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30 Day House Sale Specialists explained

If you’re struggling to sell your home, then a 30 day house sale specialist – also known as a quick sale firm – might just be the best solution. They can sell your house in super-fast time for cash. So, we’ve asked Home House Buyers to explain how the process works, what protection you receive, and answer some frequently asked questions.

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30 day house sale specialists

How Do 30 Day House Sale Specialists Work?

How do 30 day house sale specialists work? Well, many homeowners erroneously assume that the only way to sell a property is with an estate agent. The problem with estate agents is, among other common issues when working with them, they aren’t always very quick at getting your house sold. Depending on your property, it could be languishing on the market for months.

That’s where 30 day house sale specialists come in, offering a faster, reliable way to sell your home. As the name implies, these quick sale firms will offer to buy your house for a cash sum within 30 days, with some even offering to buy your home within a week.

This is perfect for those that need to sell their homes quickly, for reasons that include:

  • Divorce
  • Immigration
  • Repossession
  • Ill Health
  • Probate

Reputable quick sale firms have the funds ready to buy your property, so contracts are not standard practice. Instead, on the day the sale is completed, you hand over the keys, and the full amount promised will be deposited into your bank account.

Reasons To Use 30 Day House Sale Specialists

The great thing about using a 30 day house sale specialist is that they offer customers many benefits that make the process very appealing. Unlike a normal house sale on the open market, homeowner swill benefit from:

  • Receiving an Initial Offer within 24 Hours
  • No chain meaning a quick turnaround
  • You can arrange a completion date to suit you
  • Quick sale firms will purchase any property
  • All your legal fees are covered 
  • No lengthy contracts

When you approach a quick sale firm, they’ll typically ask you questions about the property, its condition, and location. They’ll then provide you with an initial offer within 24 hours of your call.

As 30 day house sale specialists, most quick sale firms will offer a turnaround in just 30 days. Some can even buy your home within 14 days. You have complete control over the completion date, too, so once they’re ready to go, they’ll be happy to wait if you need a little more time.

Quick sale firms typically buy any property, regardless of location, size, age, or condition. This is especially handy if your property is in poor condition as this could be a detriment on the open market.

And 30 day house sale specialists handle everything, from assigning a solicitor to arranging surveys and EPCs. Most even cover your legal fees, so you have nothing additional to pay.

The only trade-off is that you usually only receive around 80-85% of the property’s market value. Still, this is the best way to sell your house fast.

How Home House Buyers Can Help

Home House Buyers provide a speedy, three-step process that couldn’t be easier to navigate. You start by giving them a call to discuss the details of your property. Then, they’ll provide you with an initial offer within 24 hours.

Once you’ve accepted their final offer, they’ll instruct you to sign a contract of sale. They’ll then assign a solicitor who’ll begin handling the sale of your property, including arranging the necessary survey and EPC.

They usually aim to have all the logistics handled in around 14 days, though they can delay completion if you need more time. Once you’re ready to move, hand them the keys, and they’ll instruct the solicitor to transfer you the funds.

What Protection Will Homeowners Receive?

First, many quick sale firms like Home House Buyers offer a cooling-off period. In the case of Home House Buyers, this period is 14 days. If you pull out of the contract during this period, you won’t pay a thing. 

Crucially, it’s always worth checking the 30 day house sale specialist’s accreditations. Home House Buyers are accredited by The Property Ombudsman and The National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB).

Membership of the NAPB is voluntary, and all members must have signed up for The Property Ombudsman Code of Practice. This means that consumers can expect a fair and transparent service from start to finish. Then, if any problems should arise, homeowners can access The Property Ombudsman’s free, impartial, and independent dispute resolution service.

The NAPB and TPO work closely, raising standards in the industry and ensuring that consumers have the best experience when selling their homes.

What Sort of Questions Do Home House Buyers Often Get Asked?

Now that we’ve touched on what a 30 day house sale specialist is and why you should choose such a service, let’s dive into some frequently asked questions that the firm Home House Buyers receives: 

What Kind of Properties Do Home House Buyers Buy?

Home House Buyers will buy any property, regardless of location, size, age, or condition. They’ll buy a large stately home, a modern, newly built flat, a house overrun with dampness, or a building in a dilapidated state. We’ll buy detached houses, bungalows, townhouses, and even commercial properties.

Are There Any Conditions Attached?

No – all offers made by Home House Buyers are 100% free of charge and obligation. If you’re not entirely convinced, you’re free to walk away.

Can You Value My Property Without Visiting?

A full property valuation can be done without ever stepping foot inside, though the Home House Buyers team do prefer to come and see the home first. But if a visit is impossible, just let the team know, and they’ll make the necessary concessions.

Do I Need a Solicitor?

A solicitor is required, but the good news is that Home House Buyers provides you with one from the outset, all fully paid for. They appoint fully independent solicitors who, by law, must act solely on your behalf.

You can appoint your own solicitor if you prefer, and Home House Buyers will pay £500 towards their costs which should be sufficient to cover all transactions.

Can You Stop a Repossession?

One reason you’d need to sell your property quickly is if it’s about to be repossessed. The good news is that most quick sale firms like Home House Buyers can stop repossession. We have done so in the past.

That’s because once you’ve signed a contract of sale, there’s an agreement to buy the property outright, meaning the reason for repossession no longer applies.

Can You Help Me with the Next Stage of My Move?

Indeed, they can – if you need help with the next stage of your move, just let Home House Buyers know. They can assist in finding somewhere suitable to live, helping with negotiations and helping you organise your removals.

And that just about covers everything you need to know about 30 day house sale specialists. So, for a quick sale in as little as 14 days with a completion date to suit you, call Home House Buyers today on 0808 501 5548 or visit our website at

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