Should I be considering equity release?

equity release

More and more homeowners are looking to equity release to fund their retirement or help out family members. But what should you consider before getting involved? We speak to Key Retirement.

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A first glimpse at leasehold reform proposals

The complicated and unfair leasehold system in the UK continues to cause problems for thousands of ‘homeowners’ across the country. Now that the Law Commission has responded to calls for an overhaul of the system, what will it mean for leaseholders?

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How to get rid of wasps this summer

The sunny weather continues but while we’re all enjoying the heatwave, so too are the UK’s wasp population. We don't have anything against these pollinators and they're an important part of the ecosystem, but a wasps nest in your home or garden is bad news.

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The Brexit effects: To move or not to move?

It's been (another) long, turbulent week in politics as Brexit negotiations push towards the leave date of 29 March 2019. What does this all mean for homeowners looking to move house or first time buyers getting on the ladder? We ask the experts.

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