The government often launches consultations to get feedback on an existing policy or opinions before a scheme is established. We endeavour to represent the views of homeowners and those who aspire to own their own home. Here you will find details of the latest consultations we are canvassing for views on, as well as our responses to previous consultations.

Current consultations

Review of Building and Housing Standards – the government announced in October 2012 a review of the regulations and rules that apply to building houses as a way to cut costs – so that more homes can be built. The review (not to be confused with the previous government reviews of 2010 and 2008) could result in the slashing of regulations that builders need to adhere to in the areas of structure, fire, sound, electrics, energy efficiency, access and windows.   The review group will be reporting to Ministers in the spring and we have already been asked to respond.

We believe that essential regulations must be maintained to protect the homeowner and are concerned that these could be slashed, causing problems for future occupants.  We want to avoid importing New Zealand’s leaky homes crisis or something similar. Yet we do believe that there is scope to strip out unnecessary and outdated regulations, which will reduce the cost of new homes which is a good thing.  What do you think? Did you encounter crazy requirements when undergoing building work?  Are you unhappy with the design of your new home, which may be a result of regulations? Contact us at  We would love to hear from you.

Closed consultations

Extending permitted development rights for homeowners – a review of the government’s proposal to suspend the requirement to obtain planning permission for certain extensions.  Our letter to the Minister states that we support measures to allow homeowners to improve their home, we are not convinced that these changes will promote growth. It is the cost of building work, not the delay in obtaining planning permission, that puts off homeowners.  Ended 24/12/2012

HS2 Property compensation and safeguards – a review of the government’s proposed compensation package for those homeowners who will be directly affected by the construction and running of HS2. Our letter to the Minister urges government to reconsider their “stingy” offer and properly compensate homeowners for the trauma of having to move home. Ended 31/01.2013