Earning Extra Cash for Christmas


There’s no two ways about it: Christmas is expensive. And it will be here in a matter of weeks. So we’ve been researching ways homeowners can make extra money. In this sponsored blog, we’ve asked Airbnb how easy it is to list a home or spare room on the platform, what we can earn and what’s involved.

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£50k in 7 days! How to add value to your home

Advice guides for busy homeowners

It's possible to add almost £50,000 to the value of your home in just seven days, according to new research from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) and the HomeOwners Alliance, with the The Guild of Property Professionals.

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Can I use my home as my pension?

pension planning

We’ve asked our partners at Key Retirement Group about the pros and cons of relying on your home as a nest egg for your retirement, and options for supplementing your income in retirement

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Second steppers struggle

second steppers

Our consumer journalist Christine Toner looks at how second steppers are feeling about the prospect of moving up the ladder, plus remortgaging rates and the good news for those struggling to save a deposit.

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Help, my interest-only mortgage is maturing – what can I do?

interest only mortgage

The City watchdog has warned that 1.67 million borrowers have interest-only mortgages and that many of these home owners may have no way of paying back their debts when the final balance falls due. Read about how the HomeOwners Alliance has been helping one retired member who finds himself in exactly this position.

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