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Kitchen installation problems

Rupert and Mary’s new kitchen becomes problematic when an independent installer is forced upon them.

Rupert and Mary were impressed by the standard of the materials being exhibited on a pop-up stall in a local shopping mall. The company sold kitchens to consumers but mainly to the industry. The kitchen company’s designer came to Rupert and Mary’s house and drew up plans for their new kitchen. However, the company then organised for an independent installer to build the kitchen. This installer charged £2,000 for a week’s work but was very skilled. Problems arose because the original design was not actually feasible – certain aspects just would not fit in the space available. The installer explained this and said there was nothing he could do but make his own adjustments so Rupert and Mary did not get the kitchen they had agreed upon. As the installer was not an employee of the kitchen company there was very little Rupert and Mary could do about the unplanned and unwanted alterations.



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