The HomeOwner Survey 2018 - Issue, trends and how we feel about our homes

16 Among sellers with a breakdown in their sale, 69% say buyer related reasons are the cause.  Reasons include: buyer changing his mind/ finding another property (39%), buyer’s finances not in order (28%), gazundering (8%), buyer pulling out after survey results (6%). Sales falling through further up in a chain accounted for 20% of collapsed sales. Nearly one in ten sellers (8%) with a failed sale have experienced gazundering; where the buyer lowered their offer just before the exchange of contracts. Uncertainty may actually put people off selling.  One in three (34%) homeowners say risks of property chains breaking down and nearly one in five (19%) homeowners say uncertainty regarding the sale price they may get for their property might prevent them from selling. Nearly one in four (22%) home sellers say they had 6 or more different people view their home before selling . The average number of viewings is just under five.