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Prompt friendly staff excellent…

Prompt friendly staff excellent experience

Emmabelle was very friendly and helpful…

Emmabelle was very friendly and helpful over the phone and explained the process with arranging bookings well. My only negative and it's just my own issue due to hearing loss, is that she could have spoken a little slower. Otherwise I am happy with the service.

The agents was professional and clear…

The agents was professional and clear with how he communicated with me.

Excellent service good communication…

Excellent service good communication very quick respond and very helpful team

Great service so far👍

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This is a frustrating business

This is a frustrating business. Really surprised they have so many raving reviews. Are they genuine? Maybe I am just unlucky here. From my experience it is super cheap but it is because they don't care. Portal not working as no enquiries getting through. My agent has an inability to speak to the truth which is annoying when you expect things at certain times that he said would happen. I rewrote my ad listing but loved the photos. I can't give a full review yet until I get enquiries and then sell it. But basically disappointed from being over sold from their Indian call centre but it's probably expecting too much on a cheap price, especially as they will tell you that you can expect a lot. Paid the mid tier package with extra for Premium Listings. And the listing has looked good on zoopla and rightmove. Also they have pretend customer service whose only function Is to pass on messages rather than offer any help for problems but they do get back to you.

I’d recommend Doorsteps

I’d recommend Doorsteps. I have their £99 package and providing that you’re prepared to do viewings and be a bit pro-active with selling your property then why would you pay more?

Very good service

Very happy with the service. Quick to offer advise and respond to questions. Online application easy to use. Good communication both on email and on the phone.

Thank you Kristine from Doorsteps for…

Thank you Kristine from Doorsteps for your excellent customer service. You were highly efficient and dealt with all my queries effectively and promptly.

Excellent service from Doorsteps

Excellent service from Doorsteps. Taken longer than expected to sell because of COVID restrictions but Doorsteps have been very helpful. I have now found a buyer and hopefully things will continue smoothly.

Really helpful ad efficient

Really helpful ad efficient. All moving very fast, and your easily contacted if there’s any issues. Thank you!

It was very nice conversation with…

It was very nice conversation with Astou , she was very helpful, Thanks again

Excellent Service

very prompt actions taken at all times and plenty of communication (too much, maybe?). Very pleasant team and very helpful.

Good Morning Berfin

Good Morning Berfin, Thank you very much for a Great service. Kind Regards:Adrienn Ungvari

Fair and honest review

Doorsteps are very effective and fast at getting your property up on the market. Sarah who does the floor plans is especially good at her job and replies back to all correspondence extremely quickly. She even helped out with a couple of issues relating to other departments when I couldn’t get a hold of them. After your property is up, my experience so far is that this is where their service ends, other than the online portal. I have had someone come to my house, as they had called Doorsteps who said they would have to speak to me and then call them back. There has been no call to me or them. Another two viewers told me they are also still waiting for phone calls back. I’ve called up myself a few times and have been put through to what I assume to be call centres abroad and no one can help with any issues. I do wonder who else is waiting for calls. One viewer also told me they called them about noting interest in the property- again they said they would call me and haven’t. I think a fair review is that they are good at adverting your property quickly and if that is all you are looking for then there service is extremely good value for money. My experience is that if someone is really interested in your property they will make sure they get to view it and meet you. Do everything yourself after this as they will not be reliable in telling you about any other viewings, offers or feedback, other than the online portal which will be confusing for some buyers. I‘d originally awarded three stars but they are so quick in listing your property and so cheap I’ve changed it to four. Im very hopeful that customer service will get better once staff are back to work on Monday.

Hey saw an add for property on Zoopla…

Hey saw an add for property on Zoopla by this company and phoned through Zoopla provided link. Zoopla tried to connect me to them but their answering machine would not accept my choice of buttons pressed. So I had to google their direct number to get through. Anyhow I spoke to Astou and she was really helpful over the phone so I forgot all about the phone issues. Thanks Astou

All good so far

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Doorsteps sold my property in about 5…

Doorsteps sold my property in about 5 weeks. Thank you Doorsteps for a great job


Doorsteps offer an easy process of purchasing a package of your choice with no pressure to upgrade. The whole process was seamless. Justine Leahy (the local expert) was very easy to work with and easily contactable and was able to get the property in the market. I would highly recommend his service. So far the only low point is we also purchased the EPC ticket from doorstep for £72 which is almost £25-32 more than the fee directly from the company. The website is ok but significant improvement to user interface can be made.

Outstanding speed and efficiency

The speed and efficiency with which the Doorsteps team assembled all of the information, arranged the photography and plans and prepared the description was outstanding. Sarah Lloyd-Davies did a particularly good job. From first contact to live page on Rightmove was achieved in one week.