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Great service,very professional and not…

Great service,very professional and not pushy on the offer of other services. Would highly recommend to anyone.

The experience of using Strike has been…

The experience of using Strike has been brilliant Can’t say anything more

Strike conveyancing

Strike conveyancing, like banging your head against a brick wall. Looking for a company that quotes one price and then adds new costs every time they sneeze then these guys are for you. Wish I just went with the company that we used when we bought our house. We used strike to sell our house and we were super happy with them, they did a good job and the platform is easy to use but, once you've sold it all goes down hill. Strike: Do you want to use our conveyancing? Me: Ok, how much will it cost? Strike: £1089. Me: No thanks we'll use someone else. Strike: Ok new quote is £849 and as the buyer is using us this will speed things up. Me: So these are your in house conveyancers. Strike: Yes (big lie as they actually use Premier Property Lawyers LTD) Me: Ok that sounds fine (not knowing that they've lied) Things started ok but then extra prices kept being added for things I feel should have come up during the quoting process like; maintenance company charge (could of asked us if a maintenance company is involved), help to buy charge (could of asked us if a help to buy is involved, especially as so many people are using it). There are other fees but it just gets silly, anyway it turns out that the well priced quote is not so well priced. The other company we were going to use asks you about these things before quoting and then quotes appropriately. Complained Well this was a waste of time, might just as well as not bothered as it took over a week to actually get anyone to open a complaint, and then I was told tough luck it is what it is. Bad communication So after the property sold they just don't want to know anymore, some of the people who were answering emails the same hour were now not answering at all. For the first month I message my solicitor 3 times and heard nothing, she is now a bit more responsive but I'm now in the middle of fighting another crazy fee. Another crazy fee So this is related to the maintenance company. The solicitor of the buyer (also Strike) want us to have £100 retained in case extra charges are added to the maintenance fee. The issue I have is first off we have paid this maintenance fee in advance up to the end of the year and we will be out of the property 4 months prior to this date so we have actually already over paid which we have no issues with. The big issue is Strike aka Premier Property Lawyers LTD want to charge us £50 for the privilege of retaining this £100 which we are almost 100% certain to have refunded back to us as we are not even in the property for 4 months of the service period meaning we will be in credit already. This is money for old rope, daylight robbery or whatever you want to call it. So frustrated with the way this has been handled.

Good job

Friendly people to deal with and a cost effective way to sell a house.

Completely free service

Completely free service. Offer is similar to other paid for online estate agents. Process has been quick and easy. You can choose to use add on services if you want but it wasn’t necessary for me. If I was ever to sell a house again I’d use Strike.

Great and Free!

Great, professional service and all for free. App is great to manage advert and viewings.

Great service

Great service, helpful staff and fast process

Straight forward easy to work with very…

Straight forward easy to work with very professional

Staff very lovely and they work hard…

Staff very lovely and they work hard 24/7 Trying very hard to find you a buyer. I reccomend them to everybody

The agent (Hamza) who came round was…

The agent (Hamza) who came round was extremely professional well mannered and pressure, easy process and all for free! Fantastic

5 star service

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2 missed valuation appointments

Booked a valuation for 9am 11th July but no one contacted me. I rang the agent, Georgina, who said our property wasn’t in her region and that someone would be in contact to rearrange. After not being contacted, I rang the strike phone number and a colleague of Georginas, who was aware of what happened, rearranged the valuation for 8am today (12/07/21). The strike app said the new appointment was with Georgina again, and I have not been called again. I’ve tried calling Georgina and the strike number but no one is picking up. I have also emailed the Strike email but there is no reply. I’m very disappointed with this level of service.

A little bit stressful at first..

Had a bit of a difficult start with regards to the offer we placed on a property as we weren’t getting any feedback at all. When I tried calling to speak to the person who left a voicemail, I’d end up speaking to someone different who always said they would call back but never did. Luckily, we had the very helpful Chloe who was helping us with our mortgage application. If it wasn’t for Chloe then the process would have been a whole lot more stressful. Melly has been very helpful too.

Carly D

Carly D. from strike has been absolutely lovely and she would always help us with chasing up updates to make sure everything is up to date.


Hi we had a great experience using Strike , very helpful staff made the whole process very easy

You won't ever get better elsewhere!

From start to finish this company has been incredible! Nita who took the listing was knowledgeable and advised us well on our listing and photos. Jamie who dealt with our first sale that fell through due to the buyers buyer (and it sold in a week) and then he did fantastic negotiations to secure an offers over bidding war resulting in a better offer and then ending in Abi who has seen us through to exchange and completion in 48 hours. We can't thank the team enough! Don't go anywhere else!!

Saved a fortune on selling fees

Saved a fortune on selling fees . Liked being in control of the viewings also their to help you if and when needed thank u strike

Kept in the loop

Was kept informed all the way

Terrible service

My property was listed without my permission despite owning 50 percent. You'd think they'd check When did sell through them, Terrible with keeping you up to date If you sell your property with a partner your are separated from - they will only keep one of you informed by WOULD NOT RECOMMEND

In depth research

In depth research, professional and informative valuation. So far very quick service.