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Got an immediate query, question or need help?

Please email your query to member@hoa.org.uk or call our HomeHelpline on 033 0088 2050 and we’ll be happy to start helping you.

Your other exclusive services

Home HelpLine Our members-only helpline is open from Monday to Friday 9.30am – 5pm to offer you independent advice on your home buying, selling or owning situation. Just call 033 0088 2050.

Legal Advice Line Going to a solicitor can be terrifyingly expensive. You can end up paying hundreds of pounds for answers to the most simple questions. With our service, your first legal phone call is free and you will speak to fully qualified lawyers whose simple aim is to answer your question. Please call us on 033 0088 2050 or email member@hoa.org.uk to book a call.

Ask an Expert Do you ever feel like you’re on your own? Everyone else seems in the know but you just feel bamboozled or ripped off? Need a second opinion? Our HomeHelpline team can put your question to one of our industry experts and they’ll get you a helpful answer.

Compare conveyancing quotes Don’t waste hundreds of pounds or be delayed by a bad conveyancer or solicitor. Take advantage of our special member’s discount of 10% off legal fees and compare conveyancing quotes with our tool (Simply use your membership number/discount code provided).


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