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Worried about the tech...

I'm just starting my journey with Emoov so I'm going to post in real time. So far, I've paid for premium upfront, had a lovely photographer do a thorough job, but after getting an email telling me that my photos are ready and I can view and accept the advert here I CAN'T GET INTO THE SITE! Opening the help section leads me to an error message, I've left n email for my contact there, a voicemail. Stay tuned. So, I had a very good outcome. The link that was sent was meant to be inactive, but my mentor, ( I use this word advisedly because I had a full on tutorial from Abi), got me up and running. Very happy again and crossing fingers for the next stage which will be the surveyor. Thanks Abi, you saved the situation. How I wish the dead email hadn't arrived though, it just wound me up. But, getting there!

Hilary was consistently prompt and…

Hilary was consistently prompt and helpful!


Paid their fee in advance in full. I've been calling/messaging them for days now to discuss my house going on the market. They NEVER answer the phone TO ME (only ever get voicemail no matter what option i choose on their automated call system and they do not respond to my messages). They NEVER respond to any on-line request to call me. The guy who is supposedly allocated to me has a mobile number that is constantly engaged no matter what time of day I call...no other way of getting in contact. TOTAL waste of money!!

We were very lucky to have Hilary…

We were very lucky to have Hilary supporting our house buying. The communication was on point and I can confidentially concur she was extremely helpful particularly when we thought it might not happen. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Emoov and will certainly try them again if I move.

We recommend Emoov

Had a really smooth experience with Emoov, and particularly Hilary, who was just really helpful and supportive. Would definitely recommend. Two thumbs up.

The lady who looked after my move was…

The lady who looked after my move was Hilary Cleeton and all I can say is she is fantastic. There were lots of twists and turns and problems with my sale which didn't go through in the end due to lack of properties to actually buy where I live okb a very popular seaside town. Hilary was very supportive and understanding right to the end. Her communication throughout the whole process was second to none. I wouldn't hesitate to use emoov again if I decide to move. The high street estate agent I also had to deal with regarding the house I nearly bought were rude, stressed and over worked and the comparison to their support and Hilary's at emoov were vastly different. Also their prices were ridiculous. Emoov wins hands down.

Loved my whole experience with emoov

Loved my whole experience with emoov. Amazing pic quality and Hilary was so lovely and helped me so much. Definitely using again. I used Purplebricks for my first flat sale and had a really negative experience so really glad emoov were great.

So thankful for trying emoov

I was recommended to try emoov, by a really close friend and I opted to pay the small fee (for what became an excellent service) up front. Everything was very professional and I felt like I got the best of both worlds - as I could easily tweak the property details in my portal, as and when necessary. The viewings started to roll in thick and fast and very soon I received an offer - £27k above the original guide price! This was especially due to the efforts of Hilary Cleeton - my After-sales Agent - whose service was nothing short of spectacular!! She had a caring but professional approach and always went that extra mile to help me through a couple of tricky situations, during this period. Thank you Hilary, for your positive attitude and kind/soothing voice - which helped me throughout this difficult process!! Kind regards Yvonne Walker

Thank you so much.

The whole experience with Emoov from the start has been brilliant. They are a great team of people. It was an efficient way to organise house viewings. The main person to thank in representing Emoov who I have had the most contact with is Hilary Cleeton, who has been the main contact assisting in communications between me and my house buyer. She is a great asset to Emoov. Hilary has been brilliant to deal with for both myself and the buyers. She has a personal friendly and human approach. We all appreciate your hard work and help in making it a smoother experience. My buyers have said that Hilary made a huge difference, in being one of the main people who supported them in their move. She is quick to get back in returning calls and emails to both myself and them. Thank you Hilary, it makes a huge difference to have someone like you helping both the buyer and seller. Definitely will be recommending to others to sell their house through Emoov as their team are helping the house buyer and seller as paying an upfront fee, means that they are not working for a commission. A very positive experience thank you so much.

The first time I used Emoov was in 2015...

The first time I used Emoov in 2015, the entire experience was seamless, efficient and overall; exceptional. However having just sold my second property using the platform, the experience has improved to a level I would class as outstanding. You have direct engagement with prospective buyers and the platform allows them to book 24 hours a day, through open communication. I defy the logic of placing an overpaid, utterly untrustworthy estate agent between you and your buyer – I despise engaging with them. As their client, the team at Emoov acted fully in my interests, tested on a number of occasions and proven through their transparent nature. As well as being really personable and all-round lovely people, both Debbie and Hilary ensured the process ran smoothly through excellent customer service, rapid response times and the application of a truly client-centric approach. They helped me achieve the maximum sale value and we completed in less than three months, from listing to funds received. Coming from someone who expects extremely high service levels, I cannot recommend the Emoov team highly enough.

Emoov need to improve info for buyers

Trying to arrange a viewing for a property, called a call centre where they just take your details and no one called back, second attempt by calling it was set up but never received a confirmation. Third attempt after navigating the complicated website and registration I managed to arrange the viewing myself. I really do not like having to leave a message repeating my details again and again to get a call back. Also the call centre does not have the properties portfolio and you have to have all this at hand (and repeat every time on every call). After deciding to put an offer on a property, this was not possible to be done online, had to call "again" and we were worried as no information on how the procedure was but on Monday morning we received a call from Debbie who clarify all, asked the questions I was expecting and took on ownership of our offer. Also we got put in contact with a mortgage adviser. Communication started to flow better and we were kept informed. Our offer was accepted and we are pleased with our to be new home.

Fantastic, helpful and efficient

We have been extremely happy with the whole process using emoov, Steph has been amazing. She has been right there on the end of the phone or has replied to emails really promptly so that we could get everything sorted quickly and efficiently for our mortgage and life insurance. She explained everything to us every step of the way and this meant we knew exactly where we were in the process and what we could expect to be happening next. Thank you so much for everything.

Hilary Cleeton

Hilary Cleeton, what can I say? This lady is amazing! Completely went above and beyond. Extremely responsive to e-mails and always at the end of the phone when I called. The transaction would not have moved on as quickly as it did without Hilary's help. Hilary is one of the very best Agents I have ever dealt with! Thank you Hilary for everything you have done to help get this transaction over the line. If there were more stars I would definitely give you more!

Hilary Cleeton was excellent I can’t…

Hilary Cleeton was excellent I can’t thank her enough because of her excellent service I will be moving next week I would highly recommend her services what a lovely lady


We had to deal with emoov for the purchase of a new home. Hillary at emoov was absolutely wonderful from the initial submitting the offer to exchange of contracts. She had excellent customer service skills and is always willing to go the extra mile to come up with a suitable solution for any given problem. Moving house can be the most stressful time in anyone’s life but having Hillary available to explain/answer questions made things a lot more bearable. Thank you


Thank you to Jonathan Mackenzie and Hilary Cleeton at Emoov for putting together hassle free negotiations for the sale of my property. Both were very easy to reach and gave great advice during the process. I hope to work with them both in the future.

Cannot fault this agent

Cannot fault this agent, went live and within four hours had nine viewings booked in. Our agent Jono was amazing and always available for us to discuss marketing and offers made. Every step of the process has been quickly and very professionally handled. 10/10 from us.

Great service from Team Emoov

Great service from Team Emoov. I've always wondered why selling your home is so expensive. Then a friend of mine told me that you're paying for other homeowners property who make use of the service but never sell. But with Abi and team I felt we were paying exactly what we should have: a fair price. Sure you have to do a little bit of the work yourself but I actually enjoyed meeting my eventual buyers and getting to know who would live in my home once I'd moved. I'd recommend Emoov to anyone who's happy to do a little bit of the work for a significant saving.

Waste of Time and Money

I was pushed by the emoov adviser to get my flat on the market ASAP and than almost instantly I have realized that there is no effective way to communicate with emoov, because they advisers only work part time and - what is more depressing, they lack any kind of expertise in regards to property market. Emoov internet platform is awkward to use. Communication with the potential buyers is only possible via the messenger on the platform or through emoov advisers, which in practice means - it does not exist… Photographs and floor plan was done by an amateur, who turned up in my place much earlier then suppose to, but images and diagram were uploaded with the delay to make sure I would not be able to claim my money back After viewing an emoov response, written by Chris I would like to add: 1) My personal point of contact is difficult to reach, so usually I am leaving messages on his Voicemail as well as contacting emoov on 0333 300 2526 number and after few days he might phone me back ... His presence is limited to decorative purposes since he is unable to bypass limitations of the emoov platform. There is one good reason why I was unable to reach out other team members: this option does not exist. When I phone up emoov number 0333 300 2526 (which sometimes does not work at all), usual response is that somebody would call me back, but first I have to give them all of my details spelling my names, address, email address etc. repeating it for number of times etc. Then I wait number of days. Then I call them again - same procedure spelling everything since the information on the system is not available for their employees. Only on two occasions somebody called me back and I was given a mobile number of a lady from the Sales Support Team, but it was impossible to reach her anyway. 2) The platform simply does not work. 3) Photographs were never changed. The location on the map attached is wrong, even an arrow showing north is slightly turned. On the top of it I would like to add that over 2 months I had only two viewings done by people who did not ask a single question. I had also two other bookings for viewings by people who never turned up. I was trying to contact them using emoov platform via the messenger and by phoning up emoov - no result. The most upsetting fact for me is that I was waiting for viewings for over Two Months without checking if the booking system works. Unfortunately it does not. After phoning up emoov on 020 3324 1605 and entering the property reference number the link is sent via a Text Message automatically to complete the booking. ... and the announcement is "Oops! Sorry we couldn't find what you were looking for" My flat has one of the lowest price tags in London - similar flat in the same building has asking price 30% higher.

We were sold in to a 'premium package'…

We were sold in to a 'premium package' that was dressed up as much more than it actually was. We were told that we would have top listings on Rightmove and Zoopla along with social media marketing when in reality we had premium visibility on Rightmove only and the social media marketing was not proper marketing but a single post on Emoov's low traffic pages...which we had to constantly push to even get posted. Part of the package was a For Sale board which took multiple weeks to arrive with consistent chasing from our end. Our account manager became increasingly defensive the more we questioned this premium package we were mis-sold. We asked for a partial refund which we were told was being looked in to but never materialised and emails to follow up have been ignored. Overall a poor service and would not recommend.