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Great customer service from Ammar

Great customer service from Ammar. He managed to book me in

I spoke with Cash from Doorsteps

I spoke with Cash from Doorsteps, very helpful, very polite.

Had problem with making an offer…

Had problem with making an offer online. Spoke to Ammar and all sorted. Thanks. 😀

Happy so far on this journey and staff exceptionally helpfull

Hi After only taking the £99 pound package and sending the pictures in ect I wasnt sure if id get the same level of service. Upto now I have had to alter a few things and the staff have completed these adjustments straight away for me Thank you ...Due to these reasons as im new to navigaiting the market myself I have rated them 5 stars for proffesionalism..patience and equality...Putting my £99 package in the same level of care and priority as everyone else whose advertising with them and using them as an estste agent and not a portal link. GDPR is also very important to me and so far my data is safe and only passed on comments responses to anyone enquiring about the property and not personal info. Im just awaiting my property to be placed in a different catagory and hopfully the property will be sold soon Thanks to all staff ...Abdul..Akshay and in particular Wilson who is dealing with my property..Thank you all

Anil from Doorsteps

Our property representative from Doorsteps was Anil who arrived very prompt. He was easy to talk to and yet professional. We didn't feel rushed and the photos are very good. The whole process of putting the house for sale was done very quickly.

Kristine is a star!

Whole experience was excellent.

Very good option for those people that…

Very good option for those people that are looking online estate agents

Ammar was very helpful and polite good…

Ammar was very helpful and polite good information given.

Ammar was very helpful and was able to…

Ammar was very helpful and was able to get the details I needed immediately

Excellent customer service from ammar

Excellent customer service from ammar


A Representative from Doorsteps just hung up on me when I simply just asked a question. We are selling our home with them and their system seams to be failing, the viewer does not need to leave an address. Please be mindful of this, if you use them, it is very dangerous not to have all the information you need regarding a complete stranger that is coming to your home. You need to be able to tally their name with an address, it really is a simple process, unless the viewer declines this process, therefore leaving the vendor with a feeling of what is the viewer hiding behind, why will they not leave an address????, Please do your own checks, and make sure you know who is viewing your home, and my last viewer wanted to look round my property herself, also do not let this happen unless you want to find you have something missing, and I am fully aware a high street agent allows viewers to do this, which is so unacceptable. Be in control of who views your property just because you have a property to sell it is not a free for all. Check who the VIEWER is before you accept and confirm the viewing. FYI .... I will only use an online agent but some are better than others.

Review of Operator

The operator I spoke to was pleasant and competent.

Ammar worked well on this contact.

Ammar worked well on this contact.

Ammar was very helpful and speedy with…

Ammar was very helpful and speedy with answering my questions and fulfilling my requests

Arash was most professional in his…

Arash was most professional in his manner . Took great photographs and gave very sensible suggestions for the property description . Couldn’t fault his work in any way . No hesitation in recommending him .

Dennis was very helpful and friendly

Dennis was very helpful and friendly. Very happy with his service.

Dennis is very helpful with my query…

Dennis is very helpful with my query about the above property.

Nice and straight forward way to sell…

Nice and straight forward way to sell my property. Fast and efficient too.

Stunning incompetence

After one year of using the top premium service to sell my property, Doorsteps has qualified itself to be the most INCOMPETENT business ever experienced. The sheer frustration, lost buyers, significantly negative feedback from viewers with viewing assistance not arriving, intermittent portal service, numerous wasted calls to address issues, repetitive correspondence not replied to, promises for corrective actions not addressed, changes to viewing times and dates not addressed leading to angry viewers. Wasted monies on maintaining charges on an empty property not sold where i hold Doorstep fully responsible. And the final straw, being informed they will remove my property from the market unless i pay further marketing monies written in a format only a PHD in cryptography would understand. I remain furious of the lost time and monies suffered with this Company and have made a huge mistake in engaging their services. If the CEO bothers to read this, you couldn't run a bath or even a Sunday car boot sale from the back of your Rolls Royce.

Appalling service

Appalling service. Had an offer accepted, instructed a solicitor. The vendor didn't instruct a solicitor for 5-weeks. Then after chasing doorsteps and chasing doorsteps and chasing doorsteps they finally sent the memorandum of sale. 3 days later doorsteps rang to say they had issued the memorandum of sale incorrectly. 7 weeks later the property was withdrawn. While we know it is not doorsteps fault that the vendor pulled out, doorsteps complete lack of communication has increased the stress of this process at least 10-fold It is nearly impossible to get to speak to anybody at door steps and they like all communication by email, many of which they don't even reply to Or they ring you and they rarely have all the information and you end up telling them the situation of the case as you never speak to the same person twice. There's a reason why they are cheap you get what you pay for.