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The worst company ever even after…

The worst company ever even after signing contract it took them 3weeks to send photographer then nearly a week to upload on to right move so them saying they can sell within 30days what a load of bs then when i wanted out they said they would charge me 5k and don't stat me on the photographer 😬

I am left writing a review hoping…

I am left writing a review hoping someone from will get in touch with me. I have had a flat with them from late last year and have not had very good service from Sold. I have asked if there is anything I can do to increase interest and my questions are ignored. Sometimes it has taken over a week to get a reply, and I am never given an update on what is happening. I received a phone call from one of their colleagues to see what I wanted to do with the flat and I returned his call straight away and two times since then and haven't heard back. I've emailed sold twice now to let them know I don't want to have my flat on their site anymore and haven't heard back in weeks! I'm on this hoping someone will get back to me as their service has gone from ok, to bad to worse now and without going through all the issues, I want my flat off their site and no one is returning my calls or emails. @ABBIE - Thanks for your reply. I have been in contact with Matt Garrish, Tushar Wadhwani and used the general enquiries email address. Your CFO Richard Olliffe emailed me on the 21st of May saying he was looking into it and someone would get in contact on Monday morning....I still haven't had a response back and its nearly been two weeks.

Great service so far!

Still going through the sale process of my house, but the service so far has been excellent. When I contacted webuyanyhouse Felix answered the phone and unfortunately we couldn't come to a deal, but he did ask if I'd be interested in their sister company and we were able to sort out an agreement. The next stage for putting the house on the market was with Ellie and again great communications and felt great dealing with her. Hopefully my house sells fast!

I needed a quick sale on my property as…

I needed a quick sale on my property as I recently got a new job across the country. I originally contacted We Buy Any Home to try and get a quick sale on the property but the price was slightly too low for what I needed to buy my next property. I spoke with Lucy on the phone who ran me through the service. She was really friendly and helpful and didn’t try to push me towards either option, she explained both services well and really tried to help me with what would be best for my situation. Unfortunately at the moment I am in an estate agency contract with another company, however, if my property has still not sold within the next month I will be coming back to use This is because I feel that I received a genuine service over the phone, this is not just someone trying to sell me something but someone who genuinely cared about my situation and who seemed to really want to make sure that I did get the sale that I needed. I have no complaints regarding the service and would like to thank Lucy for all her help so far.

Do it!

Heard about this company from a friend who’d sold with them before. Gave them a ring and they talked me through all their options. I was so close to going with their cash buying option however had to pull out. I still thought I needed to post some kind of review to shout their praises!

Quickest sale!!

They’ve got a longer and a quicker option, I went the quicker option because of convenience. GREAT service.

Sold the property fast

Sold were very good at getting the house sold and got lots of people viewing the property. I only gave 4 stars because of the aftersales service wasn't the best it was hard to speak to someone and get updates the process has taken me a year.

Sold were a fantastic choice for me

Sold were a fantastic choice for me. I was originally referred to them from their sister company We Buy Any Home as the cash offer wasn’t enough for us. Within a few days of signing up to the service we had had a photographer round and then we were up on the market shortly after that. We got loads of interest and had an offer within four weeks. Currently going through the process of getting everything finalised but would definitely recommend this service to others. My friends are selling their property and have gone with Sold too!

Vey happy with

We just managed to purchase our first property with the help of It is not an easy and stress-free process, but all the agents that helped us have done their best for a smooth process. We really appreciated that they have not used any aggressive sale approach as other agencies have done in the past. Thecniques that are not really worth as they only annoy the potential buyers, trust me! Really recommanded!

Huge thanks!

The last time I sold a house was 30 years ago, so I was very out of touch! My daughter looked into online estate agents for me and came back suggesting SOLD as a service that would work well. No fees at all seemed too good to be true, but I decided to give it a go as the contract was only 30 days. My house had three offers on it within 14 days - amazingly quick! If anyone is out there thinking about going with SOLD, I could not recommend a service more! The people all seemed very lovely as well, which is always a great plus. Huge thanks!

This should be the way all houses are…

This should be the way all houses are sold. They tell you from the get go how much you will get from the sale of your home. All the fees are taken from the sale so there are no nastily surprises. The price you agree isn’t what it goes on the market for, it’s there jobs to get you your agreed sum and anything above that is their cut. Personally I much prefer this!

Friendly, professional and efficient!

I can't rate these guys enough! After being with an estate agent for 5 months with no progress I was so deflated. We originally contacted We Buy Any Home for a valuation, but we were recommended to go through their sister company, I was then handed over to Izabella who has been absolutely fantastic! She was so quick to answer any questions we had and to get the ball rolling with our property listing. We all of a sudden had a very quick turn of events where the new build development we were buying our new house from offered us part exchange on our property so we no longer needed to go through Even though we didn't use their service in the end, I would highly recommend using to sell your property. The communication is brilliant and I was amazed with the professional photographer they used to capture my property. Such a professional company and I wouldn't hesitate to contact them again should I have a property to sell in the future. Thank you!

Professional, Fast, Friendly

I found Ellie very professional and friendly. My calls and emails were dealt with speedily and accurately. From initial enquiry to on the sales market in a few days with great photographs. Very pleased with the service I have received so far.

I will be back!

I have bought and sold properties over the years. This is has been the swiftest, and most professional service of any agency I have used. Emails are responded to in hours, there is an honest, pragmatic exchange regarding questions and answers. I would have absolutely no qualms in recommending this estate agent company and would definitely use them again without hesitation.

Great at keeping you informed.

Great at keeping you informed and updated. Sold done most if not all the procedure.Negative, too many people contact you although but in a positive way.

Brilliant service form Ellie F and the…

Brilliant service form Ellie F and the team form start of the process right the way through, Would most definitely recommend them to anyone

Selling my property

Selling my property they are very helpful

Great service

I've been really pleased with the communication and professionalism of SOLD. My listing looks fantastic and I have been kept up-to-date with the process.

Worst company ever in my life

Why did you lie to trustpilot and say I was a fake and that you had no dealings with me? Yet I showed Trustpilot the proof hence you cannot remove my truths about you. I was to buy a property from this company, the seller and the agent are lowest of the low. Three months into an agreed sale they pulled out because I wouldn't pay 40k more and they didn't check the clients position, they covered it so I would be so far into the sale they get more money from me. This company is the worst...They are unprofessional,uncaring ,have no itergraty ,or grabbing snakes. I've lost time months of It and money.. sleep ,I don't Stressed all the time Now I have had to find another house whereby I need to pay stamp duty now, extra money on fees , searches , nearly lost my buyer who will now have to pay stamp duty This company takes no responsibility, they just reply with the most ridiculous remarks to say I am rude and their seller is stress ,who pulled out at the last minute Yet they didn't say anything durring the three months into the sale sent a negative reply when I sent reviews about them . The seller and this company hasn't spent one penny. I've now lost thousands and having to spend thousands because of these low snakes. Yes snakes. They didn't check their clients position whom couldn't get a mortgage yet say it is I. Yet these pulled out of the agreed sale that we was in for three months What part of that do these uncaring, unprofessional, unintelligent snakes not understand ?? Shows how they work.Cannot deal with the truth If you was to buy from these and lost money,time what would you say or do. Yet they say it is my fault because they have no itergraty..or they are so blinded by their greed that I've lost money and now having to spend thousands whereby their client hasn't spent or lost one penny! Nasty low greedy bumps the price up agents.. To be honest in my opinion.You are Scum and I don't care ...Karma need clients I don't hence all I've said is the truth and the way you Conducted yourselves to me. A simple buyer who's been pushed ,and messed and made to pay because of your actions. Tbh If I was rude you would know about It! Like I say. You need clients. I would never have any dealings with you and your ex client ! Good luck to those that ever go through what I have. How you lot sleep. KARMA....lastly. I know I lost yet I will survive, yet your company will do this to more people. Are you actually that unitelagent that I have lost thousands and you are saying that your seller whom pulled out of an agreed sale has deluged..shows that you are not trustworthy ..just a bunch of fakes I hope you go broke and If people are reading this .. I have spent 6 months and lost thousands because of . If you have done well with them that is great I will showcase what you did and how you deal with it. A bunch of Unprofessionals. Purplebricks&Fresh are the best. Unlike Dipesh& will never stop.