Compare online property auctions

Buying and selling with online property auctions, sometimes called ‘modern method’ or ‘conditional auctions’, is the new way of buying and selling that’s becoming more popular and it’s easy to see why – it’s quick, it’s transparent and there is zero chance of gazumping. A key difference versus traditional auctions is that buyers have time to secure a mortgage. Learn more about how to buy and sell at online property auctions.

We compare all the main online property auction providers, their size, their fees and customers’ ratings.

(Last updated April 2021)

Online Property Auction Comparison Table

Name # of properties listed or sold (as of March 2021) What they say Features Reviews Buyer's fees (inc VAT) Seller's fees (inc VAT)
NameBamboo Auctions # of properties listed or sold (as of March)896 What they sayOnline property marketplace that works with agents and auctioneers FeaturesYou can choose your auction duration and dates, giving you complete control over your sale Reviews4.5/5 trustpilot Buyer's fees (inc VAT)4.2% of purchase price. £6,000 minimum. If sale does not complete within the exclusivity period because of legal title; deposit will be refunded minus £100 Seller's fees (inc VAT)Pay for the legal pack
NameGoTo Properties # of properties listed or sold (as of March)1166
(inc sold)
What they sayWorks with local estate agents to get best of both worlds - local presence with ebay tech FeaturesCommitted buyer service offers 96% completion and quicker turnaround times than no sale no fee agents ReviewsN/A Buyer's fees (inc VAT)Flat fee depends on listing price and estate agent. Varies between £4,800 - £6,600 £354 administration fee Seller's fees (inc VAT)0
NameI am sold # of properties listed or sold (as of March)1512 What they sayLargest provider of on-line property auctions with 60% market share. Works with 2,500 estate agents FeaturesAn alternative for motivated venders to sell their property in a transparent, speedy and secure way. Reviews4.3/5 trustpilot 4.69/5 Buyer's fees (inc VAT)4.2% of purchase price. Minimum of £6,000k £300 for Buyer's Information Pack Seller's fees (inc VAT)0
NameJust Sold # of properties listed or sold (as of March)42
(inc sold)
What they sayA powerful platform for an efficient and seamless experience around the clock FeaturesSecureNow option so you can buy immediately for the listed price ReviewsN/A Buyer's fees (inc VAT)£1000+VAT min; otherwise 1%+VAT charge. Seller's fees (inc VAT)£150-£200 for legal pack
NameSDL Auctions # of properties listed or sold (as of March)415 What they sayMost successful live-streamed property auctioneer FeaturesOffer online auctions, lasting up to 30 days, and online proxy access to traditional live auctions. Reviews4.7/5 trustpilot Buyer's fees (inc VAT)4.8% of the purchase price on properties up to £250,000 OR 3.6% of the purchase price on properties over £250,000. Minimum of £6000 Seller's fees (inc VAT)£270 for legal pack. Seller can choose to pay selling costs.