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Great people

Great people and a great team helped us throughout.


Appalling.If you are considering using them please be aware of the following:- both my husband and I were separately selling flats (different areas and different types of flats) with them. We went with them due to being told they had lots of investors ready to buy. Not a single investor came to see either of our properties. - read the contract. We were told ALL offers would be passed on to us. The contract says differently - only reasonable offers. Who decides what is reasonable?From what we were each independently told when being sold “” We were under the impression that our contract would last one month only and then both sides could walk away. This is not true - read the contract.- really poor service. Lack of basic knowledge - was told my flat couldn’t be sold under a mortgage - it can. One rude staff member which I suspect would not go down well prospective buyers. Another staff member failed to read my emails and even when asked to, misunderstood basic questions in the email.Overall I was totally underwhelmed by the experience and would suggest people hesitate before going ahead with this company.

Fantastic chat and valuation…

Fantastic chat and valuation unfortunately despite our rush it didn't happen. If your house is not sold already here in Wales there is no point in putting in an offer or even wanting to go to see properties. You have to be sold first. Because we want to go back to UK we now know what to do first now. Will definitely use SOLD in a few weeks once we know prices and areas in the UK where we can buy.....

Great service

Very clear explanation of how the service works. Also insightful on how the market works.

Waste of time

Promised an excellent service and a quick sale but failed to provide. Communication was terrible, we had to chase all the time and everyone talked to us like we should know what is going on. In the end the sale fell through and all we did was waste time. Only gets 1 star because we didn't have to pay any fees and the marketing was great - everything after that was rubbish.

Sold review

Good communication from agents, easy to get hold of, quick to chase requests, found a buyer in under 30 days

I had a great experience with the…

I had a great experience with the team. They were quick to respond to emails and they explained the process well. From start to finish were thorough in their approach and I am satisfied with the job.

Be very sure this is right for you

I’ll start by saying that everyone I dealt with at Sold was polite, friendly and helpful. They are fully up-front about their business model and for a small number of people it is possible that is a good option. For those people, I am sure they will have no issues.However, I don’t believe the model is a good option for most sellers. By giving you a set price and taking 100% of anything above that, Sold set themselves up to earn commissions far above what a typical estate agent would take. In my case, they ‘offered’ me £290k for my property and immediately listed it at £300k, ultimately getting an offer even above that. That means straight away they were looking to take 3.5%, and eventually ended up with more like 5%. A typical estate agent would charge around 1 or 1.5%.As I say, they were clear about this so I wasn’t hoodwinked, but I agreed to it because I assumed they were doing something more than an average estate agent. But are they? I was told that the property would be listed to their database of investors for 24hrs, yet in fact it went live on RightMove immediately and when I asked about that I never got a satisfactory answer. I was also told that many of the viewers would be investors and cash buyers, but in practice they were no different to the types of buyers who had come through the agent I’d originally listed the property with. So, if all they’re doing is listing your property on RightMove and then organising and conducting viewings, what are they really doing to earn a commission that is 2 or even 3 times larger than a local agent who would do just the same thing? Yes, might get quick sales in many cases but that’s because they’re working with people who are in a rush to sell so are offering very low prices. If you are happy to price your property that low, you could get a quick offer with any agent. And while they reel people in by offering a ‘fixed’ price, in practice this means nothing: there’s no more guarantee you’ll get that price than with any other estate agent, and unlike a home buying company they’re not putting up their own cash so really this is just a way for them to lock you in on a price that they think is lower than the property will sell for, and then maximise their own commission. So, I’d urge you to think really hard about what specifically are Sold doing to earn their potentially huge fee. If you still think they’re offering enough to justify paying them that much then that’s fine - crack on! The people are nice and the service was good. But don’t throw money away, consider just listing with a regular estate agent and dropping the price to get your quick sale. You’ll pay less commission, and if the property ends up selling for more, you’ll benefit instead of all that money going into’s pocket.A final point - I was also drawn in by the very positive TrustPilot reviews. It was only after I signed up that I realised that as soon as your property is listed online, ask for reviews and offer Amazon vouchers (in breach of TrustPilot’s terms of use). That is why so many of the reviews on here admit they are written so early in the process that the review is meaningless! And since they are bought with vouchers, I’m not sure how many we can really trust anyway. Be sure to read the reviews carefully and don’t take the overall score as any kind of guide.

Impressed is not the correct word

Impressed is not the correct word. Ellie & Bradley have been amazing. 11/10. A totally transparent company. Keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

We have been very impressed with…

We have been very impressed with from our experience so far. Ellie and Charles have been very helpful and made the process very easy. Very happy customers so far

Overall really good experience so far

Overall really good experience so far. I am just at offer stage and so cannot comment on the rest of the process yet.Communication pretty good and very quick to get the property on the market. I have dealt mainly with Bradley,Ellie, Deborah and Dahnish.They have all been very responsive to questions.Sometimes I had to chase feedback on viewings but appreciate they have a lot of properties on the go and they always got back to me quickly. I would say that if you call the main line at a weekend then its a bit more variable. One of the people who viewed said that they spoke to someone who was pretty unhelpful at a weekend (not one of the above people mentioned)

It has been an absolute pleasure…

It has been an absolute pleasure liaising with Ellie and team at SOLD. They have been great thus far in marketing and arranging viewings. Hopefully wrapped up soon. Many thanks!


Sam, the agent was thoroughly professional and honest with all aspects. The valuation was good/fair. The photographer was booked straight away after signing the for sale documents.


SOLD, sold my house in one day. They have a great team who are all responsible for different parts of the job when selling your home. They were very professional & a pleasure to do business with. If you want to sell your home quickly & get a professional job, give SOLD a try, you won’t be disappointed.

We tried to use other "traditional"…

We tried to use other "traditional" estate agents to sell the property 2 times before and we were never able to do it, despite the house being on the market for months at the time. Within 3 weeks with SOLD the house was sold and within 3 months completion has taken place. Really happy with these people, they know what they are doing!

The service that we have recieved

The service that we have recieved looks good so far.Sam and the team have been very helpful and patient with us.It's early days yet so can really comment on the full service.

Highly recommend

I found on Google and thought I would give them a try as I as soo dissatisfied with high st Estate Agents. Sold we're confident that they could sell my property in a month and true to their word they did. Communication was constant and up to date. They also helped throughout the sales process and I used their legal services too.I was so impressed I recommend them to my sister. They sold her property on the first day and above asking price.I would highly recommend them.

We have been dealing with Bradley

We have been dealing with Bradley, he was very efficient, knowledgeable and informative I would definitely recommend

I’d give SOLD 3 stars as we haven’t…

I’d give SOLD 3 stars as we haven’t sold our property with them yet. We put our flat on the market with them in mid-December, although the price was slightly less than other agents provided we thought we’d try them as they said 4/5 of their properties sold within 30 days.Unfortunately, that was not the case for our flat as it’s been over 40 days now. Ellie and Charles have been great at communicating with us at all times and have assured us that due to Covid we have had zero viewings.From a sellers point of the view, the agents seem good at marketing and communicating with customers but please don’t presume they will sell your property within 30 days as I know from experience now that it depends on many other factors which are out of the agent's control.

I was very impressed with the service…

I was very impressed with the service offered - particularly the part where the buyer pays all costs, so I will be left with the full amount I sell my house for!! Even the conveyancing fees are excellent value. Very realistic, competent and professional. I thoroughly recommend you to try this firm to lessen the stress, whilst maximising capital