People’s stories

Real life tales of triumphs and difficulties from the world of homeownership

Granny Flats and Council Tax

Oliver’s miffed by the double council tax charge. What’s your view?

Secretive Estate Agent Charges

Linda was shocked to hear her estate agents charge the man next to her £1200+VAT less for their service

Bridging loans

James almost lost his dream home due to a chain and had to take out an expensive bridging loan

Over-cautious survey

Nick ended up threatening legal action against his surveyor after an over-cautious survey meant he lost a mortgage offer – and nearly lost the house he was trying to buy

Aggressive estate-agents 

Peter ended up taping his estate agent admitting she had been lying to him, in a bid to stop the agent’s lawyers suing him for disputed fees

Mortgage Companies Insisting On Using Particular Solicitors

Susan was unaware that her mortgage company insisted on using a select panel of solicitors for conveyancing causing her unnecessary hassle and expense

Researching your surveyor 

Claire benefited from researching her surveyor, ensuring she got an in depth, quality service

Try before you buy 

Geoff and Sarah were told by their estate agent that a home they wanted to buy had good transport links – but not all was as it seemed

Check your architects credentials 

Lucy and Steve wasted tens of thousands of pounds on repair costs and had years of building headaches, because they used an “architect” who turned out not to be an architect at all

Beware of cowboy builders 

Patti and Alan’s cowboy builders leave them with a home riddled with problems

Unnecessary surveys 

Emma’s purchase is substantially delayed due to unnecessary surveys

Dispute with a neighbour 

Jessica and David’s neighbours discover parquet flooring under carpets and cause a racket

A professional estate agent 

Mr and Mrs H were struggling to sell their home till a switch in estate agents brought fresh enthusiasm and quickly the perfect buyers emerged

Kitchen installation problems 

Rupert and Mary’s new kitchen becomes problematic when an independent installer is forced upon them

Mortgage broker has terrible customer service 

High street bank repeatedly loses documents, delays process, and is generally unhelpful

Difficult estate agents 

Lotti finds estate agents to be unhelpful, and rude

Sell you home yourself!

You know it best. And you could save £hundreds on estate agent fees! Read how Sam did it…

Huge VAT on extensions

Harrison is amazed when told he should rebuild completely rather than extend due to VAT charges