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Fast and efficient

Fast and efficient. The whole team were really professional and Bradley was great in keeping me up to speed on everything. Was really impressed that pretty much everything was done online. Made it so much easier.

Absolute please to deal with

Absolute pleasure to deal with. Ellie has been brilliant all through out. We are just finalising the final parts before putting the house on the market but the professionalism shown so far has been outstanding. Without a doubt I would use them again. Even if the house does not sell, the communication alone is worth the opportunity given to Sold.

Great team

I originally spoke to their sister company, but when their offer didn’t work, they suggested I use Was having to relocate, so needed to sell up pretty quickly. Sold did this for me, and found an investor to buy it within a month. So grateful to all the team for getting this sorted. I would definitely use again.

Great service so far!

Still going through the sale process of my house, but the service so far has been excellent. When I contacted webuyanyhouse Felix answered the phone and unfortunately we couldn't come to a deal, but he did ask if I'd be interested in their sister company and we were able to sort out an agreement. The next stage for putting the house on the market was with Ellie and again great communications and felt great dealing with her. Hopefully my house sells fast!

Sold found me a buyer in less than a month.

Sold found me a buyer in less than a month. I could have maybe got a bit more money if I’d used an estate agent, but they got me the figure I needed to secure my onward and did it much quicker than an agent would. Would recommend.

Our first home

It’s been a great pleasure buying our first home off SOLD.CO.UK, Thank you to Dipesh for the updates, friendly and efficient service!

Great from start to finish

Great from start to finish. They organised everything. Got my property on the market really quickly and found a buyer within a week. The team were all super helpful and were on hand to answer all my questions.

Overall a really good service

Overall a really good service. Got my property sold to one of their investors. All staff were nice and good at keeping me up to date. A big thanks to Bradley

Friendly and efficient service.

Friendly and efficient service. I would highly recommend them.

Vey happy with

We just managed to purchase our first property with the help of It is not an easy and stress-free process, but all the agents that helped us have done their best for a smooth process. We really appreciated that they have not used any aggressive sale approach as other agencies have done in the past. Thecniques that are not really worth as they only annoy the potential buyers, trust me! Really recommanded!

Thanks to Sam and his team for the…

Thanks to Sam and his team for the fantastic service. I was dubious at first, as it sounded a little too good to be true. However, I was proved wrong. The service was excellent. They arranged all the marketing material and got our property live on Rightmove etc in days.

This should be the way all houses are…

This should be the way all houses are sold. They tell you from the get go how much you will get from the sale of your home. All the fees are taken from the sale so there are no nastily surprises. The price you agree isn’t what it goes on the market for, it’s there jobs to get you your agreed sum and anything above that is their cut. Personally I much prefer this!

Dipesh is amazing

Dipesh is amazing! He is always so helpful and so friendly and ensures matters are progressing promptly. I cannot fault and have worked with them for years and i must say they are extremely friendly and caring and really get the job done efficiently, stress/hassle free.

Dipesh was brilliant

I worked with Dipesh for my sale and was so pleased with how regularly he kept me updated and kept on at the buyer's Solicitors!

Excellent service!!

Excellent service, professional advice and a great pricing strategy that means my property sold with them within 4 days of marketing, despite me having the property on the market with my previous Estate Agent for 3 months!! Able to secure the property I wanted to buy because of the speed involved! Would recommend and use again! Thanks for all your help!

An extremely refreshing experience…

An extremely refreshing experience purchasing through and working with Zak & the rest of the team! They have been extremely responsive and made the whole experience as stress free as possible. Thanks very much! I have just collected the keys to my new home and can’t wait for the next chapter!

Not worth one star...

Not worth one star... This so call estate agent took 6 months of my life. Cost me thousands, and lost of sleep and stress They have been rude ,and unprofessional with me I had contacted the director whom swore at me. All this because they bumped the price up just before exchange...saying their client needs £40k more to purchase what they want. I had Paid searches, solicitors fees ...and paid with six months of my life near to exchange they tried to get more money When I approached the management they got nasty ,and rude... Sold. They responded with I am to blame. How can a business not understand the importance of feedback. What do I have to lose ,and why would I make up anything. This company is shocking. Low. Unprofessional, should be laws about them. I really wish they go broke after they tried to break me,and extract more money. Modern day theives, and unprofessional scum tbh

would not recommend

very pro-active and helpful with getting you signed up. Not as responsive or efficient once property is on market. Be wary of the "no legal costs" thing as I was sent a list of solicitors fees and charges after the property went on the market. I emailed a few people at Sold asking if - despite them advertising to the contrary - I would actually be liable for some of these costs . I never received an answer on this and when I came to the end of the 30 day contract decided not to continue further. Also seems to be proving a bit difficult in getting my key returned. On that topic, they arranged a third party key holder so attend viewings. Unfortunately 2 weeks later an appointment had to be cancelled as it emerged that he had gone on holiday so I ended up having to attend myself the next day. Having made the 20 minute to the flat drive during my lunch break, I met the prospective buyer only for them to they realise it was a 1st floor flat and they wanted ground floor. Turns out Sold hadn't specified this in the description online. Again, when I emailed them to point this out and make them aware of a few other discrepancies in the Rightmove listing, no one replied. They were very keen for me to accept an offer that was made at 25% less than the asking price though.

Would recommend

Really helpful through the whole process and always at the end of the phone. Very friendly and quick to answer emails and queries.

Great service so far

My property has only just hit the market but the service received from Tia so far has been outstanding. Now lets see if the property sells!