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Really helpful

Really helpful, always around to answer calls and emails. Our main contact Hilary was brilliant, ask first time buyers the whole experience seems a little daunting but Hilary was on hand to answer our many questions. If/when we come to sell we will 100% use emote.

Sell with Confidence!

Having been disappointed and let down by the high street agents we considered using an online agent. Before putting our house on the market we wanted to view a couple of houses, one of these was listed by emoov. I made an enquiry via RightMove and was contacted very quickly by Claire, she was brilliant and arranged the viewing giving us several slots to make it easier to view. We decided against the house but looked more into comparing emoov with Purple Bricks. Both appeared to be similar except that my experience with Purple Bricks was very similar to the high street agents that I was desperately trying to avoid, I didn't need a slick haired car salesman overpromising and under valuing to get a sale! Not only that emoov didn't put my postcode into the London catchment area (I am in the Home Counties) and charge me an additional £500! We decided on emoov based on first impressions and cost, my advert was up and running within a few hours as I had already spent a long time doing the description and several hundred photos. I had a viewing booked within 5 minutes of going live!! Because of the current COVID situation I only accepted viewings from those who were proceedable or on the market - I turned away more people than actually viewed. The booking system was really easy to manage via the online portal and I was really interested to see the stats, between Thursday 21st and Monday 25th May, my house had appeared in over 8300 searches and of those searches 2500 people had clicked and viewed my house via RightMove, Zoopla and the emoov website - I sold my house on Monday 25th May! I then had to cancel 5 of the outstanding viewings and turn down another offer. During this I was supported by Claire and then Hilary took over to start tying up the sale details. Hilary was complimented by by the High Street agent that I was buying from saying "Hilary has worked so hard for you in getting all the information together, she was professional and really knew her stuff" I could have said the same thing but coming from a rival High Street agent I felt that was probably the best endorsement possible. The house I was offering on has fallen through but I have a buyer and working hard to find a similar house. In conclusion, I would wholeheartedly recommend emoov as the way forward in selling your house. Why on earth would I want to pay several thousand pounds for a high street agent when I have a team of absolute professionals to help me 24/7? You can't choose which agent to buy your house through but you can certainly choose who to market it with! I cant rate these guys highly enough - get them on board and sell with complete confidence!

Full asking price offer within 24hrs of going live

Emoov did a fantastic job with great support and advice from the lovely ladies in the back office. Absolute professionals creating a listing that showed the property at it's best. I had 5 requests for viewings on the day it went live and the first person to view the property that evening put a full asking price offer in the following day. Result!!!! not too mention the £3000 saved in fees.

Hands down the nicest group of people…

Hands down the nicest group of people to deal with in the property world. Whilst dealing with a tricky negotiation Hilary was able to calmly asses the situation and negotiate an offer that both the buyer and I were happy with, subsequently securing a deal in a less than favourable market. Thank you.

THANK YOU TEAM EMOOVE! Following endless disappointments from…

Following endless disappointments from traditional ways of selling our house, we decided to try Emoove. From the initial approach to the moment our house went live, we couldn’t have been better supported. Public “thank you” to Claire Howard whose endless patience and professionalism has taken the pain our of this emotive process. Claire has been available all the way, she called when she said she’d call, and organised the photographer (who is also awesome) has not let us down. I’m confident our house will now appeal to a wider audience and id selling again, I’d most definitely used Emoove again. Well done guys, you’re an amazing team!

The site was easy to use

The site was easy to use, and I particually liked the way you could book viewings. Our agent was Hilary and she was nothing but helpful, kind and supportive of our move. Something that was much needed when moving in the middle of a Global Pandemic. Would recommend emoov for sure.

Avoid like the plague

Avoid like the plague! ,took my money up front before the lockdown asked for a review straight away! Only two viewings in almost four months despite me paying out for a primium listing 👿,then was ill advised to reduce the price,nothing for weeks and weeks!!! With a new agent now and have had 6 viewings and two outstanding offers already in less than a week'suprise ! Never will I ever consider using Emoov again and make sure all my friends and family stay well clear unless they want to be ripped off discusting shouldn't be allowed to perate in this way, I'm out of pocket buy £1300.00😈😈 You are blaintentley lying 👿 We decided to drop the price based on local agents guidelines for the price of our property,You couldn't sell a paper bag if it was placed Infront of You. No advice was taken as You based your valuation on a property sold in January 2019, and needed alot of updating .You are trying to cover yourselves due to total incompatance,and lies making out you had marketed it properly 👿 , I have spoken to lots of local agents and all say you should have given me a refund due to the fact that You had no intention! of selling my property and wanted my money !!shame on you , oh and you forgot to mention your business went into liquidation in 2018" I wonder why????? No guesses there if you don't look after your customers who pay your wages you won't have any left as bad news travals fast idiot's

Best way to sell your house

I sold my house on emoov (twice) - sadly, chain broke on first sale. By the time the sale fell through, Emoov had gone down & I thought I'd need to pay ten times as much through a high street agent. However, Emoov rose from the ashes (funded by Mashroom) and said they'd honour any outstanding contracts and I still had 3 months of service in which to sell. So I relisted & sold. The system works well. I got to decide when I was happy to show the house & appointments could then be made by interested parties. I set the price - no pushy advice forced on me. I must say - for such a low fee, I expected 'ryannair' service - but not so. The individuals I spoke to were helpful & seemed savvy - certainly didn't get the smarm that I'd have suffered from High Street agency. Saved about £6,500. Thanks emoov

I couldn’t rate EMoov highly enough and..

I couldn’t rate EMoov highly enough and particularly Claire Howard taking such interest in marketing my property. You would think she is selling her own home! She is always easy to reach and really knows her stuff. In these uncertain times we are living in, Claire has also made sure that only one person is allowed to visit at any one time and that face masks and gloves are worn at all times. I have decided to also supply visitors with shoe covering. Honestly, having her next to me through the selling process is a god send. A massive ‘Thank you Claire’ for your support.

Another successful transaction with Emoov following a Local Estate Agent failure

This was our second experience of Emoov, and the story is very similar to our first. A relative had struggled selling through a local estate agent, and she ended up being cajoled into accepting a ridiculously low price from a buyer who then kept reducing their offer further. We persuaded her to pull the sale, and relaunch through Emoov. We chose the pay up front, no success fee option, and she now has an acceptable offer from nice people to do business with. It's not that the Emoov Internet portal is so fantastic (though it's miles better than no portal at all) we found the big difference to be their responsiveness over the telephone. The phone was actually answered, we got to speak to our contact when we needed to, and there was no doubt whose side she was on when we did. Five stars.

A great move to EMOOV

Our existing estate agent went very quiet immediately following the lockdown. The only contact they made with us was an email containing a link to an unhelpful video from one of the firm's partners. Enter EMOOV ! The wonderful Claire immediately set up the basic listing but explained that a photographer wouldn't be able to visit for the time being. No matter - we had plenty of our own internal and external shots. Compiling the description and key points was very easy - it was our house after all, so who else could do it better. Under Clair's careful guidance, pictures were loaded, description fields completed, links to Right Move and Zoopla established and we were up an running within a day. We had total control over the listing and the viewing availability, which could be changed to suit our changing commitments. Almost immediately viewings were booked by eager prospects and we have been able to show people round, observing Government guidance. Emoov and particularly Claire cannot be praised high enough for their close attention, client support and professionalism and we would recommend them in the highest possible terms.

First Class Estate Agency!

I can’t emphasise enough what a fantastic service we have received with EMoov. This is the second time we’ve used them and each time they have been brilliant. From the initial phone call, through to helping us to arrange viewings and then choosing between offers the service has been first class. A huge thank you in particular to Ellie and Debbie - we couldn’t have done this without you!

Very happy customers!

We have sold two properties with Emoov, and have been so impressed with the service we have received. Abi and Cassia have both been been very friendly and efficient in dealing with the initial stages of getting the properties on the market and arranging viewings. The photographers have done a great job and helped show our properties to their best advantage. Hilary in particular has really gone the extra mile in negotiating with buyers to get us the best possible price for our properties. We feel that we have received a better, more professional and more personal service than we ever have done previously with traditional agents, and for a fraction of the cost. We could not recommend Emoov more highly!

Incredibly supportive! Highly recommend!

As first time sellers, we were very nervous about putting our house on the market. We couldn't be more pleased that we decided to go with emoov as they have made the entire process so far an absolute breeze. We have had and continue to receive continuous support and the team are always there to help with any queries we have, no matter how silly they may seem! Despite working from home during the lockdown and having to contend with poor phone connections, Claire Howard has been an absolute trooper and such a pleasure to liaise with. She provided us with well researched advice, ensuring that we had as much accurate information about the market before going ahead during such turbulent times and never made us feel pressured into making decisions. Her expertise has really paid off as we have already accepted an offer on our house after having only been on the market a mere 4 days! Hillary has also been an absolute joy to work with, ensuring we got the best possible outcome for our sale. Thank you so much to the team at emoov for your ongoing support, we look forward to continuing this journey with you :)

Excellent service from Emoov

Excellent service from Emoov! Great value for money, professional and always courteous and helpful when needed! Mr & Mrs Elliott

You're the best!

From the professional guy who took the house photos, to Abbi who secured our sale and Hilary who helped us progress to completion, the service was first class. This is the second time we've used Emoov and would totally recommend them to anyone looking to sell their house. A final shout to Hilary for being so helpful and reassuring, who dealt with us so well and with such a friendly manner, you're the best!

Outstanding service

We went with Emoov after looking at all of the main hybrid agents. Abi contacted me and reassured me with any concerns I had. Photos and floorplan were done with 2 days and the property was on the market the following day. While it was priced to sell, we had 8 viewings the next day and accepted an offer the following day. Throughout it all Abi was always in contact with us and incredibly helpful. When it came to negotiations Hilary was amazing. Nothing was too much for her. Absolutely delighted with the service we have received and won't hesitate to use them again.

Emoov are shockingly bad!!

Emoov are shockingly bad!!! Have been listed with them for two months and heard virtually zero from them, but why would they, we paid upfront. Every time we complain, they apologise but nothing changes. My MIL sold with them and they consistently tried to encourage her to take a lower offer because the person who made the lower offer was using Emoov’s mortgage broker so of course Emoov get a commission on that. Tonight was the icing on the particularly horrific cake. We had a viewing booked and they were no shows. I spoke to two different advisors at Emoov and not one seemed to be in a position to contact the potential buyer to see if they were held up or not coming. As a result I wasted well over an hour waiting for somebody who didn’t show. They do not have your best interests at heart, their social media advertising is a sham, and once they have your money they couldn’t care less! Please do yourselves a favour and avoid them at all costs! If you don’t then you can’t say you weren’t warned!!! EDIT: I wanted to edit this post in light of Emoov’s response. 1. We listed the property at the market rate similar properties were being listed at in the area at the time and reduced it after seven days, not one day, because we’d had an offer on a property accepted and wanted a quick sale. 2. The dashboard does not provide this information. I have explored all areas of the dashboard and the only option available is for us to message them electronically which is not the same 3. Your colleagues I spoke to at the time of the missed viewing said they were unable to contact the perspective buyer as they didn’t have that information either 4. The pressure to sell at the lower price came far before any deadline was missed and it was immediate. Please do not try to dress this up as anything other than what it is. You do not have the interest of your buyers at heart. 5. to say you have been in constant communication is a complete and utter lie. We received an apology due to the poor levels of communication several weeks ago and since then nothing has changed. You can dress your reply up as you like on here but the facts are your service is abysmal and you simply do not care about clients once they have paid you your fee.

Hilary is fantastic

Hilary is fantastic, would recommend her services to everyone xxxxx lovely person and went up and beyond to help us, xxxx

Great service

I have dealt with Hilary Cleeton, since we have been looking for a property Hilary has been excellent. She’s there when ever we need her and always ready to help us, for first time buyers she has made our journey a lot easier than we thought it would be.