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Terrible customer serivce

High street bank repeatedly loses documents, delays process and is generally unhelpful

Beth was looking to buy her first home in Leamington Spa or Warwick so attempted to organise a mortgage in principle with a high street bank. She submitted payslips and bank statements at both the Leamington and Birmingham branches which they lost and sent by post rather than fax as she requested. She had to chase the bank in order for them to do anything and would they not take responsibility for any like the lost documents. When Beth rang customer services about the lost documents they managed to call and email the wrong branch. She repeatedly tried to resolve the issue but was either put through to the wrong branch or the bank did not return her calls. The bank even lied to her, claiming that only the person who sent out the information in the first place could send the documents they had forgotten to post the first time. However, when she went into a branch of the bank the person who dealt with sent through the documents himself.



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