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What do I need to switch my energy supplier?

Energy bills are one of homeowners biggest concerns. Save money now by switching supplier through us. To get started, here's a list of the information you need to hand...

What do you need for an Energy Supplier Switch?

To get an accurate calculation of your savings, it’s best to have the following information handy. But if you don’t have an energy bill to hand, don’t worry – you can still get an estimate without a bill.

Remember! You can find all this information on your energy bill

  • Your Post-Code
  • Your address – You’ll be asked to select your exact address from the drop down list to ensure it’s your property you are switching suppliers for.
  • Your current supplier (per fuel) e.g. Eon, British Gas
  • Your current tariff (per fuel) e.g. standard and fixed
  • Your current method of payment
  • Your energy usage over the last 12 months – This is usually stated in kWh (kilo watt hours)
  • Your contract end date – This can be found on your bill
  • Your chosen method of payment to the new supplier and those details
  • Whether you wish to manage your account online with the new supplier


Cut your energy bills with the HomeOwners Alliance

The average saving when switching gas and electricity is £243 –  compare your tariff now to find the best deal for you.


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