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Excellent Free Service

We were informed by a local agent that due to current demand they would be able to sell our property within a couple of weeks, at a cost of aprox. £4600. Strike offered the same service at no cost. Obviously we are very happy.

First time using Strike

This is my first time using Strike. So far they have been prompt, professional and offered great assistance even though I’m using the budget package. I assumed I would be on my own after the ad went up but a property manager and negotiator have been available for support. The only downside is logging into the system as you have to get a code emailed each time rather than set up a password.

I have just sold my house with Strike…

I have just sold my house with Strike after initial problems with the agent David who was rarely available and did not know the area I have found that Shannon from the after sales team and Beth from the sales boost team have been excellent and whilst not always readily available on the phone would always keep me updated and deal with any issues promptly.

Awesome service from Karlee and Luke Griggs

Awesome service from Karlee (Liverpool agent), and Luke Griggs. Had a couple of post sales support and Luke is by far the best and is very effective. The service by Strike was truly awesome, from a good write up through to a good valuation where we achieved full asking price (and even had gazumping offers of above asking price) The long and short is I have already tole at least two people of the service they offer.

As good as their word

As good as their word. A manageable, efficient system and monitoring of sale when pending. Available by phone and email. A very positive experience.

Very good service

Very good service. Sold house within 2 hours on market. buying house with strike has been very easy and simple. Thank you. Will recommend to family and friends for selling

Very good soon got plenty viewings

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Amazing service and free!!

Amazing service and free!!! What’s not to love! Highly recommend.

Great friendly staff

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Why pay an agent a percentage fee to…

Why pay an agent a percentage fee to sell your property ? Strike are a great company, why throw money away when you can Strike.... no pressure selling, no hassle, very professional..... #Strike 👍👍👍No1 estate agent.

Fab customer service

Fab customer service. I sold my property in 1 day 😀

Excellent Agents

I have just completed my house sale and purchase through Strike, they have given excellent service throughout, I would highly recommend using them

Very impressed with the efficiency of…

Very impressed with the efficiency of Mollie Yates your agent in the North East.

Fantastic service so far

Friendly, knowledge and very efficient team got our house on rhe market within 3 days of initial enquiry. Two qualified viewings booked in within hours of going live. So far very good! Hopeful for same level if service moving forward.

Excellent service from James Facey

Excellent service from James Facey, my strike agent helped me get my house on the market and a offer in within 3 days ,I had been with another agent and hadn't had 1 offer within 6months,I'm sorry I didn't go with strike the 1st time, I recommend James Facey excellent service and keeps me inform at all times,Brilliant.

Quality service, not to be underestimated

My sale is going through at the moment. Strike is more personalised, thorough and supportive than I expected from an online agency. At one point, I was freaking out and considered taking the property off the market. The agent suggested I give it a month and reassured me there was no pressure to accept an offer. So glad I listened. I had several offers, accepted one and all is going ok so far. When I call and ask for a message to be passed on to an individual, it is and that person calls back, then emails if I am unavailable. So glad I chose Strike. It’s making selling less stressful and almost enjoyable!

You get what you pay for...

On the positive side, we saved ourselves about £7k in agent fees using Strike. However, the company clearly have a lot of problems they need to sort out before I could recommend them to anyone else. On the tech side, the product is ok, but lacks some basic features like ordering message threads by date, allowing you to respond to messages direct from email, seeing how your ad is performing on the portals. They also have password-less login, which is great, but you have to wait for an email with your passcode every time you sign in, which can take a minute or two to arrive. It would be quicker and easier to just set a password upfront to log in with. The main problem is communication. We had to wait a week for our initial valuation. Ellie, who was assigned to our sale, texted me after I booked in the valuation appointment to suggest we have an intro call, but never actually called despite me chasing multiple times. On the day of our valuation, we found out it would be done over a WhatsApp call, and it was 3 hours late. When we got to the valuation call, Ellie’s computer crashed and she wasn’t able to actually give us the valuation on the call. She said she’d send it immediately after, but it didn’t come through until the next day, after I sent an email to chase. Despite this, we decided to go with Strike, as a free service seemed worth a try. I emailed as soon as we had the valuation through to say we wanted to go ahead. We then got an automated reply saying Ellie was out of the office, so I called into the office and eventually got assigned another agent, Adam to take over. Adam was excellent and got our ad up within a day. We did take our own photos and do our own floorplan though. Throughout the process, I managed everything - all viewing requests etc. I handled directly. I didn’t have to deal with Strike, which was fine. Then we got an offer on our property, and were assigned a ‘dedicated negotiator’ called Julie. As soon as the offer came in we tried to call Julie to explain our position, but were told she was busy and would call us back. She didn’t. We didn’t want to keep our prospective buyers waiting, so ended up taking matters into our own hands and doing our own negotiations. Eventually we agreed a sale price and accepted the offer. At this point, Strike had to verify our buyers ID and proof of funds and issue a memorandum of sale. It’s take them a week and a half to do this, and the only reason it’s now been done is because we have called them daily to chase. Everyone we’ve spoken to at Strike has been friendly, they’re just clearly overworked and so everything moves very slowly. In summary, if you’re happy to manage everything yourself and chase people constantly, Strike might work for you. But if you’re not willing to do this, you might be better off using a paid for service.

Strike - why pay when this excellent service is free!

Strike is definitely the way to sell your house. Quick & efficient, no waiting around for a middle man to book viewing appointments. Viewing requests & offers came straight to my phone & then I could respond immediately. Sold my house within 3 days. So easy & the best bit - it was free! Saved us £3000.

!st class service updates all the time…

!st class service updates all the time very professional.

Lack of communication and care.

Put in an offer for a flat and very excited have had it accepted! We had a few questions about the flat to clear up before we begin searches and proceed with the purchase. Unfortunately the agent, Michael who is selling the flat is unable to reply to any emails and about a dozen times has promised to call us back but hasn’t done so once. We are usually very patient people and understand it must be busy right now but feel like we are being ignored. It would be great for Michael to step up and call us or reply to emails instead of us having to keep ringing the office. I sincerely hope strike can rectify this soon as if not we will have to find a new estate agent and property - I would hate to do that because we are a big fan of the property - and it will be very difficult for the seller who has now had the property on the market for over a year!