Our mission

The aim of the HomeOwners Alliance is to take the stress, uncertainty and unnecessary expense out of buying and owning a home. We want to help those who want to own their own home to realise their dream.

We campaign for homeowners and aspiring homeowners to get a better deal from government and industry, and provide services that homeowners can trust.

Owning your own home is one of life’s most fulfilling experiences. But it is also your biggest financial commitment, and can be very stressful.

The problem for homeowners is they are lay people pitched against the professionals – and it is an unfair contest. You buy a property or do an extension perhaps only every twenty years. But you are doing huge deals with professionals who do it every day. The industry also has hundreds of lobby groups to ensure government is on their side.

This is why we created the HomeOwners Alliance – so the homeowner has a voice. We will promote the interests of the homeowner in the media and government. We campaign for policies that help homeowners, and against bad practices by the industry.

We provide impartial advice for all the key moments of buying, selling or owning your home and services that enable homeowners to find trusted professionals and compare quotes.

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