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Difficult estate agents

Lotti finds estate agents to be unhelpful and rude

Lotti made up her mind where she wanted to buy her first home and sent requests to several local estate agents with specific criteria. She repeatedly received e-mails from estate agents suggesting she view properties that were nothing like what she had asked for. Many were in completely different towns, some were studio flats when she had specified a two bedroom house, and one was even an advert for a shed! One estate agent was very aggressive, insisting she view certain properties if she wanted to remain on his mailing list despite the fact that he had not sent her any prospective listings. After she asked him to remove her from his mailing list she continued to receive e-mails from him. After she had found the home she wanted to buy, the estate agent selling the property and the seller’s conveyancer held up the process and tried to blame her for the problems. The seller’s conveyance got many things wrong – even misspelling her name on the contract, and rarely responded to Lotti’s attempts to contact them. The estate agent agreed a date to exchange properties with Lotti but then told her solicitor a different date. Overall she found the estate agents she dealt with were “rude and disinterested”, and that she had to pro-actively force the process along at every turn.



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