house he is buying at £40,000 below the agreed purchase price

House buying & selling – can I use Euros?
The solicitors are saying no, but there must be a way forward

Due to exchange but buyers money hasn’t come through – what now?
Our experts explain there may be interest owed

Our solicitors can’t agree on the contract clauses – what can I do?
But who’s right? Our experts explain

Buying a house – works done without building regulation consent
Our expert advises our member on what to do to avoid this being an issue for lenders or future buyers.

Extending my lease when I can’t trace the landlord
Our member is looking to buy a flat with 70 years left on the lease and a missing landlord.  Will she still be able to extend her lease?

Can I use my maintenance payments to get a mortgage?
Our mortgage expert helps one member wanting to move her children out of rented accomodation

Do I need a mortgage agreement in principle or can it damage my credit rating?
Our mortgage expert explains all…

How do I know if there’s a sewage pipe under the house I want to buy?
Our expert gives our member the down low on sewage pipes

Our expert explains best practice in the case of a gazumping

Should we get a full buildings survey?
Will a full buildings survey affect my mortgage valuation?

Can I lower my offer on the home I want to buy?
Oona has made an offer but thinks it’s too high but is worried she can’t walk away

How do I know third party offer is for real, and not the agent trying it on?
A member is worried the agent is lying to them to get them to increase their offer

Can my mortgage valuation surveyor be influenced by the estate agent?
Find out what advice we give to a member worried about independence of their surveyor


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